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Mothership UFOs & Gigantic Ships ~ Part I

Posted by on Jul 12, 2014

Mothership UFOs & Gigantic Ships ~ Part I

Please enjoy this compilation of youtubes showing motherships from all over the world. Are we receiving contact and if so, how it is that these sightings are not on mainstream media? Why are our governments keeping this information from humanity? Are these man-made craft? What is their purpose? Are they ET? What prevents ET from taking over the media and announcing they are here? Open your minds, pay attention and talk about these issues. We need more information. Disclosure means advanced technologies, green energy, cure for all diseases and aging (and even death), more than enough food, water, shelter for all. All needs can be met easily. We move into a Star Trekkian society where love and enlightenment rule, are the norm for all beings, human and ET alike.

UFO Mothership? 3,000 Mile Wide Disc Caught By ISS Above Earth


Published on Oct 1, 2013
A really big ufo sighting captured in south of France in July 2013. A mothership flies over a village and we can see a shuttle following. We don’t know what happened to people who filmed the video…

Giant UFO Over RIO- analysis 2

GIGANTIC UFO Mothership in New Mexico, December 18th 2012

GIGANTIC UFO in Moscow, Russia January 15th 2013

GIGANTIC UFO in Moscow, Russia April 2014

GIGANTIC UFO in Brussels, Belgium, March 24th 2012



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