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Earthing ~ Heal For Free ~ Laura Koniver, MD

Earthing ~ Heal For Free ~ Laura Koniver, MD
Earthing 42daedd4d7104948dc8ee20841f6150eIn this information-packed video, Laura Koniver, MD a main character of ‘Heal for Free’ describes the medical effects of Grounding aka Earthing, explaining that any amount of time that you can find to have skin contact with the Earth will provide health benefits for anybody. No amount of Grounding is too little. As she says, “The effects are instantaneous” – and she is sure that it will never be found that any amount of Grounding is “too much.”
This video practically make you want to jump out of your house and go barefoot, where there is a conductive surface, which transmit the constant stream of electrons, which flow from the surface of the Earth, which neutralize the disease-causing free-radicals lurking in our bodies, from environmental toxins, be they chemical or electromagnetic.
She cites the scientific literature that describes the effects upon your organs and bones, your recovery from injury and your immune function. She describes the medically-tested results of 5 minutes of grounding, 20 minutes, one 8-hr night of sleeping on a bed with grounded bedclothes. She describes distinct, scientifically-proven results, from a couple of hours of grounding, to a few days, to weeks, to months and to years.

Although she says that “No amount of time is too short,” many who watch this will be convinced to go out there and get as much grounding as they can get, for, as she also says, “there is no such thing as too much Earthing.”

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