Roswell – Alien Interview – The Mystery of UFOs and Extraterrestrials

Interview – The Mystery of UFOs and Extraterrestrials

Lawrence Spencer claims to have burned the original documents which support the claim that Matilda Odonnell communicated with an alien whose civilization, the Domain, which has been around for trillions of years and claim to own 1/4 of the entire universe! These documents might be worth tens of millions to collectors, so it’s hard to believe that a many who earns his living from consultant fees to small businesses would destroy something so valuable

It’s like someone putting the world’s largest diamond into a furnace and burning it up, yet that’s his claim. I can understand why he’s say that and I don’t blame him, after all, there would be a bounty on his head by our own nefarious government

Many were killed, in order to keep them silent and Matilda is one who is fortunate to have survived. The instructions that Mrs. MacElroy gave were to disseminate this information to as many as you can. My reading is not copyright protected and the author is dead, but the editor, Mr. Spencer, is alive, as of 2011 and he didn’t ask that anyone not distribute the work

You are invited to make copies of my reading and distribute them anywhere you wish

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