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In 1986, two giant spacecraft approached planet traveling toward earth along earth’s orbit, but from opposite direction, to establish a protectorate, to remove nuclear weapons and to retrain government leaders. They were cloaked to avoid detection. As they approached they saw that Liberty’s lamp was lit after reconstruction, a signal that plan to end Cold War was in progress.

Every seven years, since then, another dress rehearsal for this event, postponed due to more progress toward ending wars for profit, in favor of creating a peacetime economy with ET help.

276303_100002302724662_4230946_nFour postponements have occurred, due to major progress of some kind, in leaders showing signs of rehabilitation, marred each time by setbacks soon after postponement was arranged.

In 2014, representatives of your nations again have this chance to treaty with ETs as equals, before protectorate status is imposed, anticipated at this time, since indecision to act is likely.
6985024-alien-ufo-space-ship-in-futuristic-landscapeThe following reasons pertain:

  1. Corruption of global and national financial systems to create debt, redistribute wealth
  2. Corruption of global and national economic systems that reward manipulation and theft
  3. Corruption of global and national court procedures and legal practices that hurt children
  4. Corruption of religious organizations at the highest levels
  5. Corruption of health care systems and unethical drug practices
  6. Corruption of communication systems, with manipulation and suppression of news
  7. Corruption of moral standards, including corruption of ethical business practices
  8. Corruption of educational systems and standards for professional advancement
  9. Use of entertainment industries and advertisements to create unhealthy life styles

These are general categories, do not specify persons or organizations, but individuals and their locations are known, who are in noncompliance with standards of acceptable conduct, defined within societies and political jurisdictions of which they are members, responsibilities therefore defined. Records are available, of which citizen have copies, so ETs need not be involved, but will be as requested to monitor case by case in progress, to meet terms of negotiated treaties.

exovaticanaufoThis assumes that treaties have been negotiated with national or international representatives.

For this to occur, recognition of ET presence must be recognized, and an ET delegation invited.

Without ET recognition and invitation, protectorate status of planet will be immediately imposed.

All weapon systems will be seized, without consideration for rights of nations, corporations and other legal entities. All communications systems will be seized, for purpose of instruction of the population, re: protectorate status, for reasons listed above, with specific information provided, regarding how and why humanity was deprived of “Free Will” throughout centuries of abuse by citizens who thought they had rights that made them superior to less advantaged fellow beings.

If this seems harsh and unreasonable, consider the alternative, death of planet within 40 years.

You have been advised of methane gas poisoning, unreported by major media, despite bubbles coming to surface along northeast coast of U.S., briefly mentioned as anomaly, since forgotten. Methane gas from Arctic permafrost and from Fracking by Citigroup throughout U.S. are topics worth checking, if this alone might persuade you, that grandchildren’s lives are now threatened.

Like Rip Van Winkle, the human race as been asleep for decades, cradled with assurances that things will get better, knowing in their gut that all is not as it should be, nightmares disturb them.

Will they awaken to leaders announcing that their nightmares are over, or beginning in earnest?




  1. Having no proof that what I have just read, and somewhat the opposite of another extraterrestrial communication, I am nevertheless willing to say that my free will has been diminished because there’s something missing.

    In a missive, after hearing the others statement about non-involvement of our free will unless nuclear war is involved, I wrote that considering that I really have a limited free will, I was willing for the said ET presence (Peladians?) to become very involved with this upside-down world so that our consciousness could expand, peace could reign and many things of which I know nothing, could become evident. Parents don’t let their children run in the street, their free will somewhat limited, the parents (if the parents are in any shape to) interfere and teach their children well, as the song says. So please interfere with our free will so that we can really have free will. ACIM

    • We currently live in a prison state, a prison planet because we are not given all the information to make decisions and run our lives. We need full disclosure, truth and transparency. We have been infantalized and incarcerated with no trial or representation. Something has to give for one faction is trying to kill all of us and most of the life forms on this planet.

      From what I get from my downloads and research plus interviewing other authors and researchers is that these beings who will intervene to preserve humanity are of a much higher level of consciousness than any we’ve encountered thus far (the Greys, Reptilians, Praying Mantis, Anunnaki, etc.).

  2. Kira, I see a year has passed since we wrote the comments above. Now I see that you are the author. Now if I may: Is it true that in 1986 – 2 giant spacecraft approached earth… etc.

    • The SOHO photos show large craft around the sun and Filmmaker Jose Escamilla has films showing large ships around the Earth. Take a look. Highly recommended.

      • Good golly. You sure answer quickly. Anyway. Thanks and I sure will have a look. Hopefully I will figure out how to look.
        I’m also curious about the umm, commentary that seems to be coming from those other people.

        • Michael, what commentary from what people are you referring to?

          • In the article that you wrote, it also seemed that part of it was spoken from the standpoint of other entities, ET’s, ‘people’ I call them at times. I’ll re-read it.

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