Extraterrestrial Contact

Let Disclosure Begin!

Roswell Alien Interview ~ Airl the Grey ~ Chapters 1-5

Roswell Alien Interview ~ Airl the Grey ~ Chapters 1-5

Roswell – Alien Interview – The Letter From Mrs. MacElroy

The biggest news, in the history of mankind, perhaps, some would say
After keeping these documents secret for 60 years, Matilda Odonnell MacElroy has decided to serve the greater good and release them to a writer with whom she spoke just 20 minutes, 8 years before
She tells him how she feels about the ‘powers that be’ and reveals how they have enslaved us and denied us the truth about this event and many others
She invokes the words of Dwight Eisenhower, in his farewell address, warning us about the Industrial Military Complex
She advises Mr. Spencer to use these facts, documented in this package to write science fiction so that his body isn’t thrown onto the heap of other bodies which have perished, only because they knew too much and had to be silenced, forever
There is no doubt that others will die as a result of the release of this material, because one thing is proven to military; That if someone can talk, they will talk and when they reach age 83 and are dying, they have nothing to lose by revealing what they know, which in this case meant documents, as well as personal testimony
If someone knows, the only hope of safety for that individual, is to tell everyone, before they get to you, because they will silence you, without a doubt!

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