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Discussion and photographic proof of Nibiru’s presence with experts on the Anunnaki from Nibiru and other ETs from the Link to ease us into the Age of Aquarius.

Hear Denise Chavez, Dawn Hull, Robert Evans, Jr., Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin discuss Nibiru, Planet X, Nemesis, the brown dwarf (Binary sun to Solaris), our sun, spaceships around the sun.

The panel speaks in depth about spirituality, God, who and what is god, discarnates, life after death, life between lives, ghosts, communications with the dead, extraterrestrials, the Vatican, who’s ruling the world, Zecharia Sitchin, our ancestors the Anunnaki and much, much more.

Keep watching this window for photographic proof of Nibiru and its companions as they near Earth.





Contactee Michael Lee Hill – 2014 Star Knowledge Conference Speaker!



A Nibiru film, that was never seen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHPqyDoj91w&feature=youtu.be

Nibiru Official Trailer #1

Confirmation of Planet X Orbit?!!!

Published on Jun 24, 2012
This has to be IT! Coordinates match, axis shifts match, ancient myths match!!! This has to be the orbit of Planet X/Nibiru!


The images you see here are proof, that Nemesis, has 7 planets https://www.facebook.com/groups/357131714456180/permalink/358836737619011/

Watch this video … it explains why the ships at Roswell, were taken down by Doplar Radar … and why Eisenhower turned them off at Holloman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iv1ZCEiVrgg

President Eisenhower’s Secret Meeting with ETs in 1955 – Art Campbell & Manuel Kirklin LIVE

Manuel Kirklin, was an Air Force Medic and high altitude chamber specialist stationed at Holloman AFB in 1955. Kirklin details several eye witness reports of President Eisenhower at Holloman on or about February 11th, 1955 in Ike’s third year of his first term. After Ike’s arrival at Holloman, two UFOs flew over the flight line; one landed near Iks’s plane, Columbine III, and Ike went aboard. What was intriguing about the incident was that the President snuck away from thirty or so reporters while on a bird hunting expedition near Thomasville, GA during high international tension over Formosa (Taiwan). Campbell’s investigation includes information through guards assigned to the president, the complete flight records and two additional independent witnesses who give LIVE video taped testimony. This story and the trail of investigation that followed provide compelling proof that President Eisenhower did indeed met with beings from another planet at Holloman AFB in 1955.

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UN General Assembly Can End 77 Year Truth Embargo RE: ETs In Our Skies

UN General Assembly Can End 77 Year Truth Embargo RE: ETs In Our Skies

This article is Aliens United Nations prtscr-capture14from a very intelligent source that I highly respect.  He/she cannot come forth as his/her life is potentially in danger .  This reminds me of “Deep Throat”, so we’re calling our Source “Deeper Throat”.  As always, dear readers and listeners, you must decide in the end what’s resonates with your heart, mind and soul and is your personal truth.  In the meanwhile we keep bringing you new information.

The truth bubbles forth in this planetary group gestalt to the top, reveals itself at the end of the day and false information falls away for lies are unsustainable.  The Universe and forces of love, light and goodness support truth. Love sets us free.  We’re just about there.

Janet Kira Ninmah Lessin

UN General Assembly can end 77 year Truth Embargo re: ETs in our skies

Posted by Nancy A (aka Deepest Throat) on September 16, 2014 at 6:21pm

Dr Mazlan Othman United Nations un_aliens1

Problem Planet

Throughout history, a rogue element of off-planet beings have interfered with a natural evolution of power-sharing at ever higher levels of political organization, which inspired birth of the United Nations in 1945, after failure of the League of Nations following WWI.

But the U.S. Government was hi-jacked following WWII, by war racketeers. President Eisenhower was deceived, by Generals he trusted, to sign a secret treaty with enemy aliens in 1954, after President Truman was denied access to friendly aliens in 1950, who tried again in 1957, with offers of advanced medical, agricultural and energy technology, but were turned away because of the 1954 Treaty, in favor of building advanced weapon systems at Area 51, enforced by national security agents, at cost of spending $trillions from public funds, without congressional authorization or administrative oversight.

UN-instructions-for-first-contact-with-aliensPresident Kennedy, briefed by the Vice President after the 1960 election, was killed by agents, while trying to right this wrong, and end another war in SE Asia, instigated by profiteers. President Nixon was then removed from office, for planning to end the Cold War, after his Sec. of State briefed banker friends, without authorization. Liddy’s Plan was finally promoted, with expensive storyboards, after being consistently turned down. No one ever questioned this man about his secret sponsors. But Nixon, 20 years later, persuaded President Reagan to make peace with Russia and China, without sharing plan with closest aides, and Iran Contra investigation failed to bring Reagan down.

President Bush 1 was denied a 2nd term for refusing to continue the Gulf War beyond (8) days, as U.S. economy stalled. President Nixon was then killed, a stroke, it was said, for stopping international bankers from ripping off The FED, with a court order, reversed in 2001 when Bush 2 took office, unnoticed by the end of summer, when 9/11 was staged, and Building 7 went down of its own accord, wiping out financial records of misdeeds.

Major wars were then started on two fronts, after awarding tax breaks to financial elites, who benefit the most from privileges and advantages of infrastructure but contribute the least. Costs of war materials continue to escalate, including costs for broken lives of veterans, many still waiting, however, because of injuries, undocumented on battle fields. Untallied are costs of war to innocents involved, in countries where wars take place.

Heads of State and appointees get blamed, while war profiteers get rich, and claim even more in tax advantages, ‘buy’ who and what they want, contribute little to cleaning up the tragedies their mischief leaves behind. U.S. leader is subject to ridicule and false accusations, for trying to stop Dempsey and Cheney from promoting WW 3.

Since March I’ve appealed to UN to petition UN General Assembly to vote on what U.S. knows to be true, that extraterrestrials who patrol our skies have banished aliens who hi-jacked our governments, but left behind shadow governments in control. It’s time to take our governments back. Heads of State and Ambassadors have been asked since March to recognize ETs, and accept their help with technological advances in clean energy, medicine and food production, in exchange for ridding world of lethal weapons. Is this too much to ask?

Writing or calling Ambassadors might take a little time out of your day. General Assembly is meeting, starting today.


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Simon Parkes Interview With Kerry Cassidy

Simon Parkes Interview With Kerry Cassidy

Published on Aug 13, 2014
This is a ground breaking even explosive interview in terms of content. This interview was filmed on location in Avebury, England and during the 1st International Bases Conference. This is a very insightful look at the man and his relationships with ET/alien races and the larger picture of what’s going on here on Planet Earth.

We cover ascension and how that factors in to the game being played by the Praying Mantis or Mantid race and Reptilian races and humans in power. Also discussed is the relationship of Exopolitics to earth politics and a planned EMP attack on the United States to be attempted by those in power sometime before 2016.

Simon covers the role that “Majick” plays in the upper echelons of power both on the ET and human sides as well as more pragmatic subjects such as the downing of Flight MH 17 — apparently a “dirty bomb” containing biowarfare aimed at a Russian city… The role of the Mossad and the true ET race behind the scenes in Israel.

This interview is a must-see for anyone seeking to understand what is really going on here on Planet Earth.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy

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Dulce Base

Prisoners of the Dulce Base by Sherry Shriner

Published on May 16, 2012
Your government made it illegal for you to put humans in cages, but they made deals with aliens to put humans in cages and to kill them and eat them. Now what do you think of your government?

Dulce, New Mexico is a small town, but it’s a bee hive of activity for aliens. This article by Sherry Shriner will tell you more about it. These aliens eat humans and they keep them in cages, until they are ready to kill them. They love children! If you want someone to sit down and tell you all about the Dulce underground base, for the next 30 minutes, this video will do that for you. You’ll get an earful. It took Sherry years to accumulate this information and I’ve read a lot about Dulce and what she writes is in accordance with what I’ve read. This report is the best I can do to working up to doing the Thomas Castello Story.

When I get up the nerve, I’m going to tell you the Thomas Castello story. He was an eye witness who saw thousands of humans in cages. Andy Pero saw them too and I have already done the Project Superman series. Look for the playlist on this channel.

The alien shoot out at dulce underground base 2011

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Decision Time – Either Way by Nancy

Decision Time – Either Way by Nancy

UN-instructions-for-first-contact-with-aliensThis is a rewrite of comment on blog about final appeal to UN ambassadors of nations of the world, at the close of six months of correspondence which included in recent weeks details of mischief of which many were unaware including: environmental degradation on a massive scale, threatening all life on planet by 2050, due to melting Arctic permafrost releasing methane gas, fracking for gas and oil throughout U.S. by Citigroup, cartel that got Glass-Steagall repealed in 1998, and a new weapon system that destroyed nuclear reactors in Japan, after loaded with radioactive waste and a computer virus installed in systems throughout Japan by a trusted ally, to delay possibility of taking corrective action.

Members notified of these corruptions were also notified of a plan to turn U.S. into a giant colony of worker bees, for Operation BlueStar, which will affect 98% of population, when secret military base is completed for which four states compete, at present time, to build a complex the size of 174 football fields (10 million square feet). http://moneymorning.com/ext/articles/tesla/americans-will-be-impacted-by-secret-military-base-pu.php

Not sent, four pages of expose on Mind Control, developed by U.S. Military, then covered-up, to protect Black Ops project directly under supervision of Joint Chief, to create false flag incidents such as Boston Bombing, for which the scapegoat was pre-selected, but his body was found in river, already dead, so new ones were invented, tried on 60 Minutes in absentia, with fake interviews. Impossible to make this stuff up. Career of Margaret Singer was destroyed when APA reversed itself, re: Mind Control, and courts have subsequently thrown out testimony, in cases re: mind control by religious cults, as well as child custody cases alleging child abuse, because social sciences corrupted to unanimously agree that research on brainwashing is flawed, courts and educational systems compromised by cabal.

Aliens United Nations prtscr-capture14Decision time in coming week, for those who must decide if ET presence will be recognized, treaty negotiated so that corruption can be addressed, in eight specific areas identified in previous blog, plus other concerns. No prediction re: outcome in UN, only an expectation that ETs will decide the matter if leaders fail to recognize obligation at this time.

Friends are disowning me for this and that’s okay. But I have an obligation to report that I did this under ET supervision and I am not ashamed to admit that everything I’ve written on this website in recent months is “channeled,” so bite me.

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Developing: 98% of Americans Will Be Impacted By Secret Military Base (Must See Video)


Until now, Operation BlueStar has been kept hidden from the public by members of Congress, governors of four states, and major silicon heavyweights.

But by the end of 2015, it’s set to impact 98% of the U.S. population.

Initially, Operation BlueStar is expected to disrupt $737 billion of the U.S. economy. And that’s just the beginning.

Forbes describes the end game of what’s been put in motion as “world-changing.”

See More: Robinson reveals the exact location of Operation BlueStar, which military experts have dubbed the “New Area 51.” Once you see what’s going to be built there, you’ll understand why this has been kept so secret. Click here for more.

The top military think tank, the Rocky Mountain Institute, described its impact as the equivalent of “reinventing fire.”

Yet, few Americans have any idea what Operation BlueStar is, or how it’s about to transform this country. That’s why 34-year Silicon Valley insider Michael Robinson performed his own investigation into it.

Robinson says there’s an “economic war” brewing among the states trying to control Operation BlueStar.

If you live near one of these hotspots, you must look at this.

The stakes couldn’t be higher—the potential to control $737 billion of the U.S. economy and impact 8 million jobs.

Robinson’s research has led him to four states in particular that are at the center of this project.

And he’s found the exact location of this secretive military project, which is projected to be 1,000 acres and include a 10-million square foot facility.

Robinson isn’t the only one investigating Operation BlueStar.

Morgan Stanley released its own report on the project and determined that, “We are witnessing the most disruptive intersection of manufacturing, innovation and capital experienced in more than a century.”

Wired Magazine believes this is starting a “truly transformative revolution.”

At 10-million square feet – or about the size of 174 football fields – the production facility alone will be enormous.

Detailed map of America’s most top-secret tech base
Editor’s Note: For full access to Robinson’s research on Operation BlueStar, what it’s all about, and how it will radically impact your life, go here.

Until now, Operation BlueStar has been kept hidden from the public by members of Congress, governors of four states, and major silicon heavyweights.

But by the end of 2015, it’s set to impact 98% of the U.S. population.

Initially, Operation BlueStar is expected to disrupt $737 billion of the U.S. economy. And that’s just the beginning.

Forbes describes the end game of what’s been put in motion as “world-changing.”

See More: Robinson reveals the exact location of Operation BlueStar, which military experts have dubbed the “New Area 51.” Once you see what’s going to be built there, you’ll understand why this has been kept so secret. Click here for more.


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