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GIANTS MADE US 300,000 YEARS AGO: Article and youtubes

Posted by on Sep 11, 2012

GIANTS MADE US 300,000 YEARS AGO: Article and youtubes

GIANTS MADE US 300,000 YEARS AGO: Article and youtubes

Article: GIANTS MADE US 300,000 YEARS AGO by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

The giant gods of the ancient world and the successors they choose created mind-sets that shackle us to short desperate lives. These so-called gods, who rocketed to Earth from a planet they called Nibiru–people–stand way taller and lived way longer than we. The Nibirans said they bred us as short term slaves and soldiers.


Several advanced hominids co-existed with Erectus, the species with whom the Nibirans blended their genes to make our ancestors. Erectus and its contemporaries may have been survivors of astronomically-caused extinction events during human settlement on Earth long before 400,000 years ago when the Nibiran Chief Scientist for the Earth Goldmining Expedition, Enki, and crews of seven – twelve foot tall Homo Sapiens colonized Earth from Nibiru. To make the slaves, Enki added his genes, his sister Ninmah’s mitochondrial DNA and genes of Homo Erectus.


He thought the Creator-of-All designed Erectus to evolve into Homo Sapiens. Ningiszidda–Enki’s son, Ninmah and Enki expedited the Creator’s design; they made hybrid Earthlings who could breed. We were like Nibirans, though they were two to three times taller, had longer heads and bigger brains than we have. Enki made our men with foreskins Nibiran men lack.

The Nibiran ETs, whom the scribes called “gods” (the Bible’s Elohim), dictated the tablets and statue tags. Statues show the ETs looked like 7- 12 foot (and taller) Swedes with space-age weapons. These so-called “gods” lived millions of Earth years. They said an atmospheric crisis 445,000 years ago on Nibiru drove them to Earth for gold.

Nibirans shaped our societies, bodies, thoughts and consciousness. They scripted us to obey males ranked in hierarchy, to disdain underlings and perpetrate violence.

445,000 ago, Ea (Ptah, Buzur, Hephaestus, Vulcan and Adoni), a Nibiran Sumerians called Enki, rocketed to Earth with fifty men. 50 Medics, 600 miners and 300 astronauts and administrators followed them. The Expedition sought gold to refine to floating monoatomic white powder of gold and create a suprerconductive shield for Nibiru’s decaying atmosphere. Sumerians named the Nibirans Anunnaki–those who came from the sky. Israelites called Nibirans Anakin and Nefilim; Egyptians called Nibirans Neter (Watchers). Most Nibirans left Earth in 2024 B.C..

Enki created us hybrids short, too. We were short– under six foot tall–versions of the 7- 12 foot tall. He shortened our lifespans vs the Nibiran livespan; his earliest hybrids might last several hundred years, whereas Nibirans lived millions of years. Earth’s orbit, smaller than Nibiru’s, may also shorten Earthlings’ lives. [ZS, Giants: 294 -347]




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