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ANUNNAKI REFERENCES Compiled by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A>)

Allan, D. & Delair, J.
1995, When The Earth Nearly Died: Compelling Evidence of a World Cataclysm
11,5000 Years Ago, Gateway

Alford, A.
1996, Gods of the New Millennium: Scientific Proof of Flesh and Blood Gods, Eridu
Books 1998, The Phoenix Solution, Hodder & Stoughton

2014, 25 Facts About The Giza, http://www.ancient-code.com/25-facts-about-the-great-pyramid-of-giza/

Ancient Aliens
Seasons 1-5, A&E Television Workshops

Arthur, C.
2002, “More Signs the Solar System Has Tenth Planet” http://www.news.independent.co.uk/world/story.jsp?story360803

Aym, T.
2011, “Ancient Chinese Mega Sites.” BeforeItsNews Website

Bagby, J.
1982, Evidence for a New Planet or Massive Solar Companion Beyond Uranus
1984, “Further Speculations on Planet X”, Kronos’ Journal, Vol IX, No. 3.

Bauval, R., and Hancock
1996, The Keeper of Genesis, Mandarin

Bauuval, R. and Gilbert, A.
1994, The Orion Mystery, Mandarin

Bond, P.
2004, “Brown Dwarfs Form in The Same Way as Stars,” Astronomy Now, March: 13

Bordon, A.
2007, The Link, http://www.scribd.com/doc/24012215/A-R-Bordon-THE-LINK-Chapters-1-9#scribd

Bordon, A. and Barber, J.
2007, Journal of End Times Studies, Vol 1, No 1 “Between the Devil and the Returning Rock: The quickening of Issues of Governance, Security and Interspecies Exopolitical Relations Caused by the Anunnaki Interclan Civil Conflict and the Return of Nibiru to Perihelion”

Brooks, M.
2005, “Thirteen Things That Do Not Make Sense,” New Scientist, March 2005

Bramley, W..
1989, The Gods of Eden, Avon

Chatelain, M.
1979, Our Ancestors Came From Outer Space, Pan

Clark, D., W.
1959, History of the Primates, Phoenix

Clark, G.
2013, The Anunnaki of Nibiru

Childress, D.
2000, Technology of the Gods, Adventures Unlimited
2012, Ancient Technology in Peru and Bolivia, Adventures Unlimited

Colaw, J.
2000, A Neil Freer Interview, http://www.ufodisclosure.com/freer2.html

Collins, A.
2013, Gobekli Tepe: Gateway to the Stars, Steiner House
2014, Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods, Bear

2014b Ancient Aliens Radio “Annunaki & Gobekli Tepe”

Collins, A and S.
2013, On The Edge of Reality, New Page

Coppens, P.
2010, “China’s Great Pyramids Controversy,” World Explorer Magazine 5.8
2012, From The Otherworld To Another World? http://www.philipcoppens.com/hypogeum.html

Couper, H. & Henbest, N.
2002, The Hunt For Planet X, New Scientist, Dec. 14, 2002

Cremo, M. and Thompson, R.,
1993, Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race, Torchlight

Cremo, M.
2003, Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin’s Theory, Torchlight
2001, Forbidden Archeology’s Impact, Torchlight

Couper, H. & Henbest, N.
2002, The Hunt For Planet X, New Scientist, Dec. 14, 2002

d’Arc, J.,
2000, Space Travelers & Genesis of the Human Form, Book Tree

Davies, J.,
2001, Beyond Pluto, Cambridge

Dalley, S.
2008, Myths from Mesopotamia, Oxford

DoHerarty, J.
2011, Did Enki Give Humans Knowledge Against Anunnaki Law?

Diamond, J.
2011, Collapse, Penguin

Doreal, M.
2002, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-The-Atlantian, Source Books

Duarte, R.
2013, Elementary, My Dear Walid, Createspace

Dunn, C.
2013, “The Guatemalan Pilot”
2014, The Giza Power Plant, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1Zg_UFKptM

Freer, N.
1999, God Games, Book Tree
2000, Breaking the Godspell, Book Tree
2004, Sapiens Rising, neilfreer.com/SRPAGE2.html
2004b, The Alien Question, neilfreer.com/SRPAGE8.html
2008, Sapiens Rising: The View From 2100, Electronic Dragon

Gardiner, L.
2000, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Fair Winds

Gilbert, A.
2012 “The Cosmology of the Afterlife” in Lost Civilizations & Secrets of the Past (Pye, M. & Dalley, K., eds.)

Goodman, M.
2008, Rome and Jerusalem, Vintage

Google Images, 2012 (source of all public domain images in this book)

Hapgood, C.
1997, Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, Adventures Unlimited

Hardy, C.
2008, The Sacred Network 
[Sacred Network], Inner Traditions
2014, DNA of the Gods, [DNA] Bear

Hauck, D.
1999, The Emerald Tablet, Penguin

Hazelton, L.
2007, Jezabel, Doubleday
2013, The First Muslim, Riverhead

Hoagland, R. & Bara, M.
2007, Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA

Holland, T.
2005, Persian Fire, Anchor

Kramer, S.
1971, The Sumerians, University of Chicago

Lessin, S.
2000, www.enkispeaks.com/wordpress
2011, “ETs from Planet Nibiru”, UFOs and Supernatural Magazine, Vol 1:2
2011, “A Chat with Dr. Sasha Lessin”, UFOs and Supernatural Magazine, Vol 1:2
2011 “Extraterrestrials Engineered Our Species” UFOs and Supernatural Magazine, Issue 4
2011, “ The Anunnaki’s Great Deluge: The True and Original Story ” UFOs and Supernatural Magazine, Feb-March Issue
2012, Anunnaki: Gods No More, Unmasking Technologically Advanced Goldminers from the Planet Nibiru Who Posed as Divine, Createspace

Lessin, S. and Lessin, J.
2013, Anunnaki: Legacy of the Gods, Createspace
2015, Anunnaki: False Gods, CreateSpace

Lloyd, A.
2001, Winged Disc: The Dark Star Theory, http/www.darkstar.co.uk

2004, “Planet X: Past and Present,” UFO Magazine, January 2004
2005, Dark Star: The Planet X Evidence, Timeless Voyager

Mark, J.
2013, “Alexander the Great” in Ancient History Encyclopedia

Matase, P., Whitman, P. And Whitmire, D.,
1999, “Commentary Evidence of Massive Body in the Outer Ort Cloud,” Icarus 141

McCanney, J.
2003, Surviving Planet X Passage, jmccanney-science.com press

McKee, M.
2004, “Stray Star May Have Jolted Sedna,” http://www.newscientist.com//news/news/jsp?id99996204

Mills, C.W.
1956, The Power Elite, Oxford

Mitchell, S.
2004, Gilgamesh, Free Press

Muir, H.
2005, “Brown Dwarf May Harbour Habitable Planets” New Scientist, Feb.8

Murray, J.B.
1999, Mon. Not. R.Astron. Soc, 309, 31-34

Mruzek, J.
1998, The Abyddos Helicopter & The Golden Section,

National Geographic
2011, Alexander the Great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhNO-dJNhWQ

New Scientist
2004, “Rogue Star Smashed Up The Solar System” February, 2004

Pagden, A,
2009, The 2,500-year Struggle Between East & West
, Random House

Pike, A.
2004, “Exoplanets: What’s New” UFO Magazine, February, 2004

Posnansky, A.
1910, Guia General Illustarada de Tiahuanacu

Pye, L.
2000, Everything You Know Is Wrong: Book 1: Human Origins, Author’s Choice
2000, Cyclostratigraphywww.coastalvillage.com

Pye, L., Dalley, K.,
2012, Lost Civilizations & Secrets of the Past, New Page

Redfern, Martin, 1 Henbest and Nigel
1983, “Has IRAS Found a Tenth Planet?” New Scientist, 10/11/1983

Roberts, S.
2012, “Race, Interrupted” in Pye, M., Lost Civilizations, New Page

Santillalana, G. and Von Deschend, H.
1969, Hamlet’s Mill, Gambit

Schultz, D.
The Earth Chronicles Time Chart

Sereda, D.
2012, Breakthrough: Faster Than Light Communication with ET, Open Minds

Silva, F.
2012a “Temples, Creator Gods and the Transfiguration of the Soul” in Pye, M., Lost Civilizations, New Page
2012b, The Divine Blueprint, Invisible Temple

Sitchin, J.
2011, Zecharia Sitchin Official Website [Website]

Sitchin, Z. [ZS in text attributions]
1976, The 12th Planet, Avon
1983, The Stairway to Heaven 
[Stairway], Avon
1985, The Wars of Gods and Men [Wars], Avon
1990, Genesis Revisited Avon
1990, The Lost Realms [Lost] Avon
1993, When Time Began [Time], Avon
1995, Divine Encounters [Encounters], Avon
1996, Of Heaven and Earth, Book Tree
1998 The Cosmic Code [Cosmic] , Avon
2002, The Lost Book of Enki [Enki], Bear
2004, The Earth Chronicles Expeditions [Expeditions], Bear
2007, The End of Days [End], HarperCollins
2007, Journeys to the Mythical Past [Journeys], Bear
2009, The Earth Chronicles Handbook [Handbook], Bear
2010, There Were Giants Upon The Earth [Giants], Bear
2013, The King Who Refused to Die [King], Bear

Strauss, B.
2006, The Trojan War, Simon & Schuster

Tellinger, M.
2006, Slave Species of god [Slave Species], Music Masters
2009, Temples of the African Gods, [Temples], Zulu Planet
2011a, White Powder of Gold, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v7tp-WNrwQhk
2011b, The Lost City Of Enki & The Left Brain Prison, 
Truth Frequency Radio
2012 Michael Tellinger Youtube: Bantu Fled African ET-ruled Civilization after Sumatra Eruption 70,000 Years Ago http://stargatetothecosmos.com/michael-tellinger-youtubebantu-fled-african-et-ruled-civilizat ion-after-sumatra-eruption-70000-years-ago/

TenBruggencate, J.
2002, “Asteroid Theory Explores Impact on Earth Life” Honolulu Advertiser 3/24/02

Tsarion, M.
2012, Program 1: Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation, youtube

Thompson, R.
1993, Alien Identities, Govardham Hill

Trujillo, C. & Brown, M.
2002, “A Correlation Between Inclination and Color in the Classical Kuiper Belt” The Astrophysics Journal, December, 2002

UFOTV: Are We Alone? Genesis Revisited

Velikovsky, I.
Undated, In The Beginning

Vieira, J.,
2014 Stone Builders, Mound Builders and the Giants of Ancient America

Von Ward, P.
2012, “The AB Intervention Hypothesis: The Truth Behind The Myths,” in Lost Civilizations & Secrets of the Past (Pye, M. and Dalley, K., eds.)

Von Daniken, E.,
2012, “The Time Machines” in Lost Civilizations & Secrets of the Past, (Pye, M. and Dalley, K., eds.)

Wilkins, H.
1945, Mysteries of South America, Rider

Wood, J.
1984, The Origin of The Moon, Lunar Planet Institute

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