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One Nation One Planet Announced by Mr. Keshe

Posted by on May 13, 2015

One Nation One Planet Announced by Mr. Keshe

One Nation One Planet Announced by Mr. Keshe By Franz Mayer, 8-May-2015

Following is a short excerpt from the 60th Knowledge Seekers Workshop dated May-07-2015 by the Keshe Foundation with minute marks between brackets. This is the initiation for the masses to connect, familiarize and help to usher in the new paradigm in a peaceful transition with a thinking and behaviour that we are all brothers and sisters and therefore it should be self-evident that we act according to the golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated.

But before I go into that I want to recommend to you watching the April-22-2015 KFSSI/LUM afternoon session with Prof. Luzzi. That, what was demonstrated and explained during this session by Mr. Keshe and Prof. Luzzi, will change your way of thinking not only in respect of the medical science but of understanding life and the working of the universe itself.

keshe1 (1)Now to the selection from the 60th Knowledge Seekers Workshop held on May-07-2015.

The fact is (08.20) that we have launched the ultimate goal of the Keshe Foundation to teach worldwide and in the coming weeks, if things go correctly we will teach freely worldwide and all equipments and teaching facilities of the Keshe Foundation will be made in the coming months freely available. Which means whatever we do in the new structure, will be taught that the limit of funding will go out of the way. This meaning that if you want to learn you can tune in anytime anywhere in the world.

This facilitating targeting (was not clear to hear) (09.01) made available for us by certain governments and if they keep to their word all teachings laboratory and all the equipments made up to date will be online free.

Keshe-01In the past three days even so with some broken pieces in between has proven that we are ready to release technology worldwide on an equal basis to all nations and nationalities (09.40).

So once we reach and achieve this goal we will announce the free teaching worldwide of the KF on a daily basis and then all our books and all our downloads will become free, you just pay for the postage and packaging and most of the medical equipments we will produce is on a donation basis so you pay as you like as a minimum standard to cover the costs (09.54).

This way we all work together as one group, as one mankind into space at one team. So this is the part what we call “one nation one planet” and we make one nation without the heads of the states and this is the first step, your life depends on it (15.04) …… defeating cancer becomes obsolete by the use of this technology (16.15)

With peace and love from Austria,



Spaceship Institute Teaching Workshops

60th Knowledge Seekers Workshop May 7 2015

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