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Apollo 20: Mona Lisa Extraterrestrial

Apollo 20: Mona Lisa Extraterrestrial


Apollo 20: Alien Spaceship On The Moon UFO Footage – Mona Lisa EBE Moon Alien In Command Module


Published on Apr 11, 2013

Apollo 20: Alien Spaceship On The Moon UFO Footage – Mona Lisa EBE Moon Alien In Command Module – YouTube Video

Mona-Lisa-Moon-EBEApollo 20 E.B.E. Mona Lisa 16 mm film supposedly shot inside the lunar command module. Sections of this video are unscheduled transmissions made from the lunar command module while in orbit released by William Rutledge. This is the Mona Lisa EBE secret mission carried out by NASA.

Update: Listen to Robert Morningstar on Coast to Coast AM 12.10.13 December 10th, 2013 Robert talks about the crashed alien spaceship from a purported ‘Apollo 20’ moon mission. The link will be posted here soon.


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The Mona Lisa EBE spaceship exists! please visit the NASA page: -9625
Look at the center area of the photo – you will have to enlarge it.

The missions were supposed to go to 20 or 21, but due to budget cuts they stopped at the Apollo 17 mission. The truth is…they did the remaining missions 18-20 as covertly as possible according to William Rutledge. It is said that the last mission went inside the Mona Lisa EBE spaceship and harvested all the advanced technology that they could at the time, including the EBE bodies found – a pilot (the Mona Lisa moon alien) who was naked, but covered in clear wax like coating and her co pilot (which was reported to be dismembered).

William Rutledge said the Mona Lisa EBE was not dead and not living, but in between. She was found attached to the pilot controls with several hoses going into her body. They detached the EBE from the spaceship (took the hoses out of her body and took her back to the lunar command module).

NASA Photo is proof of the mission, photo from Apollo Image Atlas, UFO Sighting And Paranormal News.

Location of UFO: Deporte Crater

While looking at the NASA Image Atlas this long cigar shaped UFO is in one of the craters.

These videos were from the last mission, a covert mission to retrieve ancient advanced technology from the crashed spaceship piloted by the Mona Lisa.. NASA has been hiding the truth for a long time, editing what we are allowed to know and not know.

The alien spaceship in Deporte crater, these UFO videos were released by William Rutledge, an astronaut who seen it all in that command module now lives in Rwanda.

Rutledge does show that he has an extreme knowledge of Geology, Chemistry, and space exploration, which can be seen in his vocabulary that he uses during his interview for a UFO magazine.

Another reason that William Rutledge seems credible is that he didn’t gain money from the UFO interview, nor has he so far. So what could be his motive? Perhaps it is to bring out the truth about the existence of alien technology. The Mona Lisa moon ebe story rewrites our history and place in this universe.

William Rutledge is a seventy-eight year old man currently living in Rwanda. He claims to be an astronaut that traveled to the moon on a mission called Apollo 20.

Apollo 17 was supposedly the last mission at NASA. At that point, NASA cancelled the next three missions, claiming that their budget currently was not capable of funding such an exploit.

William Rutledge said that NASA’s Apollo 14 mission took photographs of the Mona Lisa spacecraft as they flew over the polar region of the dark side of the moon, recording numerous other alien spaceships, odd shaped buildings, and ancient towering cities, most appearing abandoned for millions of years.

All missions from 12 to 17 flew over that polar region on the dark side of the moon. Each of those missions landed within a few hundred miles of each other, indicating that something in the area was of high scientific value. The main mission of Apollo 20 was to explore an alien spaceship that had long since been abandoned, but discovered in Apollo 12 photographs.

The mission took place near Deporte Crater, where a cigar shaped object is clearly visible even with the naked eye, in these NASA photos at:

-9625 Deleporte Crater

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★ http://www.387911.com


What was supossedly inside the Alien ship found by Apollo 20?

Again I make no claim as to the authenticity of these videos or this story. My friend Luca Scantamburlo broke this story after interviews with so called Rutledge and a new source CMDR 19…

Is this true who knows until then I will honor his friendship and previous credibility as a reporter in this field.


Was there a joint American-Soviet secret series of Apollo space missions, in which both countries collaborated to reach an ancient cigar shaped alien spacecraft and city which had in prior missions been spotted on the dark side of the Moon? What else was found and what about the supposed 6 finger alien being found inside? Is she some how linked to the Nephilim?

I am making no claim as to whether these videos are real or not, I am simply providing these videos as stimulus for dialog. Whether real or not, official NASA photos are available on the website of the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI, in Houston), which is a research institute that provides support services to NASA and the planetary science community. These Apollo 15 photos seem to assert the possibility of this so called ship.

The links to find the pictures (the AS15-P-9630 and the AS15-P-9625, from the the Apollo Image Atlas) are the following:



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Complete interview with a Reptilian, Lacerta

Complete interview with a Reptilian, Lacerta

reptilePublished on Dec 10, 2012

I certify that the following text is the absolute truth and no work of fiction. These are parts of a transcript of an interview I’ve made with a non-human and reptilian being in December 1999. This female being was already in contact with a friend of mine (whose name is given only with the abbreviation E.F. in the text) since some months. Let me declare, that I was all my life a skeptic about UFOs, aliens and other weird things and I thought that E.F. tells me just dreams or fictitious stories when he talked with me about his First Contacts with the non-human being “Lacerta”. I was still a skeptic when I met this being on December 16 last year in that small warm room in the remote house of my friend near to a town in the south of Sweden, despite the fact that I saw now with my own eyes that she was not human. She has told and shown me so many unbelievable things during that meeting that I can’t deny the reality and the truth of her words any longer. This is not another of that wrong UFO Draconias-123papers which claim to tell the truth but tell in fact just fiction, I’m convinced that this transcript contains the only truth and therefore you should read it.

I had talked with her for over 3 hours, so the following transcript shows you only shortened parts of the interview, because she asked me after the interview not to publish everything she had told me already now. The order of the questions in this transcript is not always the same order in which I had asked them, so it may seem sometimes a little bit confusing to you. It was not easy to delete all the important parts she had asked me to delete from the transcript, so I apologize for the maybe unusual order. I’m in the possession of the entire transcript of the interview (49 pages with some of my drawings of her body and her equipment) and also of some tapes on which I have the full interview, but I will not reveal this before I have permission from her. I will send this shortened form of the still fascinating document to four of my reliable friends to Finland, Norway, Germany and France and I hope they will translate it into their own languages and into other languages and I hope as many people as possible will be able to read and to understand the transcript. If you receive it, please send it to all your friends via e-mail or make print-outs and copy them.

interdimensional-beings-reptiliansI certify furthermore, that various “paranormal” abilities of her species like telepathy and telekinesis (including the moving and dancing of my pencil on the table without touching and the flying of an apple around 40 centimeters over her hands) were shown to me during the 3 hours and 6 minutes of the meeting and I’m absolutely sure that these abilities were no tricks. The following is certainly difficult to understand and to believe for someone who hasn’t experienced it, but I was really in contact with her mind and I’m now completely sure that everything she said during the interview is the absolute truth about our world.

Unfortunately, if I read the entire transcript and (much more) this very shortened form by myself I have the strong impression, that everything I’ve written sounds too unbelievable to be true, that everything sounds more like a bad science fiction story from TV or cinema and I have doubts that anyone will believe my experiences. But they are true, if you believe it or not. I can’t expect from you that you believe my simple words without evidence, but I can’t give you that evidence. Please read the transcript and think about it and you will maybe see the truth in these words.

3084770a11609e53250064333f245f4dThere will be a new meeting between me and her (again in the same house in Sweden) on April 23 2000 and she promised me to give me maybe some evidence for her existence. In the meantime I collect questions which I will ask her then. Maybe she gives me permission to reveal more of the missing parts in that transcript and about the coming war.

Believe it or not, this makes no real difference (but I hope you will believe.)


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 you gotta click this arrow to get the scoop, step-by-step, that’ll blow your mind.

Our DNA, planet's location, telescope type's on left, Circle Maker's on right.  They have bigger heads.

Our DNA, planet’s location, telescope type’s on right, Circle Maker’s on left. They have bigger heads.




When we sent our 2-stranded genome and planetary location digitally into space, a crop circle response showed the 3-stranded genome and planetary location of the consciousness creating the circle.







 Barbara Lamb reports that

*800 degree hot plasma penetrates the Earth beneath a crop-meadow.

*The plasma strikes next to water or on fields that have water under them.

*The heat hits the water, turns it to steam, which gushes up, makes the plants pliable, and twists them into meaningful patterns.

*All bugs are vaporized; porcupines caught in forming crop circles fry (Don’t get in the middle of crop circle a-forming).

Click arrow, hear Barbara Lamb clue us in to the latest in crop circle and alien contact experiences.












CROP CIRCLES: ETS TWEET US: Collin Andrews youtubes

Part of Circle comparing our DNA & Location of Senders, according to Andrews, at the 2012 Mufon Conference at Fort McDowell




1                                                   crop circles

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Nibiru Is Coming With Anunnaki Warriors Part I & II

Nibiru Is Coming With Anunnaki Warriors Part I & II

NIBIRU IS COMING With ANNUNAKI WARRIORS NOW 1- Project Camelot Part 1 of 2

Published on Nov 22, 2013
Please listen carefully and with patience- You will get plenty of info and more if you watch both parts with the second part being the more secrets revealed- YOU GOT TO HEAR THIS INTERVIEW FOR REAL AND THE SECOND HALF IS EVEN MORE EXPOSIVE- Re-posted for educational Purposes- Project Camelot Interviews Luca Scantamburlo Part 1 of 2 I advise to pay attention- gwt


Published on Nov 22, 2013
Pres. Reagan asked the Pres. of Russia if they could join Forces with the US to fight Terrestrials- RE-POSTED FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES- Interviews Luca Scantamburlo Part 2 of 2 GREAT INTERVIEWS!

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