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MOSES by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

In 1650 B.C., New Kingdom pharaohs allied with Marduk/Ra conquered Egypt. Thothmose I of the new regime invaded Enlilite Sumer to the Euphrates River, where Abraham’s kin and their descendants lived. Thothmose expected Enlilite retaliation. The Pharaoh feared Jacob/Israel’s descendants in Egypt–all 600,000– would align with the Sumerian Enlilites and overthrow him from within.

When Tuthmosis IV died in 1405 B.C., his son Amenotep married his sibling sister Sitamun, “So Amenotep could inherit the throne as Pharaoh Amenotep III.” Amenotep also married Tiye, daughter of Joseph, Overseer of Egypt, whose father was Jacob/Israel. “It ws decreed, that no born to Tiye could inherit the throne and because of her father Joseph’s governorship there was fear that the Israelites were gaining too much power in Egypt. So the Edict was given that her child should be killed at birth if a son.

“Tiye’s Israelite relatives lived at Goshen and she owned a summer palace a little upstream at Zarw, where she went to have her baby. Midwives conspired with Tiye to float the child downstream in a reed basket to the house of her father’s half-brother Levi.

“The boy, Aminadab, in his teenage years went to live at Thebes.” He refused to accept Egyptian worship of Marduk/Ra, Enlil’s main antagonist in Egypt, “so he introduced of Aten [=Enlil, Yahweh]–in line with Israelite teachings. Aminadab changed his name to Akhenaten (Servant of Aten).

“Aminadab married his half-sister, Nephertiti, to rule as co-regent” while Pharaoh Amenhotep was ill. “When Amenhotep III died, Akhenaten succeeded as Pharaoh, gaining the title Amenhotep IV. Pharaoh Akhenaten closed all the temples of the Egyptian gods and build new temples to Aten.” The priests of Marduk (called Ra in Egypt) threatened “armed insurrection” if he didn’t allow worship of Ra too. Akhenaton refused and was forced to abdicate. Akhenaten, banished form Egypt, “fled with the Hebrew relatives of Teye to Sinai, still regarded by his supproters as the Mose, meaning ‘heir’” to the Egyptian throne. Moses and “Aaron the Levite returned to Egypt on orders from the God of Abraham to retrieve the Hebrews” and led them from Pi-Rameses [Kantra] southward, through Sinai to Lake Timash. This was extremely marshy territory and, although manageable on foot, pursuing horses and chariots foundered disasterously.” [Gardiner, Bloodline: 9 -11; Marrs, Rule by Secrecy: 367 -369]

“In 1482 B.C. Thothmose III renewed hostilities against Enlilites abroad and the Israelites in Egypt. Moses, now grown, killed an Egyptian overseer who brutalized Israelites. Thothmose III ordered Moses killed, but Moses escaped to Sinai, where he married the daughter of a Midianite priest.

PharaohThothmose I broke the Middle Kingdom promise that Egypt honor “Children” of Israel. He’d work them to death and stop their breeding. He “ordered any newborn Israelite male killed at birth.” In 1513 B.C., to save their newborn, a couple descended from Jacob/Israel put the boy in a box and floated him downstream where Thothmose’s daughter bathed. She named the boy Moses and adopted him.


“In 1482 B.C. Thothmose III renewed hostilities against Enlilites abroad and the Israelites in Egypt. Moses, now grown, killed an Egyptian overseer who brutalized Israelites.


Thothmose III ordered Moses killed, but Moses escaped to Sinai, where he married the daughter of a Midianite priest.

In 1450 B.c., Amenhotep II, the new Pharaoh let Moses’ death sentence expire. Enlil ordered Moses to return to Egypt and show Amenhotep magical powers to convince him to free the Israelites. Moses tried to scare Amenhotep with a magic show, but Pharaoh resisted and instead ordered the Israelites make three times more bricks than before.

Enlil responded, visited Egypt with plagues, infestations, cattle diseases, three days of darkness and weather disturbances. He killed all non-Israelite firstborn children and cows in Egypt. In 1433 B.C., Pharaoh told the Israelites, Go.

When they went, he thought them trapped between the desert’s edge, lakes, then the Red Sea. He sent chariots to re-capture them.

Enlil either used climate control devises to sweep a path through the Red Sea or showed the Israelites a way to cross. Egyptians chased them but, in some versions of the story, Enlil let the sea sweep over and drown them.

For forty years, Enlil guided the Israelites through the desert to the edge of the Sinai Peninsula and protected them from Amalekites. Nights, he lit the Israelites’ way with a “fiery beacon.” Days, he led them with a dark cloud. He fed them and had them kill 3000 of their number who worshiped other Nibirans;he had them kill 23,000 of their number for sex before they married. [Exodus 32:26-28; Corinthians 10:8].

He ordered Moses to climb Mt. Sinai then relay demands to the Israelites. Moses told the Israelites what Enlil wanted.

Enlil then landed his rocket atop the mount and, with an amplifier he spoke directly to 600,000 Israelites at the mountain’s base. They must, he said, reject all other Nibiran gods, not even say their names. They must spend every seventh day worshiping him and subjugate women and kids, as well as refrain from murder, adultery, theft and false witness. They must not, he said, crave others’ homes, wives, Earthlings and property.

He gave Moses stone tablets he’d inscribed with his commandments.

For forty days on the peak he either regaled Moses on his spaceship with projections or rocketed him up so he could see and report the Earth was curved–something Earthlings of his day did not know.

Enlil showed Moses how to build a temple and a box (Ark of the Covenant) for the tablets. Above the tablet drawer in the Ark, Moses must build a Talk-To-Enlil communicator (sporting two gold cherubs). Through the Ark, Moses could signal and question Enlil for “Yes” or “No” answers.

Enlil choose Moses’ brother Aaron and Aaron’s sons as priests. He specified the protective clothes the priests must wear near the radioactive Ark. Enlil, extremely protective of his Ark, killed fifty thousand people of Bethshemesh for looking into it. [1 Samuel 6:19]

Aaron worried that Moses died on the mountain, had smiths built a gold calf–Enlil’s symbol– to signal Enlil. But Moses destroyed the smiths, their calf, and the tablets Enlil gave him. He melted the calf down and refined it to white powder of monoatomic gold, the “mana from heaven.”

Enlil too fumed, threatened to abandon the Israelites but then relented. He made a “pillar of cloud” in front of Moses’ tent and from a UFO (called a “Kabod”) inside a cloud, broadcast that he forgave the Israelites for the calf. He kept his face hidden from Moses while he dictated what Moses engraved for forty more days. When Moses returned to his followers, he glowed with radiation he absorbed from Enlil’s shuttlecraft.

Moses died and his general Joshua led the Israelites.


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