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Roswell Alien Interview Chapters 10 to 12

Posted by on Jun 7, 2014

Roswell Alien Interview Chapters 10 to 12

Roswell – Alien Interview – Chapter 10 Part 1

The Theory of Evolution is shattered by what Airl tells Matilda Trillions of years ago, there were companies which were responsible for populating planets, all over the universe with life forms and Airl remembers billions of years ago, in her own life, working for Arcadia Regeneration Company. Imagine that!

Roswell – Alien Interview – Chapter 10 Part 2

Teachers in school seemed to use the evidence of ‘intelligent design’ to promote their favorite religion, but all life that we know was created by us and that’s what Jesus meant when he said, ‘We are the gods’
Now, it all makes sense!
That’s why I read this to you
After I discovered it, I knew I had to read it to you all
The big news is that we can’t think straight, because we have had hypnotic suggestions and false truths planted into our brains, by the ‘Old Empire’
Since starvation causes a rapid rise in population, the solution for population control is to make sure everyone is fed, well

Roswell – Alien Interview – Chapter 11

Did you know that Nicola Tesla was an Is-Be?
He occupied a human body, at the same time he was an officer for the Domain, probably stationed in the Asteroid Belt, where the Domain had a a base
When Mozart composed at an early age, it was no accident
He was carrying what he had learned in previous lives to the present and using it
Wouldn’t it be nice to draw from all the lessons of all your lifetimes?

Roswell – Alien Interview – Chapter 12

A very short chapter, but perhaps the most abstract and meaningful
I can’t get used to the idea that we, humans, can create universes and that there are as many universes, as there are Is-Bes
Whose universe are we living in, where one animal eats another and one individual enslaves the next?
Where some starve and some have so much wealth that they can never count their trillions and they are so infinitely selfish that they allow others to starve, while they gorge on food they don’t need and they drink wine that costs $500 per bottle, while those in India and Africa don’t have any water to drink?

What kind of universe is this?

I blamed God for all these things and now I learn that they are created by some bored individual?

I’m horrified! How about you?


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