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Time2by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

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Excerpted from ANUNNAKI: Gods No More, Unmasking Technologically-Advanced Goldminers From The Planet Nibiru Who Posed as Divine


4.5M+ B.C.
Our Solar System grew from a gas cloud that circled its own center counterclockwise, cooled, and formed both our sun and a dimmer pair-star, a subbrown dwarf-Nemesis.  Both the sun and Nemesis developed planets that circled them.  Tiamat, the very watery planet that would become Earth, orbited the sun between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars.

The ancient Enuma Elish relates how, 4.5 billion years ago, our sun created Tiamat, then Mercury.  The sun blew comets with water and meteorites with gold from Mercury to Earth. Planet-pairs formed: Venus/Mars, Jupiter/Saturn, and Uranus/Neptune.  These planets orbited the Sun counterclockwise, as did Tiamat.  No planet orbited between Venus and Jupiter, where the Earth now resides.  Pluto was a moon of Saturn.

Tiamat lacked a partner-planet, but one of her moons, Kingu, enlarged.  Kingu started to partner with Tiamat.  Then Kingu could orbit the Sun, not Tiamat.

But, four billion years ago, before Kingu could orbit the Sun Nibiru invaded the Sun’s inner planetary system.  Nibiru belched fire and radiation. Neptune’s gravity pulled Nibiru into the inner solar system, where it changed the orbits of all Solaris’ planets.  When it approached Tiamat,”both Tiamat and Nibiru sprouted moons.” [Lloyd, Dark Star: 41, 122 -124; ZS, 12th Planet: 219]

4M+ B.C.
Evil Wind (a moon of Nibiru) hit Tiamat. Then Nibiru hit Tiamat and scattered rocks—the asteroids–from Tiamat into orbit between Jupiter and Mars.  When Nibiru hit it also knocked the chunk of Tiamat that became Earth into orbit between Mars and Venus.  The gap in our chunk of Tiamat became our Pacific Gap, a hole in the surviving planet, a hole without a crust.

Nibiru attained a clockwise 3,600-year orbit around Nemesis and back through the Solaris System between Mars’ and Jupiter’s orbits.  Nibiru went through regions of great cold when distant from both Nemesis and Solaris.  Intense radiation and heat hit Nibiru as it neared Solaris.  But Nibiru’s volcanoes kept spewing ash into its atmosphere, so that in the cold parts of its orbit, ash kept Nibiru’s inner heat within its atmosphere.  As it neared Solaris, ash shielded Nibiru from Solaris’ heat and radiation.

Sirians, advanced beings from the Lyran stars, moved to planets in the Pleiades  (above and to the right of  Orion). 60 million years ago, Homo Sapien the Pleiadians rocketed to Earth to escape war. Other Lyrans and Pleiadians came to Earth” and created wars on Earth too. The first Pleiadians fled back to the Pleiades, some to Nibiru.  The Nibirans developed technologically advanced warring nation-states [Horn, A. and L., 1994, Humanity’s Extraterrestrial Origins, Silberschnur; ZS, Enki: 25-26].

On Nibiru, 656,000B.C. or so, nations of the Nibiru’s North and South nuked each other.  Nuclear explosions and fallout left sterile many Nibirans sterile and killed off a huge percentage of men. To end the war, leaders drew lots for rule of the planet.  AN won the drawing and created Agade, the new capitol.  As King, An imposed military rule–hierarchical, male-centered, patrilineal—and issued decrees.  An ordered men, “Take principle and secondary wives, official concubines too.”  His successors set The Law of Succession: when the King dies, his son with his father’s half-sister succeeds.

656,000B.C.+ or _
Nations of the Nibiru’s North and South nuked each other.  Nuclear explosions and fallout left many Nibirans sterile and killed off a huge percentage of men. To end the war, leaders drew lots for rule of the planet.  AN won the drawing and created Agade, the new capitol.  As King, An imposed military rule–hierarchical, male-centered, patrilineal—and issued decrees.  An ordered men, “Take principle and secondary wives, official concubines too.”  His successors set The Law of Succession: when the King dies, his son with his father’s half-sister succeeds.

500,000B.C.+ or _
Nibiru’s volcanos stopped erupting; ash no longer shielded the planet as its atmosphere thinned. 

Savants told LAHMA, then King, to nuke the volcanoes and/or send miners to the Asteroids for gold to refine into white powder of monatomic gold to float into Nibiru’s atmosphere and replace the ash. Lahma ignored the savants and instead heeded his wife, who said, “Beseech the Creator.”

Anu, Lahma’s successor, cancelled the marriage he’d planned for his (Anu’s) eldest son Enki (called then Ea) to Ninmah.  Ninmah’d incurred Anu’s wrath when she’d borne a boy–Ninurta—with Enlil, Anu’s second son.  Enlil‘s mother, ANTU, was Anu’s half-sister.  She outranked Enki’s mother.

470,000B.C.+ or _
Prince ALALU killed Lahma and pacified Anu, Lahma’s successor.  Alalu gave his daughter DAMKINA to Enki, Anu’s first son.  The boy Enki and Damkina begat would succeed as Nibiru’s king.  Alalu ruled now, Anu would attend him as Cupbearer.  Damkina bore Marduk to Enki. All prepared him to one day rule Nibiru.

To raise ash to hold Nibiru’s air, Alalu nuked the volcanoes.  This failed; the atmospheric hole grew.  He sent a rocket with fifty scientists to the Asteroids for gold. The vessel crashed into an asteroid.  All aboard died. 

460,500B.C.+ or _
Anu challenged Alalu to wrestle for rule.  Anu won.  Alalu escaped to Earth in a rocket loaded with missiles for nuking volcanoes.  On Earth, Alalu landed on marshy land–now underwater  where the Persian Gulf laps at Basara (Iraq). Then, four rivers–Tigris, Euphrates, Gehon and the mile-wide Pishon– flowed into the Gulf. He confirmed gold, targeted Agade with his nukes, and demanded return of his Crown.

King Anu gave Enki the job his half-brother Enlil coveted—charge of the mission to Earth to verify its gold.  The king told son Enki to mollify Alalu, who was Enki’s son-in-law.  Anu sent Alalu’s grandson, astronavigator ANZU and fifty men to Earth with Enki.  En-route, they landed on Mars and renewed their rocket’s water.

On Earth, Enki and Alalu set up base camp, called Edin-in seven days and extracted sample gold from the Gulf. 

Enki and ABGAL took the nuclear bombs from Alalu’s rocket and hid them in a cave in East Africa.  Then Abgal flew the gold back to Nibiru in the rocket.

444,000 B.C.+ or _
On Nibiru scientists powdered the gold.  Pilots flew the gold dust high above Nibiru. To spread spread the golddust, they used “crystal beams.” When Nibiru next neared Solaris, however, the sun’s rays blew the gold away.  Anu sent Abgal back to Earth for more gold. 

Back on Earth, Enki and Abgal traced the Gulf’s gold flecks to rich lodes in southeast Africa. [ZS, Enki: 86]

4442,000 B.C.+or_
Enlil, then Anu rocket to Earth.  They and Enki drew lots for their jobs.  Anu, Alalu said, stacked the draw, and of course, drew Nibiru; Enlil got Command of the Earth Expedition.  Enki, with the short straw, got Seas, Science and Mining.

Alalu again wrestled Anu for Nibiru.  Again Anu won.  Alalu, sore loser, bit off Anu’s penis.  Anu, hurt, held a trial that condemned Alalu to die in exile on Mars from the poison he’d ingested from the King’s penis.  Anzu said he’d stay on Mars with Alalu till the latter died.  Anu ordered Enlil to prepare a landing platform in Sumer for Nibiran spacecraft.  The King blasted off for Nibiru.

Enroute back to Nibiru, Anu ordered Anzu to plan a gold-transshipment base for Mars for Anzu to command.  Anu then had Alalu and Anzu, lowered in a “sky chamber” onto  Mars.

Back on Earth, Enki and Abgal traced the Gulf’s gold flecks to rich lodes in southeast Africa while Enlil planned seven centers in Sumer: Sippar the  Spaceport; Nippur, Mission Control; Badtibira, Metallurgical Center; Shurrupak, Med Center.  He would live at on the riverbank at Laarsa.

The Nibirans build a fleet of rockets (which Enki designed) to freight gold.  They trained  astronauts to man the rockets and to run Earth’s facilities and transshipment stations from Mars and moons of the inner Solaris-system moons.

Anu sent daughter Ninmah with 50 female medical officers to Earth. Enroute, she stopped on Mars.  Ninmah found Alalu and Anzu dead but revived Anzu.  She and Anzu carved a statue of Alalu’s head on a rock mountain [Cyndonia]. She left Anzu twenty astronauts to build a way-station for the gold freighters and blasted on to Earth, where where Enlil and Enki awaited her and each sought her womb for a male child.  

The rocket splashed down in the Persian Gulf at Erirdu (Basara, Iraq) and eased into a quay, where Enlil, now Expedition Commander, Enki, now Chief Scientist and Mining-Chief, and most of the Expedition personnel greeted her.  Enki and Enlil both wanted male babies with her, their half-sister and only half-sister on Earth.  Nibiran law held that only with boys Ninmah could beget with them would build their royal lines.

Enlil flew her to his villa in Lebanon, then a cedar-forested land, perfect, he said, for the “euphoric elixer” [grape?] seeds she brought from Nibiru. He courted her, promised her a magnificent Medical Center at Shurrupak.  He said if she’d stay with him, he’d bring their son to Earth.  Then, “with fervor he kissed her, ‘Oh my sister, my beloved,’ he whispered.  By her loins he grabbed her.”  But “Into her womb his semen he did not pour.”

She flew off with Enki, now Chief Scientist and Mining-Chief, to his place in Zimbabwe.

For many months, hurt and angry, Enlil mooned about his gardens.  Then, one day, he saw Sud, Ninmah’s gorgeous assistant.  He hid and watched her bathe in his stream with other Med-Corps women. Pretty Sud would help him get over Ninmah.  He asked Sud to get high on elixir and, when she refused him sex, raped her.

Nimmah called a Council to Judge Enlil.  “In the presence of fifty Anunnaki, Seven Who Judge assembled and decreed: Let Enlil from all cities be banished. In a skychamber [plane] they made Enlil leave the Landing Place [Lebanon] to a “Land of No Return” in Africa.” 

The Council told Abgal, Enki’s pilot who’d helped Enki hide Alalu’s nuclear missiles, “Choose Enlil’s exile site.”  In Africa, at the site he picked for Enlil, Abgal secretly defected from Enki and allied with Commander Enlil. Abgal showed Enlil the missiles in the cave where he and Enki hid them after they sneaked them out of Alalu’s rocket

Enki thought the nukes hidden.  But, Abgal told Enlil, “At the right time, seize the missiles and prevail over all rivals.  With the weapons your freedom obtain.”  Abgal also gave Enlil the codes to activate the missiles. 

Enlil choose for now to keep secret the fact that he knew where the nukes hid and how to activate them. [ZS, Enki: 112-114]

While Enlil viewed the missiles in Africa, in Sumer, Sud’s womb swelled.  Enki and the Tribunal sympathized with her and asked if she’d marry Enlil.  If he made her Royal Wife, she would.  So Enlil returned to Lebanon, married her, and professed sexual conservatism.  Only Abgal knew he knew where the nukes hid.  

Enlil, restored to command, married Sud, gave her the title, Ninlil. Public domain image 

440,000 B.C.+or_ plus 9 months
Sud, now called Ninlil (Lady of Command), bore Nannar, the first Nibiran Royal born on Earth, then Adad. [ZS, Handbook: 7; Giants: 15; Lost Realms: 116].

Ninmah spurned Enlil.  Now she could explore with former fiancee Enki.  Enki told her, “Come with me in the Abzu [Africa], your adoration of Enlil abandon.”  

In Africa, at his palace in Great Zimbabwe, “Enki to Ninmah words of loving spoke, sweet words he spoke, ‘You are still my beloved’” to her he said, caressing.  He embraced her, he kissed her, she caused his phallus to water.  Enki his semen into the womb of Ninmah poured.

“’Give me a son,’ he cried.” If he could begat a son with Ninmah, the boy would be considered a rival to Enlil and the sons of Enlil.

440,002 B.C.
Ninmah bore Ninsun, a daughter.  Enki copulated with Ninsun and begat another daughter and asked this child, his daughter’s daughter, her to begat a son with him.  Ninmah brewed an elixir of deadly herbs for him.  As Enki drank, she cursed him.  He fell to the ground, his skin turn yellow.  Then she cured him, forgave him and moved back to Sumer.

Enki seduced Ereshkigal (Enlil’s son Nannar’s daugher) as he flew her to Cape Agulhas on South Africa’s tip.  Enki delivered Ereshkigal, pregnant with his child, to the Station. There, Enki’s son, Nergal bossed the mines and energy grid that ran over all southeast Africa.  Nergal thought Ereshkigal, an Enlilite Princess, crowded him.  He attacked the Station to kill her, but instead, married her.  Pregnant already, Ereshkigal bore Ningishzidda and ran the Cape Agulhas Station while Nergal ran the mines and energy grid.

440,004 B.C.
Enki brought his wife Damkina, and their son, Marduk over from Nibiru.  Ereshkigal sent Ningishzidda, to live in Great Zimbabwe with them. 

390,000 B.C.+or_ 
Enlil built four centers in Sumer: Sippar his spaceport, Nippur, Mission Control, Shurrupak, Med Center and Badtibira, Metallurgy Center.  Enki’s submersible boats took gold from southeast Africa to Badtibira.  At Badtibira, technicians processed the gold into bars. At Nippur, Enlil build the Dur.An.Ki–Bond Heaven-Earth [also Navel of Earth], a communication chamber with telescopes connected to a tall broadcasting tower where Enlil could talk with similar towers in each Nibiran center and where Nibirans on rockets spoke with Earth.

380,000 B.C.+or
Anzu and the Igigi Astronaut Corps rebelled, seized Lebanon Landing Platform, immobilized Sumer.  Ninurta, Enlil’s and Ninmah’s son, defeated and executed Anzu. 

369,200 B.C.+or_
Enki instigated mutiny among the Nibirans working the goldmines in Africa.  He said, “Add Homo Erectus genes to the Nibiran genome and make mine-slaves.”

298,000 B.C.+or_
Enki, Ningishzidda and Ninmah at Enki’s lab, Great Zimbabwe, adapted their genome to create us, the slave species, to work the mines.  They added clay, copper and a few Homo Erectus genes to adapt their DNA and mitochondrial DNA structure to Earth.  At first the genetics team used Anunnaki surrogates mothers as incubator-wombs, then Enki coupled with two of the slave girls and created a breeding pair, Adamu and Ti-Amat.  Anu ordered Adamu brought to him in Nibiru.  Enki’s sons Ningishzidda and Dumuzi rocketed with Adapa to Nibiru.

286,000 B.C..+or_
Nibiru’s perigee dislodged and hurled meteors–asteroid bits–at Earth, created intense warming, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods on Earth and on Mars, ruined the atmosphere and enveloped Mars in dust  storms.  Marbase, ruined, Marduk’s Command on Mars ended. Enki promised to help Marduk, once successor to Nibiru Crown, get his turn to rule. [“Eighty Nibiran shars = 3,600 Earth years years x 80 from Alalu’s splashdown in 450,000 B.C.; ZS, Enki: 156]


70,000 years ago

Bantu slaves fled to India after winds from Toba Volcano in Sumatra spewed poisonous gasses to Africa and caused an ice-age  [Tellinger, Temples: 122 – 124].

49, 000 years ago
Enlil, enraged that Enki and Ninmah let Earthlings rule Shuruppak, vowed Earthlings’genocide. 

10,800 years ago
Nibiru reached its furthest point (apogee] from Earth and debris at perigee, the opposite LaGrange point in its orbit, created a sudden warming of Earth’s northern oceans and began the catastrophic melting of Earth’s ice sheets. [Lloyd,  Dark Star: 248] Or, Nibiru itself may have crossed between Mars and Jupiter. In any case,  Earthlings’ living standard worsened and we regressed to living in caves and in the bush.  Each generation’s life became poorer. 

15,000 B.C.
Aztec legend cited in the Codex Boturini relates a Nibiran god “whose symbol was a seeing eye on an elliptical rod” guided four clans in boats” from Sumer to Guatemala.  “The four clans trekked inland, split into several tribes. One, the Mexica, reached Tenochtilan.”  Tenochtitlan means “‘The City of Enoch’– the son of Cain.” [ZS: Time: 261] 

11,000 B.C.
Nibiru perigee tore Nibiru’s gold shield, slid Antarctica’s Icecap into the sea and caused the Deluge.

The Prime Creator sent Galzu with a comuter file for Enki to download into Ziasudra’s wall-computer.  Enki had begat Ziasudra with his slave-overseer’s wife.  Enki sent his genetically pure Nibiran son Ninagal to Ziasudra.  Ninagal piloted the ship to Mt. Ararat (Turkey).

Nibiran Goldmining Expedition leaders got Enlil to rule through Ziasudra and Shem, Japhet and Ham–Ziasudra’s sons–and their descendants.

Enki and Ninmah recovered genetic starts from diorite vault in Ed-In.

11,000 – 10,900 B.C.
Anunnaki renewed Earth’s crops and beasts and created the Age of Domestication (Neolithic).  Ninurta built dams and drained floodwaters into rivers for Sumer.  Enki reclaimed the Nile Basin. Ningishzidda built new Sinai Spaceport with controls on Mt. Moriah, the Jerusalem to-be.

10,900 B.C.
Uranus drifted away from the Sun and sped Nibiru toward Earth sooner than 3,600 years. As Nibiru flew by, Uranus caught Miranda, a moon of Nibiru.  Miranda, now a moon of Uranus, circled it instead of Nibiru. 

9380 B.C.
Marduk, Enki’s first son, divided Egypt between his sons, Seth and Osiris.  Seth killed Osiris, ruled the Nile.

8970 B.C.
Pyramid War I, Osiris’ son Horus beat Seth, who fled, seized Sinai and Canaan

8670 B.C.
Pyramid War II, Enlil’s son’s daughter Inanna and Enlilites defeated Enkiites.  Ninurta broke and took Enkiite weapons, energy generation machines and communication devices in Giza Pyramid.  Ninmah convened peace conference.  Enlil and Enki replaced Marduk with Ningishzidda/Thoth as Nile Ruler.

8500 B.C.
Nibirans reserved Jerico for themselves and their hybrid offspring.

7500 B.C.
Anunnaki taught Earthlings pottery technology.

7400 B.C.
Ninurta built Kishi with fifty ME programs (for math, smithing, pottery, beer, wagons, wheels and law) Enki gave him.

3840 B.C.
Anu visited Earth, took Inanna as lover, saw Titicaca facilities and pardoned Marduk.

Ziasudra’s sons ruled for the Nibirans–Shem’ s descendants settled the ex-spaceport area of Iraq and the Landing Place at Lebanon.  Japhet’s issue ruled lands in Asia Minor, the Black and Caspian Sea areas, also nearby coasts and islands.  Enki and his descendants ruled Egypt and Africa though successors of Ziusudra’s son Ham the Dark.  Ham’s line ruled Canaan, Mizra’im, Cush, Nubia, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Libya from the highlands.  Ham’s descendants spread to the reclaimed lowlands.

Ninmah reigned for Nibirans and their descendants in Sinai.

4500 B.C.
Earthlings regressed, abandoned villages and stopped making pottery.

3760 B. C.
Inanna chose the first King, the Lugal, to direct, for the gods, Sumer’s Earthlings, to create “a civilization in which our own is firmly rooted.”  The gods “picked Earthlings out of their decline and raised them to a higher level of culture, knowledge and civilization.’ [ZS. 12th Planet: 10 -11]

Enlil’s Sons and grandsons gave Sumer assemblies, courts, schools, writing, printing, prospecting, mining, road- and ship building in a petrol-fueled money economy.

3460 B.C.
Marduk added Babylon on the Euphrates River to Enkiite fief at Eridu.

Nibiru, as it reached perigee at the edge of the Kuiper Comet Belt, caused solar flares and severe heating on Earth.

3500 B.C.
Anunnaki had Earthlings use surface deposits of oil in Sumer to fuel kilns, build roads, paint and fracture chemicals.

3450 B.C.
Enlil and Anu let Marduk marry Earthling Sarpanit to stop him from ever ruling Nibiru.

Inanna and Dumuzi flirted at Marduk’s wedding.  Marduk coordinated the rite so his astronaut (Igigi) allies who attended revolted. They abducted 200 Adapite Earthling women, conquered the on-planet Baalbek Landing Platform, forced Commander Enlil to recognize the women they kidnaped as legal wives.  The Igigi forced Enlil to give them estates on Earth.  They prepared to man the interplanetary launch platform Marduk said he’d build in Babylon.  But Enlilites bombed Babylon, jumbled speech.

3100 B.C.
Marduk–aka Ra–deposed Ningishzidda–aka Thoth–as Egypt’s ruler.

The present era identified in Hindu tradition and just ending, the Kaliyuga, began. Marduk got Dumuzi killed so Dumuzi wouldn’t marry Inanna and rule Africa with Dumuzi.  Innana went to Dumuzi’s brother Nergal so he’d impregnate her for Dumuzi. Nergal’s wife Ereshkigal killed Inanna. Enki’s robots revived Inanna.

3100 – 3113 B.C.

Ningishzidda/Thoth/Quezelcoatl/Kuklaklan and his Olmec and Sumerian assistants built Stonehenge in England.  They helped Adad/Viracocha design observatories and smelting facilities at Tiahuanaco, Peru.  “The actual domain of Quezelcoatl/Thoth was Mesoamerica and Central America, the lands of the Nauhuatl-speaking and Mayan tribes, but his influence extended southward into the northern parts of the South American continent.  [ZS, Time:296]

2900 B.C.
Enlil’s dynasty ruled Sumer from 2900 B.C. to 2024 B.C..  One of the kings through whom the Nibirans ruled, Gilgamesh of Uruk–a 3/4 Nibiran, 1/4 Royal Earthling (son of Ninurta’s daughter Ninsun and Lugal Banda)–destroyed Enlil’s robo-guard but unsuccessfully sought immortality and life-extending herbs the Lebanon Landing Place.

Inanna ruled The Indus Valley & Uruk, Igigi astronauts followed her to Indus Valley.

2600 B.C.
Gilgamesh died; his successors buried him with his friends and attendants (killed for the occasion) in the Royal Cemetery at Lagash.

2500 B.C.
Nibirans shipped and flew Black Olmec managers across the Atlantic to Mexico [ZS, Time: 300] 

2371 B.C.
Inanna and Sargon launched the Akkadian Empire from Agade.

2316 B.C.
Sargon invaded Marduk’s empty stronghold, Babylon.

2291 B.C.
Inanna, Naram-Sin (Sargon’s grandson) and the Akkadian armies captured the Lebanon Landing Platform and won Jerico, the private city of the Igigi astronauts’ and their Earthling wives.

In Sumer, only Ninurta’s city, Lagash, held out against Inanna and Naram-Sin. Inanna invaded Egypt.

2255 B.C.
Inanna recaptured Uruk, destroyed Anu’s temple there and sent Naram-Sin to attack Enlil’s minions at Nippur.  She declared herself supreme to Anu, King of Nibiru and father of Enlil, her father’s father.

2250 B.C.

Ninurta’s Gutians beat Inanna and occupied Sumer.  She fled to Nergal in Lower Africa.

2220 B.C.

Gutians left Sumer, returned to the Zagros Mountains where Ninurta gave them horse cavalry, which extended their reach thousands of miles.

Ninghzidda and Lagash’s King Gudea built temple, hangar and Zodiac Time Observatory for Ninurta, who reasserted Enlilite power over Sumer.

2180 B.C.
Egypt split into Marduk’s south, his rivals’ north.

2113 B.C.
Nannar ruled Sumer from Ur, his commerce, manufacturing and cult center; he introduced money and credit as an alternative to war to control us.  He choose Ninsun’s son Ur-Nammu King.  Enlil sent High Priest Terah from Nippur to represent him at Nannar’s court in Ur.

2096 B.C.
Ur-Nammu died in a chariot accident and the boat with his remains sunk; Earthlings rated Enlilites weak.

2095 B.C.
Shulgi succeeded Ur Nammu and wed Inanna.  Shulgi and Elamites conquered Canaan but failed to drive Nabu from Sinai.

2080 B.C.
Marduk’s Thebans under Mentuhotep I advanced on Northern Egypt.

2049 B.C.
Shulgi, unable to protect Mission Control at Sinai or the Landing Place in Lebanon from Marduk and Nabu, built a wall to defend Sumer’s western border. Enlil, annoyed at Shulgi for orgying with Inanna in Anu’s temple, ordered him killed for failure to protect the Enlilite realms.

2048  B.C.
Enlil replaced Shulgi with Amar-Sin and sent Amar-Sin to crush a revolt in the north and then fight an alliance of five kings along the Mediterranean in the west.  Enlil also sent his general, Abraham (son of Ur’s High Priest Terah), now trained in Hatti in Hittite military tactics, with cavalry to Canaan.  After Abraham left Harran for Sinai, Maruk allied with Adad, ousted Nannar, moved in and cut Sumer’s trade with the Hittites.

2047 B.C.
Marduk’s son Nabu brought cities west of the Euphrates and Canaan against the Enlilites. Marduk’s Egyptians in the south attacked his enemies in Northern Egypt.  Elam’s King Kudur-Laghamar threatened the Enlil’s Sinai Spaceport.

2041 B.C.
Abraham with Enlil’s men and camels and Northern Egyptians blocked both Nabu’s forces and Ninurta’s Elamites from the Spaceport.

2040 B.C.
Mentuhotep II, Marduk’s Theban Pharaoh, took Egypt all the way to the western approaches to Sinai.  Amar-Sin sailed to Sinai to block Marduk’s Egyptians, defected to Enki and became his priest in Eridu, Enki’s cult center in Sumer.  Amar-Sin died suspiciously of a poisonous bite.  Enlil made Shu-Sin Overseer of Sumer and built a shrine for Inanna’s son Shara at Nippur.

2039 B.C.
Ibbi-Sin succeeded Shu-Sin.  Marduk returned to Babylon as Enlil left Sumer.

2025 B.C.
Marduk menaced the Spaceport. Abraham and Lot told Ninurta and Nergal the cities of south area of the Dead Sea defected to Nabu.

Enlil sent Abraham to the Negev Desert, then to Canaan.  To brand Abraham’s men as loyal Enlilites, Enlil made them circumcise each other.

Abraham’s principal wife, Sarah, bore Isaac in Canaan.  Enlil ordered Abraham to leave his secondary wife, Hagar, and Heir-Apparent Is-mael in the desert so Isaac, Abraham’s son with Sarah, would rule Enlil’s troops in Canaan. 

2024 B.C.
Enlil said he knew where Enki hid Alalu’s nukes.  With Anu’s okay, Ninurta bombed Sinai; Nergal nuked Sodom, Gomorra, and killed the Dead Sea.  Fallout engulfed Sumer, killing all south of Babylon except people from Eridu whom Enki saved.

2023 B.C.
Sumerians fled throughout the Mediterranean and along the Volga to Geogia, Sumara and Finland.  They settled along the Danube to Dacia and Hungary.  They migrated also to India and the Far East. Marduk, now supreme, made Babylon Sumer’s capital.

2016 B.C.
For forty days, with a crystal-tipped electrum stylus, Endubscar, Master Scribe of Eridu, Sumer, wrote on a lapis lazuli tablet what Enki dictated.

2000 B.C.
Marduk said, “I’m the gods’ God.”  He renamed Nibiru “Marduk,” and held New Year rituals that enacted how he invaded the inner solar system and made Earth, then Earthlings.

Isaac sent his son Jacob/Israel to Harran to marry Isaac’s Uncle Leban’s girls.  En-route, Jacob watched Enlil and crew come and go from a skyship.  Jacob worked twenty years for Leban.  Then Enlil ordered him “To Canaan return.”  Jacob paused at the Jordan River, wrestled and pinned a Nibiran (“angel” in Bible).

1800 B.C.
Sumerians took cuneiform writing, bronze weapons, chariots and walled cities to China’s Shang Dynasty.

1840 B.C.
Pharaoh Amenemhet III of Middle Kingdom’s XII dynasty took Egypt’s throne in 1842. He hired Jacob’s son Joseph to interpret dreams, then to oversee Egypt through drought to come. Joseph stored water and invited descendants of Jacob/Israel to Egypt.

1833 B.C.
Jacob/Israel and his tribe joined Joseph in Egypt.  For 300 years, they prospered and multiplied till they numbered some 600,000.

1650 B.C.
Marduk’s New Kingdom pharaohs took Egypt.  Thothmose I invaded Enlilite Sumer to the Euphrates River, where Abraham’s kin lived.  Thothmose knew Enlilites would strike back and feared Jacob descendants in Egypt would join the Enlilites and strike from within, so he broke the Middle Kingdom promise that Egypt honor “Children” of Israel.

1600 B.C.
The cluster trail of comets and rocks at the 180 degree position on Nibiru’s orbit crossed the orbit of Mars and Jupiter.  This orbiting debris bombarded Earth.

1482 B.C.
Thothmose III attacked Enlilites abroad and brutilized Israelites within Egypt.  Moses, now grown, killed an Egyptian overseer.  Though Pharoh ordered Moses killed, he escaped to Sinai and there married a Midianite priest’s daughter. 

1450 B.C.
Amenhotep II, the new Pharaoh, let Moses’ death sentence expire.  Enlil told Moses, “Go to Egypt, show the Pharoh magic.  Tell him to let my people go.”  But Amenhotep instead demanded the Israelites make three times more bricks.  Enlil gave Egypt plagues, infestations, cattle diseases, darkness, weather disturbances.  He killed all non-Israelite firstborn children and cows in Egypt. Finally, in 1433, Pharaoh told the Israelites, “Go,” then sent chariots to re-capture them.  Enlil, with climate control devises, swept a path through the Red Sea, then let the sea drown the charioteers.

1433 – 1383 B.C.
For forty years,, Enlil led Moses and the Israelites through the desert to the edge of Sinai and Nights, he led with a “fiery beacon,” days, he led with a dark cloud.  He fed the Israelites and protected them from Amalekites.   Enlil demanded they kill 3000 of their number who worshiped other Nibirans and kill 23,000 for sex before they married. [Exodus 32:26-28; Corinthians 10:8; ZS, Divine:295].

1383 B.C.
Enlil had Moses climb Mt. Sinai then relay demands to the Israelites.  Moses told the Israelites what Enlil wanted.  Enlil landed his aircraft on the mount and, with an amplifier, told the people himself what he wanted.  They knew they had to say they’d obey or he’d kill them.

Enlil again flew to the mountaintop, ordered Moses up, and gave Moses stone tablets with commandments and showed him how to build a temple and a housing for the tablets (an “Ark of the Covenant”) and a Talk-To-Enlil Comm unit.  Moses’ brother Aaron and his priest-lineage could message Enlil, pose questions, and get “Yes” or “No” answers. The ark and its stones weighed many tons. Enlil had Moses hide a monoatomic white powder of gold to lighten the ark. [Tellinger: Africemples: 86].  When Moses returned to the Israelites, he glowed with radiation from Enlil ’s shuttlecraft.  His tablets told the Israelites to reject all other Nibiran gods, spend every seventh day worshiping him, subjugate women and kids, refrain from murder, adultery, theft and false witness.  They must not crave others’ homes, wives, slaves and property.

1394 B.C.
A comet hit Earth, disintegrated, made day last 20 hours as Joshua and the Israelites attacked the Canaanites near Beth-Horon and delayed sunrise 20 hours at Teotihuacan in the Andes.

1393 B.C.
Israelites, in Genesis, falsified how Enki, Ninmah and Thoth created us.  The Bible writers used Genesis to justify a national religion that glorified Enlil as Yahweh, the one and only god.

1200 B.C.
Enlilite’s King Tiglat-Pileser I of Assyria beat Lebanon and caught Marduk.  Migrants and invaders flooded western Asia, Asia Minor, the Mediterranean coast and Arabia.  Peoples of the Sea, repulsed in Egypt, invaded Canaan.  Enlil choose Saul then David to rule in Israel.

Agamemnon, Menelaus and Odysseus led Greeks against Hittite allies of Adad and Inanna at Troy.  Diamedes, a part-Nibiran Greek Earthling, injured Inanna but she recovered.  Her son, Aeneas, fought on the Trojan side, fled to Carthage, then, Virgil asserted, to Italy.

9th Century B.C.
Adad and Nergal again sent an Assyrian king–Shalmaneser III–with technologically-advanced artillery against Marduk’s Babylonians. Shalmaneser won.

1000 B.C.
Ninghzidda and his followers ran high-civilization Yucatan temple centers.

1003 B.C.
Israelite leader David took Jerusalem and made it his Capitol.

931 B.C.
David’s successor, Solomon, died; Abraham’s descendants split their turf into the kingdoms of Judea in the south, Israel on the north. Until 910 B.C., Jeroboam, Rehoboam, Abijah, Nadab, Baasah, Elah, Zimri, then Omri ruled Israel.

872 B.C.
Ithbaal, King of Tyre gave his daughter Jezebel to Ahab, the successor to Omri as King of Israel to create Phoenician-Israeli alliance.  Jehu (Enlil’s agent) purged Ahab’s dynasty and killed the alliance with Phoenicia.  Jehu made Israel subject to Syria.  Syria dispersed Israel’s intelligencia throughout the Assyrian empire.

722 B.C.
Assyrian king Shalmaneser V captured Samaria in Israel.  Sargon II, Shalmanser’s successor, exiled Israelites from northern Israel.

689 B.C.
Sargon’s son, Sennacherib, shelled then sacked Babylon on the pretext that Babylonians disappointed Marduk.  Sennacherib sentenced the Babylonians to seventy years Assyrians would occupy their city.  He took Phoenicia, Gaza and Judea.  Then–without Adad’s okay–attacked Jerusalem.  Enlil, who controlled Mission Control Jerusalem, hit his erstwhile Assyrian allies with a techno-weapon that killed 185,000 of them.  Sennacherib fled back to Nineva in Sumer and named his younger son Esarhaddon, his successor.

612 B.C.
Babylon’s King Nabupolassar took Nineva, the Assyrian capitol; the Assyrians retreated to Harran.  Sennacherib’s older sons killed him, but the Nibirans hid Esarhaddon.  Enlil sent Inanna to Assyria where she disarmed the Ninevan army, burned their weapons and made Esarhaddon King. She and her king attacked Marduk’s Egyptian forces and she blinded them with a techno-weapon.

614-612 B.C.
Enlil let Babylonians conquer Assyria and sent Babylon’s king Nebuchadnezzar II to take Lebanon.

610 B.C.- 650 B.C.
Most Anunnaki left Earth from Nazca.

600 B.C.
Ningishzidda left Central America.  Native Mayas, for the next 100 years, revolted, drove Olmecs and their Sumerian bosses farther south and slew them.

587 B.C.
Marduk’s Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar overran Enlilite forces in Jerusalem. Nebuchadnezzer installed a puppet king, ordered worship of Marduk, and took leading citizens of the city as hostages back to Babylon.

586 B.C.
Nebuchadnezzar deposed the king he left in Jerusalem and burned the temple to Enlil that King Solomon had built there.

539 B.C.
Cyrus of Persia, whom Marduk welcomed, conquered Babylon and returned Nebuchadnezzar’s hostages to Jerusalem.  Cyrus’ successor, Cambyses, brought Sumer, Mari, Mittani, Hatti, Elam, Assyria, Egypt and, of course Babylon, into the Persian Empire.

522 B.C.
Darius murdered Cambyses and ruled the extended Persian Empire.

490 B.C.
Darius unsuccessfully invaded Greece.

480 B.C.
Darius’s successor, Xerxes, unsuccessfully attacked Greece again.

482 B.C.
Xerxes decided to destroy the tomb of Marduk, who’d recently died in Babylon.  Marduk’s son and prophet, Nabu disappeared.

400 B.C.
Mochica, coastal Peru, precursor to Chimu civilization, featured fifteen-foot wide roads, pottery, textiles, mud-brick pyramids and decoration showed Adad and other Sumerian gods–referred to as Giants–and art styles with gold from Andean highlands.

338 B.C.
Philip II of Macedonia united Greece.  His son apparent, Alexander, thought Marduk had actually fathered him. 

334 -323 B.C.
Alexander conquered the Persian Empire, the Indus and Egypt; Egyptian priests at Siwa confirmed Alexander as Marduk’s son.

331 B.C.
Alexander reached Babylon and rushed to the ziggurat temple to grasp the hands of Marduk as conquerors before him had done.  But Alexander saw Marduk’s dead body preserved in oils in his ziggurat.

311 B.C.
Indian descendants of Ka-in killed remaining Olmecs and Sumerians in Central America.



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