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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently made a stop in New Hampshire, at which time Daymond Steer, a journalist who is currently at The Conway Daily Sun, brought up the topic of Unidentified Flying Objects aka UFO’s. Her response might be surprising to some, though it shouldn’t be, since Clinton, and her campaign manager, John Podesta, have talked about this topic before, and dozens of governments have already officially disclosed the existence of UFOs. Her remarks lead one to wonder if we can expect the disclosure of UFO files from the United States if Hillary is elected (or selected)?

This story seems to be a hot topic, as it was recently published by Washington Times and the Huffington Post.

Unidentified Flying Objects pop up all over the place, and are seen, recorded, and photographed by people all over the world. They are also commonly tracked on military radar and visually confirmed by military pilots, often performing impossible maneuvers and moving at unattainable speeds, at least unattainable by our current scientific standards.

UFOs are no longer a fringe topic, and thanks at least in part to the release of thousands of pages of UFO-related documents into the mainstream, people like Hillary Clinton no longer seem afraid to open up about this issue publicly.

Not long ago, Former President and Husband Bill Clinton made an appearance on late-night television talking about the topic, in a humorous yet serious manner. When Daymond Steer asked Hillary about her husband’s comments on UFOs, she said, “I think we may have been visited already, we don’t know for sure.” She also told Steer that her campaign chairman, John Podesta (also former councillor to Barack Obama and White House Chief of Staff for the Clinton Administration), has encouraged her to pursue the subject.

But do we believe Clintons statement, is a step toward disclosure? That folk is for you to decide.

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