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OBAMA VISITED THE MARS: Chrononaut Basagio youtube

Steve Bassett, in his attack on Andrew D. Basiago and Alfred Lambremont Webre because Andy was “sand-bagged” by unethical and opportunistic post-production editing by The Colbert Report after giving a truth-oriented interview, reveals an absurd view of the Truth Movement and speaks volumes for the lack of integrity that Paradigm Research Group brings to the Truth Movement.

PRG ignores the fact that The Colbert Report invited Andrew D. Basiago to do a straightforward, policy-oriented interview that was to be focused on how teleportation can provide a way for the United States to free itself from dependence on foreign sources of oil, filmed the interview in Portland, Oregon in June 2012, and then recently in post-production added a 1953 CIA Robertson Panel-like “hit” on the CIA’s Mars jump room program of the early 1980’s that included not only Andrew D. Basiago, BARACK H. OBAMA, and REGINA E. DUGAN, but Andy’s fellow chrononauts who have stepped forward as whistle blowers, WILLIAM B. STILLINGS and BERNARD MENDEZ.

Andrew D. Basiago and Alfred Lambremont Webre via Exopolitica Argentina, October 15, 2012

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King Anu in turn embraced Enlil, Ninlil, Ninuta as each disembarked. “Welcome back my son and heir. And you, Lady Ninlil, welcome. Ninurta, my grandson, delighted to see you, you look great.”

Commander Enlil: “Good to be home, Sire. Mission accomplished.”

Gold you brought–floating over us right now–sustains life. You have masterfully completed the mining project on Earth, said Anu.

Thank you, Sir”

Too bad” the King added, “the nuclear cloud killed Sumer.”

What should we care about what happens to the illegal hybrids? We made them short-termers anyway, and they’ve served our purposes. But if we must foster them, I have a band of them loyal to me that survived the radiation.”

“Galzu got us to preserve them, or at least let them develop,” said the King.

Your will, Sire.”

The Commander continued, ”“My boy, your grandson Adad, stays on Earth to send us a few more rockets with gold; he may stay on Earth–on the Greek Peninsula. Most of our people, however, are back here on the homeplanet. 

Enki’s kids, Marduk and Nergal still fight on Earth; Inanna’s down there, partners with Nergal. 

My grandson, Utu stayed. Your son, ny half-brother Enki and Thoth, your grandson, stayed on Earth. So did several ex-Igigi astronauts and their hybrid descendants.

Nannar went back to his place on the moon.”

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by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

In his 3800 B. C. visit to Earth, in Uruk (Iraq), Nibiru’s King Anu, Enlil (Nibirans’ Commander on Earth, Ninharsag (Chief Medical Officer), and Enki, (Earth’s Lord) realized the Creator of All had, via Galzu, ordained they protect and develop the hybrid superslave Earthlings they created genetically in the lab and in bed.

They decided
    “Whatever Destiny for the Earth and Earthlings, let it so be.
     If Man, not Anunnaki to inherit the Earth is destined, let us destiny help.
Give Mankind knowledge up to a measure, secrets of heaven and Earth them teach. Civilization to Mankind convey.
To create civilized regions the Great Anunnaki [The Administrative Council] decide, therein knowledge Mankind to provide.
In the sacred precincts a priesthood to establish, the Anunnaki as lofty lords to serve and worship.
Laws of justice and righteousness teach them then
     Depart and LEAVE.”


Most Nibirans ignored our minds or manipulated our consciousness so they ruled and we slaved for them.  They taught violence, greed, competition, hierarchy, slavery, racism, patriarchy, disdain for Earthling consciousness, blind obedience to them and murderous hatred of their rivals.  Inanna, Nannar and the power elite here continue to divide and rule humanity.

When the Nibirans had enough gold to leave Earth, 13,000 years ago, the perigee of Nibiru created the Deluge, it also ripped away the shield of powdered Earth gold that protected Nibiru.  “Nibiru’s atmosphere was again dwindling.  The mother planet again desperately needed Earth’s gold.”  Nibiru ordered the Expedition to send lots more gold at once.

If, next or in some future perigee, Nibiru again loses its gold shield and needs more gold, Nibirans may again dig our gold–after we’ve dug it.  This time, I hope, we can request knowledge and help from them to resolve our political and environmental problems.

Rockets from Nibiru reach Earth best when Nibiru neared the Sun, at perigee. But at perigee also, Nibiru ‘s gravity perturbs planets and affect Nibiru’s atmosphere. Nibirans shuttle to and from Earth to match the best launch times, a span of 13 to 18 Earth months before Nibiru gets closest and, leaving, before it gets to far from Earth.  While Nibiru “continues its vast elliptical orbit, the spaceship follows a shorter course and reaches Earth far ahead of Nibiru or, for a shorter stay on Earth, the rocket launches “when Nibiru is midway back from apogee,” a few years ahead of Nibiru.  When the rocket nears Earth, “it goes into orbit around the planet without landing and releases a shuttlecraft to land. “Some of the earlier arrivals ascend to an Earth module and rejoin the spaceship for a trip home.  To return, the shuttle had to rejoin the mother ship, which had to fire up and accelerate to extremly high speeds to catch up with Nibiru.”  Shuttles took gold Earthlings mined to and from the base on Mars. [ZS, 12th Planet: 282 – 271]

Nibiru returns to perigee in 2012, 2040 or (if you take the speedup due to Nibiru’s interaction with Uranus, last perigee) 2900.  Nibirans may again need our planet’s gold. Inanna and Nannar, who still dwell on Earth and the power elite they control here remain firmly in control of Earth’s resources. [ZS, End: 315 – 317]

But now, thanks to Zecharia Sitchin, Michael Tellinger, William Bramley, Michael Cremo, Neil Freer and Richard Thompson we now know our true genetic and political history.  For the way that history plays out nowadays–until I finish my update of our history–I suggest study of Marrs’ Alien Agenda.

Now that we know what the Nibirans want–gold– and how they regard us–mere instruments, say the Enlilites, for their needs–we can resist.  Resist and insist: WE DEMAND EQUALITY, COMPASSION, GENETIC ACTIVATION OF LONG-LIFE POTENTIAL, THE SECRETS OF FREE ENERGY AND SPACE TRAVEL.  WE OFFER THE NIBIRANS OUR COOPERATION AND SYNERGY AS PARTNERS IN EVOLUTION.

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