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Roswell Alien Interview Chapters 8 to 10

Posted by on Jun 6, 2014

This chapter explains some of the mysteries of how earth got to be a prison planet, where the inhabitants came from and who put them there It explains the process employed to return inhabitants to earth and keep them out of circulation One alien, speaking for all the Domain, gives us the impression that we might prefer to live under the rule of the Domain, than the cruel and hostile ‘Old Empire’, which is far more cruel than the Nazi regime and 10,000 times more powerful
Fortunately, the Domain claims earth as one of their territories, but will not put any resources into freeing us, because they have nothing to gain and 60 billion earth-like planets under their control, in millions of galaxies.

There is no history book which contains this information and there won’t be one, for trillions of years, because we have not lived it and won’t complete the experience for a trillion more years, at least So, of you want to know what life is all about and where we came from, who owns our solar system and out planet, this is the place to get that information. Chapter 9 is even better!

The history of earth is interesting, if you get the truth The problem is, it’s often written by the victors, not those who were defeated, so there’s a bias to history Airl gives Matilda some history that’s not in the history books! You will be somewhat surprised by what you read here in Chapter 9


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