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ALIEN CONTACT COVERUP: Kerry Cassidy Interviews NEIL FREER youtube

Posted by on Jan 13, 2013

ALIEN CONTACT COVERUP: Kerry Cassidy Interviews  NEIL FREER youtube

Aliens variety


ETs in modern times shut down our nuclear attack mechanisms

We’re part ET-Nibiran (from the planet Nibiru, which comes through the inner solar system every 3,600 years, part Erectus

Yahweh/Enlil, Adonoi/Enki and Allah/Marduk were just twelve-foot humans with extreme longievity, rockets, laser weapons, HAARP technology, genetic engineering, free electricity, excessive competition, derogation of women, greed, murderous tendencies and desperate need for gold from Earth to rocket back to Nibiru, process into floating white powder of monoatomic gold and preserve Nibiru’s atmosphere.

God-fearing religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam are ideological straight-jackets designed to pit us against each other and not see how the Power Elite put in place by them still control life on Earth. Vatican Intelligence Priest Martin was assassinated for going public on George Nori’s Coast-to-Coast.

Nibiru sighted by modern astronomers, info, first published, then hidden. Astronomer Harrington was assassinated for disclosing reality of the planet Nibiru and the subdwarf star, Nemesis, which is Nibiru’s primary star. A 20-person team of astronomers on the French-Swiss border were likewise assassinated by a cable car sabotage–but not before actual photos they’d taken had been given to Bob Dean.

Lawrence Gardiner, who showed how the Nibirans’ preferred line of hybrids descended from Enki, became the power elite that today rule Earth, was assassinated.

More on the Gods of Old: Anunnaki: Gods No More by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)


<a href=”http://enkispeaks.com/books/anunnaki-gods-no-more/”>http://enkispeaks.com/books/anunnaki-gods-no-more/</a>



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