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by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

Amy Evans wrote to my Sumerian Studies Yahoo Group:
“In Tablet Ten of The Lost Book of Enki, it strongly appears that the Anunnaki were caught off guard by, or miscalculated Nibiru’s orbit through our solar system when they were going too drawn all life on planet Earth with Nibir’s passage.

“Not only did Nibiru almost accomplish this goal, but it strayed far to close to the planet Lahmu/Mars, and as a result, it tore away Lahmu’s/Mars’s atmosphere, which allowed its water to evaporate away into space, leaving a dustbowl of a planet. There also seems to have been considerable damage done to their Base(s) on the Moon?

“Then to Marduk on Lahmu (Mars?) And Nannar on the Moon words were sent … And they too to Earth returned, upon the Landing Place they came down.

“Now the Anunnaki and Igigi who were thus gathered by Enlil to assembly were called; “The Deluge we have survived, but the Earth is devastated!” So did Enlil to them say.

“All ways to recover we must assess, be it on Earth, be it elsewhere!”

“Lahmu (Mars) by the passage of Nibiru was devastated!” So did Marduk relate: “Its atmosphere was sucked out, its waters thereafter evaporated, a place of dust storms it is!”

“The Moon by itself life cannot sustain, only with Eagle masks is staying enabled!”   “So did Nannar to the others account give, and then words of enamor he added: “Once there, that it was Tiamat’s host’s leader one must recall,Of Earth a companion it is, with it Earth’s destiny is connected!”

“So, my question is the following: have you any knowledge if Nibiru’s Orbit fluctuates| either on angle to the ecliptic plane or whether or not it does not extend into our solar system the same amount on each 3,600-year cycle?


“My research appears to indicate that the Dwarf Star Nibiru orbits seems to act like a Yo-Yo| during have of the 3,600 year cycle, it recedes away from our system, and during the other half, it is approaching our system.

“This is the only explanation I have been able to formulate that would explain Nibiru’s absence from our system, and no visible sighting of its Dwarf Star| that is until just recently over the last two years.A Second Sun has been seen and recorded in the Southern Skies just to the left of our Sun.

“This would/could explain my Yo-Yo theory of this Dwarf System.I have not been able to find any reference to a Second Sun in the Earth’s Skies during a visit of Nibiru/The Destroyer.

“President Eisenhower and Bishop McIntyre were at a meeting in 1954, where a warning was given about the upcoming arrival of the planet Nibiru and its Dwarf Star.

“Eisenhower was at another meeting in 1955 with the Anunnaki, where they declined his request for advanced technology they told him that we humans would destroy our selves and could in the process damage or destroy their Bases on their Moon.

“So, from all reports I have read, and heard of, Nibiru is approaching the Ecliptic Plain from below of our system| between a 40 to 45 degree up-angle.”



Andy Lloyd and astronomers I cite in my article below say it’s Nibiru 180 degree Lagrange point–not Nibiru,that currently will cross the galactic center the Mayan calender indicates for 2012. Nibiru, the astronomers say, is now at its apogee–greatest distance from Solaris) and can be detected north of Sagittarius in the constellation Delphinius as Nibirtu makes its way around Nemesis, its prime star.  Nibiru never rounds our sun, it just passes between Mars and Jupiter, where ProtoEarth Tiamat rotated before Tiamat and its moon knocked Tiamat into Earth, between Mars and Venus and into asteroids and created rock and ice-balls comets.

Nibiru’s 180 LaGrange point, sweeping through before and again now, accounts for the gap in the Kuiper comet ring as well as debris from the Oort Belt and carries comets with water and stones from the collision of the waters of Earth and Nibiru 3.9 billion years ago.

When Nibiru itself sweeps through our inner solar system (it never orbits Solaris, it just turns around at perigee where it passes Earth’s ecliptic (orbital plane) at the crossing between Jupiter and Mars at a 30 degree angle. Nibiru knocked the gaps where the two comet belts outlying the inner solar system. Those rings of comets are comet-less in the place where Nibiru sweeps during its perigee.

Amy continues regarding Nibiru’s Deluge-causing perigee of 13,000 years ago–recounted in Tablet 10 of Enki’s Book:

“As in the Tenth Tablet ‘for days before the Day of the Deluge the Earth was rumbling, groan as with pain it did; For nights before the calamity struck, in the heavens Nibiru as a glowing star was seen; Then there was darkness in daytime, and at night the Moon as though by a monster was swallowed. The Earth began to shake, by a netforce before unknown it was agitated. In the glow of dawn, a black cloud arose from the horizon, The morning’s light to darkness changed, as though by death’s shadow veiled. Then the sound of a rolling thunder boomed, lightnings the skies lit up. “Depart! Depart!” Utu to the Anunnaki gave the signal.

“‘On that day, on that unforgettable day, the Deluge with a roar began.

“‘In the Whiteland, at the Earth’s bottom, the Earth’s foundations were shaking; Then with a roar to a thousand thunders equal, off its foundations the icesheet slipped. By Nibiru’s unseen netforce (Gravitational Pull?) it was pulled away, into the south sea crashing. One sheet of ice into another icesheet was smashing.

The Whiteland’s surface like a broken eggshell was crumbling.
All at once a tidal wave arose, the very skies was the wall of waters reaching. A storm, its ferocity never before seen, at the Earth’s bottom began to howl, Its winds the wall of water were driving, the tidal wave northward was spreading; Northward was the wall of waters onrushing, the Abzu lands it was reaching.’

 “This record sounds so close to the events that are gathering speed down in Antarctica as you read this: the ice sheets are melting at a growing rate and soon, the lose of the Sea Ice will allow the Mountain and Valley Glaciers to slip right into the Sea.

Amy Evans

Subject: [SumerianStudies] WHERE’S NIBIRU? by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

WHERE’S NIBIRU? by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

Billions of years ago, planets formed from debris circling the sun. Proto-Earth, aka Tiamat, achieved an orbit around the sun between Jupiter and Mars. “All parts of the Solar System kept moving in the original direction of the cloud, anticlockwise. Planets orbit the Sun in the same direction as the original nebula; so do their satellites” and debris from comets and asteroids. Nibiru seems to move clockwise (due to the parallax effect) toward the sun but seems to turn back counterclockwise toward Nemesis just beyond the Kuiper belt. It actually moves clockwise, viewed from beyond the inner solar system, for it co-formed with our sun and, with it, rotates counterclockwise. [Lloyd, Dark Star: 178; ZS., Genesis: 70]

Nibiru revolves around a planet that in turn revolves around Nemisis, a dark subdwarf star more massive than Jupiter, that nowadays gets near as the Kuiper Belt, 48 Astronomical Units from Earth, every 10,800 Earth years. For much of our history, Nibiru circled near Earth every 3,600 years and could be seen between Mars and Jupiter. One of Nibiru’s years lasted long enough for 180 generations of Homo Sapiens to live and die. [Lloyd, Dark Star: 176 -181, 225 – 228]

200 million years ago, Evil Wind, one of Nibiru’s moons, struck Tiamat. Then Nibiru itself hit Tiamat and gouged a huge gap, the Pacific Basin, in it. Chunks of Tiamat, now asteroids, careened into space as did gobs of water, which became comets of the Kuiper and Oort Belts of comets. Nibiru knocked what was left of Tiamat into its current position, between Mars and Venus. Earth’s what the collisions left of Tiamat.

Nibiru stabilized into a clockwise 3,600-year orbit. But in 10,900 B.C., Uranus drifted away from the Sun and sped Nibiru toward Earth sooner than 3,600 years. As Nibiru flew by, Uranus caught Miranda, a moon of Nibiru. Miranda, now a moon of Uranus, circled it instead of Nibiru. From 10,000 B.C. on Uranus slowed Nibiru’s orbit to 3450 Earth years rather than 3600. Nibiru returned to perigee in 7450, 4000, and 556 B.C. and next returns to the inner solar system in 2900A.D. rather than 2012 as it would on its earlier 3600-year orbit (though the debris 180 degrees from Nibiru on Nibiru’s orbital path, its far LaGrange point moving in harmonic procession always opposite Nibiru, is upon us now). Nibirans can communicate with and even travel to Earth both before and after Nibiru’s perigee. The Infrared Imaging Satellite and the Naval Observatory confirmed Nibiru’s existence 1983 -1984. “NASA attempted to hush-up” Nibiru’s discovery in an published then denied the IRAS sighting. [Freer: Sapiens Rising. Part 1; Lloyd: Dark Star: 75; ZS, End: 315 – 317]

10,800 years ago, Nibiru reached its furthest point (apogee] from Earth and debris at perigee, the opposite LaGrange point in its orbit, created a sudden warming of Earth’s northern oceans and began the catastrophic melting of Earth’s ice sheets. [Lloyd, Dark Star: 248] Earthlings’ living standard worsened and they regressed to living in caves and in the bush. Each generation’s life became poorer.

3350B.C.: Nibiru encountered its perigee at the edge of the Kuiper Comet Belt, causing solar flares and severe heating on Earth.

Freer writes: “Evidence from geology coupled with reports of the survivors passed down to us as warnings [of the return of Nibiru] from Hopi, Navajo, Choctah, Cshinaua of Brazil, Ovaherero, Kanga, Loanga, Wanoro of Africa, Maya, Aztecs, natives of Celon and India, China, and Australia: Purifier/Nibiru brings conflagration, celestial disorder, flood, darkness, hail and fire, hurricanes, bombardment, a collapsed sky, hell on earth.” Hawaiian say the flood sunk Mu, a continent that stretched from from Hawaii to Rarotonga and Fiji. Mixtecs of Mexico relate the sinking of Atlantis, East of America. The passing of Nibiru in 13,000 B.C., pushed up the Andes and left closed (live) clamshells atop Everest.” Nibiru’s return or the return of the comets and asteroids at Nibiru’s 180 degree LaGrange points] “can also bring pole reversal, crustal slippage, geomanetic chaos, ice-bound conditions of whole regions, wholesale extinctions, raised mountain ranges, sunken continents.” Freer, 2008:110]

Nibiru’s 180 Lagrange point, carrying comets, meteorites, even asteroids is on its way. Expect all Earth’s ice to melt, huge solar flares, earthquakes, volcanics, and perhaps extinction level sky-borne and earth movement trauma.

While 15% of Earth’s warming’s due to pollution, 85% is due to the nearing of all inner planetary orbits to the Sun as Nemisis, the dark star around which Nibiru orbits, and hence Nibiru gets closer to the inner solar system. If we don’t die first from our pollution of our atmosphere, we may become extinct from the trauma of our current passthrough of Nibiru’s 180 Lagrange point unless our off-the-books military and controlling elite or helpful extraterrestrials let us in on scientific fixes or adaptations. In the meantime, have as much fun as you can.

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  1. Nibiru is in Heliocentric Capricorn.
    Another ‘sandwich’ alignment (Nibiru-Earth-Sun, or Sun-Earth-Nibiru) shall occur mid-to-late July 2014, not before July 12th, and likelier July 20th. During that time-frame of late July, there shall be another high-magnitude earthquake on Earth, Magnitude 8.0+or higher. And geomagnetic disturbances (possibly including Magnetopause Reversal, as with past ‘sandwich’ alignments). Yellowstone Super-Volcano activity shall increase again and scare many in Summer 2014. I’ve been tracking Nibiru for quite awhile.

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