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Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET invasion has already occurred and governments do not want us to know

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET invasion has already occurred and governments do not want us to know

Laura-Eisenhower-57087_nVANCOUVER, BC – In an ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, cosmologist Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, affirmed that an Extraterrestrial invasion has already occurred and governments do not want us to know. Reiterating her statement before the World Symposium in San Marino, Mr. Eisenhower stated, “There has been a massive cover up in regards to ET contact with our governments and there has been much secrecy in regards to those who have been either abducted or contacted – this is because an invasion has already taken place and they don’t want us to know this. This invasion has infiltrated every sector of our society, in disguise to most, but blatantly obvious to many. When we look at Whistleblower testimony – it is clear that some sort of deal was made with a group of ET’s and from what I have discovered, this began long before Ike [former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Mr. Eisenhower’s great-grandfather] ever stepped into office.”

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower’s official statement at San Marino is set out below.

Laura-Eisenhower-14566Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: Disclosure
March 30, 2014
Official Statement by Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

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403798_4284933969903_1445442605_nLaura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET invasion has already occurred and governments do not want us to know

Fantastic video. Laura is charismatic and everything she said has the TRUTH resonation in me. Thank you so much for that great discussion Alfred and Laura.
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dumbbell3310 hours ago

Yes. This is the truth , every bit of it. please heed it… Thanks Laura Magdalene .great work.
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Franz Glaus7 hours ago

We are in a revolution of higher consciousness. You can’t discern only with your eyes and ears, you have to discern, as Laura said, with a more highly developed intuition than you’ve known before. It’s available to all of us because we are not our “flesh suits” we are spiritual light beings.
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Laura-Eisenhower-1234Aeonic8 hours ago

I enjoyed listening whether true or not it was quite entertaining.
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annette spencer6 hours ago

Yes This is what The Evil Vile ARCHON race wants a Micro-chipped population Under There Total Control. and just like she said everything these beings from hell do its planed way in-advance thats why they meet up every year! Builderburg The BOHEMIAN Grove rituals! The Dictators- THE CIRCLE OF 9 They have So many sacrifices of Humans& children its pathetic! Sickening !They And Their DRACO overlord Will all pay Dearly In The End! They Were Given a time. AND TIMES UP! As a lot of HUMANITY knows the Truth Now! So Now the Controllers Want To Put Out Their CLAWS and come in with their NAZISM total Slavery of Our Minds and Souls. THESE BEINGS ARE PARASITES PSYCHOPATHS they see nothing but themselves and whom they can harm. THEY LOVE IT THEY FEED ON HUMANITY!! I don’t know feels like I have been here Before in this PRISON MATRIX They have us Trapped In I seem to have remembered something.
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Barbara Looneytunes1 day ago

She has the most incredible gift of gab I have ever seen.
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ROBERT BROWN18 hours ago

Ok Ill assume you have nothing to say at this point.. Iv always said the self evident truth in time is all we will need,, i find this to be very true.Laura is a prime target for why we should study the facts before listening to the ramblings of a nut case like Laura
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ROBERT BROWN6 hours ago

If u say so I assume she is part of the disinfo group bragging for them is what she dose best
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Pierre Larochelle6 hours ago

+Robert Foertsch
Hi Robert, Laura has given sight to the blind and has helped raise the “dead” (the spiritually dead). What do you make of that?
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CDOUBLEWHAT16 hours ago

I sometimes wonder if the more positive (or neutral) astral entities out there and/or “in here” are not offended that we are not acting fast enough to make it illegal for a rabbi to put his mouth on the genitals of a child in the bris/circumcision ritual known as metzitzah b’peh, mostly performed by some, but not all, ultra-orthodox rabbis. Now that we can all verify for ourselves that this ritual is indeed happening (via youtube) and that it is indeed being protected by law, it is likely those astral entities are FUMING that our greater societies are not taking a stand and not saying “frack no” to the pitiful men who do this ritual in the name of “tradition” and perhaps for more occulted reasons (of course!). And it is indeed legal, currently, in all western countries for a rabbi to put his mouth on the penis of a baby ( a bloody penis at that) in the bris ritual. Anything wrong with this picture ? Most people are simply still unaware that this is happening here on the ground, today in 2014, but this is slowly , and quickly , changing.
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wonderming116 hours ago

I witnessed some strong examples tonight that the power of economic slavery is ever present. All of my coworkers were extremely bummed out, tired, and very irritable. I attribute it to tax time, because they all mentioned money problems at certain points. It makes me think about the ETs that are harvesting this energy, and how sad it is that so many willingly give into it-including me.
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Robert Foertsch16 hours ago

Know Jesus, Know Love Joy Hope and Peace…
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Renee Erwin18 minutes ago

+Robert Foertsch
I also believe in the statement of Know Jesus, Put all trust in him and pray for those who dont know him.
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queconchudos19 hours ago

woah! I think is troll’s day cause they are on a pay roll! Alfred, Laura, you guys must be doing something right, I love it!
Love you humanity, with all the trolls, the religious freaks, the misinfo tools, everyone…one day we will look back and laugh at our little tetris game we played here, trying to make everyone else fit into our own perspective!
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Laura Eisenhower17 hours ago

I know and I am having a blast giving them a piece of my mind!! 🙂
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audrey watko3 hours ago

+Laura Eisenhower What does one do to put up this force field…Truth and not believing the lies, I have reached, what do you do to relax and find your inner self ? All suggestions needed…I do not want this thing to over power me, the chemtrails are driving me into depression…I do not even want to go outside and enjoy my garden…I feel trapped. Any advice please…Thank You
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OYA110023 hours ago

Such a wonderful discussion for which I am grateful.
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qbulb1 day ago

What a waste of an hour!!! She never really said anything that made sense with her New Age gibberish. Reality is that we are living in the latter days as talked about in God’s word. Unless you receive the gift of salvation provided by Jesus, His death on the cross, His shed blood that took away our sins and His resurrection which makes it possible for Him to come and live in us to give us new life, His life, we are doomed.

But the Good News is we need not be doomed but we can be saved. Pray and ask Jesus (who was and is God) to come and live in you. Then you are saved in that instant. Thank Him for dying for you, always praying in the name of Jesus. Then learn of Him …start by reading the New Testament. If you don’t understand something, ask God for wisdom. If something you read angers you or embitters you, remember that you may have interpreted it wrongly. Being saved happens in an instant but learning all there is to know about God will take forever. God bless you.
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John Chapman4 hours ago

Why would you pray to Jesus? There was never a man living in or around Palestine 2000 years ago named Jesus Christ. So you’re NOT praying in the NAME of the savior. Besides, in His own personal words He NEVER asked or demanded worship nor did He claim to be GOD, which Christians lie repeatedly about. What He did say was that the Elect were in fact Gods. The Elect is a very small number which means that the vast majority of Mankind is still in it’s psychological and Spiritual infancy. We are ALL Gods, children of GOD but the Human race must grow up, throw off ignorance while learning and accepting` the Truth about who and what we are and why we are here in the first place before the majority can eventually follow the very few who already know. If you are someone with a closed mind or use only your left brain you will never learn. The right brain is Spiritual and you Must utilize it in conjunction with the left analytical hemisphere for True spiritual communication. Most Christians are afraid of looking that deeply into themselves. Even meditating is taboo for Christians, they associate it with demonism, the origin of which is Mother Church herself…..
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Renee Erwin15 minutes ago

+John Chapman
Wrong..clearly you do not read nor believe in the Bible which clearly has already explained all that has been and will be.
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LoveGuruBlaire1 day ago

6 minutes into this and this interview is total crap. Sure, so let’s blame it on “alien beings” all the corruption… is that easier than coming to terms with that man is corrupt? I guess so. I have recently come into communication with my star family — who yes, are Reptilians (I am too) — and they are evolved, conscious and here for man’s good. There are way more beings from other planets here and in the Universe that are out for man’s evolution. If you continue sharing this type of fearful information you’re really not helping anyone because all you’re doing is instilling MORE FEAR. Great way to keep humanity DIS-EMPOWERED.
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virginia sica23 hours ago

+LoveGuruBlaire gurù de la mala onda, dirìa yo!
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queconchudos20 hours ago

love guru? honey you are far from love, look at the energy you transmit by answering this! clearly a dangerous person to be teaching anything, but then again you are not the first.
I really hope people’s discernment works better than ever in these days, teachings from an person with such hating energy is really really dangerous… I see gurus wannabe showing up by the our lately.
What is it that really touched a nerve here that you feel so angry? it would be best for you to work it out..
also try to learn a thing or two about cosmic history to understand that yes, man has responsibility in its own actions but that part of that problem was that we attracted parasite aliens that have been feeding off of our suffering and dominion, for ages. Hope you come to your senses soon
Hopefully your evolved star family can teach you a thing or two about love 😉
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Edward Plitt1 day ago

If any of this were true, please explain why we have failed to meet any of these races? I really think the issue of HARP and Chemtrails is all about weather control rather than mind control. I still control my own mind.
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queconchudos20 hours ago

“the best lie the devil played on the human race, is to make them believe he does not exist” is the first rule of any psychopath is secrecy, the best policy if they want to make their agenda’s work.
They used to be “public” in like Babylonian/Mayan/etc times but now in the “science era” (or so mankind thinks) they cant play the “we are your gods” card, so they lay low… not sure if the mainstream(controlled by these men and aliens) will ever give up on secrecy, but it sure is leaking. Like the minister of defense of Canada trying to tell to any media that will hear that yes, the government has been and IS working with aliens. and so many other whistleblowers, government officials, etc. Research enough and you will find 😉
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Pierre Larochelle8 hours ago

+Edward Plitt I encourage you to watch a video or two on hypnosis and how easy it is for a person to first be hypnotized, then implanted with a suggestion which says: “you will not think that you are hypnotized when you are awakened, but will do what I tell you to do”. Then afterwards, the hypnotist will awaken his hypnotised “subject” and you will see how obedient the commands are obeyed.

This is with a person who consents to hypnosis and had prior knowledge of being mind controlled. Now, just imagine the effects on the masses of people who have been subliminally implanted with hypnotic suggestions via HD TV, RF frequencies via Cell Towers, fear based mainstream propaganda (media), etc. They don’t have a chance to suspect they have even been mind controlled. But, they are on a subconscious level, and most don’t know it.

The art of effective mind control means that the subject DOES NOT SUSPECT it being done to them. Mind control is real and it’s hard to detect.

Also, research “Stockholm Syndrome”.
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Joe Renaud1 day ago

I have listened to so many people both in video and article format for years and I trust so few but Laura is one of the few that I have a positive reaction to because she not willing to throw out the baby out with the bathwater. She realizes that there are negative beings within all races or species and that nothing is as simple as black and white, just many shades of grey(s), sorry I had to throw that pun in. Laura, Cobra, and the OPPT movement have been the clearest most transparent people I’ve been able to discern after years of hearing/reading so many.
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Laura Eisenhower1 day ago

Thank you!! 🙂
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bob denner1 day ago

Either you are ignorant or a shill joe renaud cobra and oppt are both linked into psy-op.
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Crystal Chic1 day ago

Thank you Alfred and Laura. That was a very motivating video. Love you both!
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Amy Pomar1 day ago

Basically, the lower dimensional beings will not he able to withstand our higher vibrations. They will dissolve as we evolve.
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Philantrophic Misanthropist1 day ago

not quite. evolve at this point would mean to finally see through the lies that we have been told our whole lifes.
they will not simply vanish like dust in the wind 😉 or perhaps you were metaphorically speaking?
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rainbo52508 hours ago

Yes, darkness can not dwell, where there is light.
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ActualHistoryChannel1 day ago

Thanks Alfred and Laura.
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Steve Saferat1 day ago

Thank you Laura and Alfred for fascinating information…Take care always …:-)
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tim hedges6 hours ago

Interesting seeing 2 people i know talking about my favourite Topic
thanks for this both of you
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