Airl – Roswell Alien from The Domain

Airl – Roswell Alien From The Domain

It could be leaked footage from Roswell, 1947. Airl, the alien survivor of the UFO crash, stayed for six weeks at the Area 51 Base. Airl was the subject of interviews by Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy.

These aliens were labeled as “rogue” by the local army authorities. Airl collapsed and left her non-biological body seconds before they tried to apply on the electroshock.

Ever since the US government has been seen cashing-in on ahead-of-our-time developments, product of reverse-engineering the aircraft and occupant bodies. Scientology is based upon the ideas exposed during the interviews.

Find the transcript of the interviews here:…

First AUTHENTIC Footage of “Grey Alien” Absolutely NOT C.G.I.!! KGB, NSA, CIA, DNI, LEAK!!!!

Published on Jun 25, 2013
COMMENT RULES (Must be Factual, On Topic, Educated Opinions ONLY, I will NOT Moderate just to favor the argument, But if you disagree you best keep it respectful and if I find your debate is not factual I might respond to it or delete it depending on the way you present it. Those trolls who just comment “Fake” will also NOT be approved as you have to provide a valid possibility before you can debate the FACT that this is NOT C.G.I. My commentary does say in my Opinion it is Real, But the subject matter is rather this is Possibly C.G.I. or not and or if C.G.I. has reached this level of ability as to duplicate footage perfectly! So Most comments will be approved rather they agree or not, But due to Trolls Iv decided to eliminate the disrespect and moderate my comments BEFORE They are allowed!! Due to one idiot in particular who left 8 replies and every single one of them was completely Ignorant of C.G.I. and filming!! IDK what film school he DID NOT Attend to become the third degree on C.G.I. but comparing this to Falling Skies hes obviously a retard!!)

Commentary on Recently released footage of “Grey Alien” This Footage was Published by an Anonymous Youtube account in March of 2011!

I have been deeming “Alien footage” Fake since the mid 1990’s, I have never believed footage of any Alien is Real till the day I first saw THIS!! Mostly because the footage Obviously looked fake to me. Alien Autopsy I could not deem real because all I had to go on is that it Looked real. Well if we where to see the Alien Autopsy today AFTER the recovery of 4 or 5 “Grey Alien” Skeletons, well that makes it absolutely Possible to have footage of one of these beings now what we have established they do in fact exist!!

1990’S Alien Interview FAKE As Heck!! I deemed it fake only a few minutes after Watching it!! THREE Pieces of footage to come from Brazil I also deemed Fake because I was able to Prove it was Fake!! Alien Autopsy footage I could Not deem Fake because it was too good but I did deem It Likely a Hoax however other people deemed it real!! I simply did not have the evidence to deem it real at the time!!

Today this footage I do have the experience to deem this Real , what we are seeing here is Actual Footage of Something!! Now could it be a mask or a doll? I do not know as of Yet I have never seen one with this kind of Skin Stretching and Motion.. To me this looks very real and in my opinion for the first time in Human history I do believe we have actual footage of Real Alien Grey. Makes sense to me because I feel we have been undergoing a “Soft Disclosure” Since the late 1980’s

Anyone who claims this is C.G.I., I am offering $2,500.00 For anyone who can Duplicate this video!! So please do not make comments that you believe this is CGI unless you are qualified to make such a judgement and if you are Do not say it unless you can and will duplicate this. Money is no excuse because I will pay for you to make two SECONDS of this.. All its got to do is have the same skin stretching motion, you can still use Black and white. Match three seconds and an eye blink and ILl pay $2,500.00 Otherwise Shut your mouth because Iv been doing CGI for 15 years and I could never even come close to this!!

In my professional opinion its not even possible for this to be CGI. To this point NO CGI Has ever fooled me!! Yes they can make a still image that looks like a real UFO Picture and I can not tell it real from fake!! But when it comes to Motion I can spot CGI Motion in a hearbeat!! Because even though it can Mimic 3D It is not truly 3d. Meaning its not really there so there will always be subtle differences. In this Alien footage Hands down its REAL Footage no way around that!!

Opinions are like assholes and no Opinion will side the fact that this is REAL Footage and has CGI Experte Stumped!! Any CGI Expert that claims this is CGI Has motive, Hence he believed UFOs are NOT E.T. and does NOT Believe in Greys, He has likely Publicly endorsed his NON Belief thus he has a MOTIVE to prove it is Not real!!

This is why I officially offer MORE Than enough for his time to sit down and duplicate three seconds of this!! THEY Use to say it was not worth the time.. Well Ill make it worth the time,, I believe ILl form a contest and perhaps ILl even put Five Grand up for grabs!!! We will get to the bottom of this so If YOU Leave comments stating you could do this, its CGI,, It WILL Be proven wrong and I WILL Highlight that YOU are an ASS!!

Top Secret classified Russia KGB UFO Alien Gray film material leaked 2011

The McPherson tape is Genuine! Look at the arms!

Uploaded on Jan 24, 2012
The McPherson UFO Abduction case is a strongly debated case of UFO Abduction. Many believe it is hoaxed, but the video is Genuine for several reasons.

@ 1. 16 & 2.43 – the aliens in the Mcpherson film are very similar to the alleged ROSWELL alien shown in the film, as well as the alien corpse shown @ 1.12. Look closely at the arms, chest, hands and head. The arms are long and very unproportional to be a human. The both have big heads, long arms, Big hands, black suites!! The eye sockets seem to fit good too, thou the ROSWELL alien was probably filmed in a darkened room.

The ROSWELL Alien Compared to the corpse alien @ 1.12 have chest proportions and curvatures that are very similar, in fact theyre nearly identical.. Also compare the eyes and notices theres no ears. These aliens are known as Grey Aliens and stand only a few feet tall.

@ 1.58 & 4.45 you will notice that the Grey Alien also has no ears!!

ALL these Aliens are very similar because they are all the same or nearly the same kind of ALIENS know as the greys. Proving that The MCPHERSON footage is real! Not a fake. 100% Genuine!!

A simple investigation into a power blackout leads the McPherson family to witness and capture footage of actual Aliens. When the creatures pursue the McPherson’s back to their home, all hell breaks loose.

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