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06/21/12 – Extraterrestrial Contact

Posted by on Jun 21, 2012

06/21/12 – Extraterrestrial Contact

NASA vs Sasha
www.renegadetalk.FM with Sasha Lessin, Ph. D, Janet Kira Lessin, Rich and Marla

Nibiru and Satellites Coming - Extraterrestrial Contact - RenegadeTalk.FM

June 21, 2012 06:02 PM PDT

Nibiru Moon Hits Proto Earth - Enki Speaks, Extraterrestrial Contact
NASA astronomer David Morrison denies existence of Nibiru. Sasha Lessin says Nibiru crossed our orbit every 3450 years since 10,000 BC. Nibiru used to orbit Jupiter every 3,600 years.

Lessin cites posted, then retracted photos, infrared telescope data and testimony from Harrington of our Observatory in Australia that attest both to the presence of Nibiru (near Sagittarius now)and the presence of Nibiru’s primary star, Nemesis (out beyond the Oort Belt), a dark substar.

Lessin refutes Morrison’s contention that there’ve been no catastrophic events like the Deluge of 13,000 years ago or any alteration in the inner planets’ orbits, when in fact all the orbits have moved closer to our sun, causing accelerated warming of all the planets. We are now hitting the debris that trails Nibiru at 180 degrees from where it now orbits.

Nibiru Orbit Nephilim Nibiru - Extraterrestrial Contact

Dr. Lessin explains how the ETs gave us TANTRA and how you can use tantra–he tells you how–to transcend the enslaving matrix and acquire ET assistance toward a peaceful planet and entry into gallactic society.

Enjoy Renegade Nation
Richie Marla Mark Sasha and Janet



  1. Your content was great till you got into Tantra. My free advise is that one should not spin off theories of off subjects on which they have no idea. I am from India and Tantra exists in India Tibet and other parts of the world. Normally the West has no idea on art of the East. When you spoke of oneness and sex as part Tantra in the Radio Talk Show the women were behaving in the most obnoxious fashion.That showed that you do not know the truth of the path of Tantra and have only seen or misguided into believing that Tantra mainly focusses on sex. The gravity of the topic of Nibiru belw away when you started harping on side topics and you lost focus. Next time kindly stay focussed and please ensure that the seriousness in the Talk show is maintained

    • We have Westernized tantra to suit the needs of Americans and Europeans who struggle with it all. Tantra was introduced to the Earth by the Anunnaki. Inanna, who was given India to rule, built temples in India, some of which still stand to this day.

      Tantra involves all chakras, all seven main chakras so sexuality is only 1/7th of the story. However, we are all here because of sex. No denying that. So sexuality is a CRITICAL part of LIFE and we would not be ALIVE unless sex is involved.

      The Gods (Anunnaki) were extremely sexual beings. We address these things to give the entire story to our listeners/readers.

      Listen to the shows that you relate to. Ignore the rest. Tis like a menu, there are items for everyone.

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