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Robert Dean is our Special Guest and Mentor General at the Stargate to the Cosmos Conference, Henderson, Nevada, June 7 -9. Bob’s a retired Command Sergeant Major in the US Army. Bob likes to sit around an outdoor table, puffing his cigars and sharing personally with people who attend the conference. Take advantage of this chance to personally talk with the Dean of Disclosure, Bob Dean.

While he served he viewed “Cosmic Top Secret” documents detailing alien activity on Earth. Interviewed by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, Bob said, “In February of 1961 there was a massive flyover of unidentified objects, circular disc shapes, coming out of the East from the Soviet Warsaw Pact area, flying towards the West, coming over our lines, over NATO lines, over Germany, over France. These objects were very high, very fast, in formation, obviously under intelligent control.
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Their technology that had been repeatedly demonstrated to our military, to the Soviets, to everybody, was so far beyond anything we had or even could imagine, that the technology was out of this world. So if there had been a threat from these guys, whoever these guys were, it would have been over a long time ago.

Truman had given a shoot down order. When we started shooting at them, We shot bullets at them and missiles. They didn’t shoot bullets at us.” Instead, the ET craft responded to the U.S. attacks, by eliminating all of the electrical systems in our aircraft. We shot bullets at them, and missiles and everything else. If you’re flying a high performance jet and you’re at 30,000 feet going 400-500 mph and all of a sudden everything goes dead. Jet pilots used to share that flying one of those 100 series planes was like flying an anvil. The only thing keeping them in the sky was a powerful jet engine that kept them going. So when they lost all of their electrical controls, they couldn’t even steer. We lost 30 aircraft. A lot of guys got out, they bailed out in time, but we lost a few pilots. The order to shoot them down was revoked within 90 days.”

Three years of study, which Bob photocopied on these encounters concluded, however, that the ET s “pose no threat to Earth because their repeated demonstrations of technology was so beyond anything we could do or match. If they were angry at us or were hostile, it’d be over. They were not shooting our planes down. They were not shooting our planes down. We concluded in this study that they were from somewhere else. Another planet, another star system, perhaps another galaxy. We concluded that they were not malevolent or hostile – overtly. They certainly were able to defend themselves. But they did not have an agenda, an aggressive agenda, that was hostile, because they had not smashed and torn and broken and destroyed our military.

The conclusions of the study after three years concluded that they had been coming here for a very long time. They apparently had some involvement in the origins of our species. Big shock to traditional people, particularly Christians and Muslims. If this were to come out – totally -it would bring about an expansion of consciousness in people. We would stop thinking of ourselves as Muslim, Christian, Jew, whatever. We would think of ourselves as human beings from one little, tiny planet on the edge of a middle-class, mid-sized galaxy. That knowledge in itself would bring us together as a species and as a race. That is our survival.” If we can bring ourselves together and think of ourselves as ‘one race, one people,’ this knowledge that we’re not alone and we’ve never been alone.

“Photographs of crashes, retrievals, landings and contacts, where they had landed and contacted people, indicated that they were humanoid, all four different groups. Out of the four different groups, all humanoid, one group was so human looking, just like us. We concluded after the three year study that we were dealing not with one group. We were dealing with at least four separate groups. Out of the four different groups, all humanoid, one group was so human looking, just like us ”

Quotes from Cassidy, K. and Ryan, B., 2007, http://projectcamelot.org/lang/en/bob_dean_interview_transcript_1_en.html; http://projectcamelot.org/lang/en/bob_dean_interview_transcript_2_en.html.



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