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PANEL: Owning Your Inner Multi-Dimensional Being – Our Collective Solution is a Global Truth & Reconciliation Marathon

Posted by on Apr 3, 2015

PANEL: Owning Your Inner Multi-Dimensional Being – Our Collective Solution is a Global Truth & Reconciliation Marathon

Panel with Alfred, Janet, Peter, Wendy & Aurora

PANEL: Owning Your Inner Multi-Dimensional Being – Our Collective Solution is a Global Truth & Reconciliation Marathon



VANCOUVER, BC – This Panel came together on April 2, 2015 with the following intention: “The concept is to speak openly as your inner multi-dimensional being.”

Panelists and Contact Information

Aurora MH (South Africa)

Email: albuslionides@hotmail.com

Janet Kira Lessin (Maui)

Email: JanetLessin@gmail.com

Website: www.aquarianradio.com

Peter Kling

Email: one@peterkling.com

Facebook: Peter Kling

Website: www.peterkling.com

Wendy G.

Website: http://wendyart.faso.com/

Alfred (Your Heavenly Host)

Email: news@newsinsideout.com

Websites: www.exopolitics.com




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  1. Lost gospels read Sophia that answered Wendy G. Who is correct about who we r & why we are here , also in the bible the almighty supreme eternal alpha omega , the father of a realm of love who has no name but did say to Moses I am who I am & the who can mean also in Hebrew what & that but getting back to what ower Heavenly Father said ” I want to adopt u back , so basically we r one of the third of the angels that followed satan when he was thrown out of The true Gods Kingdom & where was he thrown , says right in the bible “to earth” it seems that most christians just want to believe in what they want to believe it’s all in the bible & if u really want to know the truth about The Holy Father “I am who,what & that I am the beloved & begotten Christ the anointed who died & rose on the 3rd day so we can live eternal with the true love in our hearts who was given the name by Archangel Gabriel “Manuel ” which means God with us you have to read the lost Gospels & the bible itself will come alive finally, it’s time the end is near I pray that all souls of creation ascend to the father through the son may our cosmos eternal Father bless u & ur family & all that u touch we Love u my friend 561-676-6909 also read the four Gospels of the essenes the true Jewish sect that’s where the Lord & his mother Mary came from , they were unbelievable People of the true Loving God which were in Moses time who prepared the way for the blessed Mother & the son ower savior The Christ the one that us americans call Jesus

    • We have been discussing and investigating the historical and the spiritual Jesus and what that means to us individually and collectively. The Christed Consciousness Jesus perspective of life and all existence is possible for every being in creation. Thus we are all Jesus, all Christ on some level and if we own our own inner christed consciousness, become that which we admire and emulate, then there will be no more wars, hunger, pain, fear. All will shift in a twinkle of an eye, like the rapture but the ascension will be within reuniting with our GodSource Mind/Self. We are all one on the highest level and any one of us can become conscious and aware of our eternal selves and thus move all of totality into loving oneness by our beingness and how we walk in theworld. Thus Holy Mother/Father says ““I am who,what & that I am the beloved & begotten Christ”. Remember Mother always for we are yin/yang, inner and outer Mother/Father God/Goddess incarnate, immortal, existing simultaneously on all levels in all dimensions, planets, planes of existence. Remember and we ascend and become that which we have projecting outward onto others but is actually our own selves. Own it and all is ONE, all is done, peace prevails everywhere. OM. AMEN.

  2. Emanuel or Imanuel sorry

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