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Paul-hellyer-56998777Published on Dec 31, 2013
If we down at least one UFO we’ll be facing an interstellar war – Former Defense Minister of Canada..

He was Canadian minister of Defense in the 1960’s, ruling over the country’s armed forces during the time of the Cold War — and when he retired he publicly stated that we are not alone in the universe, and some guests from outer space actually live here, on planet Earth.

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Tall Whites de6d98f3cc3bed9ef2ccd3b33ec272f1Have you guys seen this video of Canada’s former Defence Minister Paul Hellyer chatting freely about how aliens are real in the presence of six American congressmen in Washington? As someone who spent all winter stuck to my couch watching X-Files and fantasizing about Mulder taking me away to a far off alien planet, this is basically like watching porn. What’s particularly intense about Hellyer’s speech is that he’s not some kooky guy off the street who claims an alien came through his bedroom window in the middle of the night to abduct and probe him. Hellyer is an educated engineer and author who served a long career in Canadian politics. The man undertook the enormous task of unifying the Canadian Navy, Air Force and Army into one single organization now known as the Canadian Forces. He also helped found Canada’s only international UFO landing pad in St. Paul, Alberta. Based on his impressive career, every unbelievable claim he makes about alien life must be 100% true. Right?!

Here’s a breakdown of those claims:

  • There are at least four types of alien species, and they have been visiting earth for thousands of years.
  • The different species probably have different agendas and should not be considered as one entity.
  • One of the species is called the Tall Whites. Hellyer claims that two of them are working with the United States.
  • There are live E.T.s on earth at this present time.
  • A cabal formed by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, and The Trilateral Commission, the international banking cartel, the oil cartel, and select members of the military are planning to create one world government. They are the ones supressing the information about aliens from the public.

But of course, this most recent extraterrestrial testimony isn’t Paul’s first involvement with the alien awareness movement. In 2005, as part of his 40+ year crusade to let the world know about aliens, he confessed to a Toronto audience that he had once seen a UFO with his wife and friends. Two years after, Paul asked for public disclosure from world governments on alien technology that could potentially save us.

So yes, Paul’s ideas might be a little out there, but his resume certainly lends some credence to his assertions. But it’s his mention of the Tall Whites that specifically piqued my interest. Who are these guys? What are they up to? Anyone who has researched the Tall Whites will know that former airman Dr. Charles Hall is the go-to expert in the field. Dr. Hall spent two years working as a weather observer on a military base in the Nevada Desert. That is, of course, where the Tall Whites live. Charles says they travel through space in egg-shaped pods, because that’s simply a more efficient way to speed across deep space. Some intrepid believers were able to spot large egg-like objects on Google Earth in the precise location where Hall said the Tall Whites lived. Which means that these guys totally exist!

I’m now obsessed with the Tall Whites —I personally can’t wait to touch their soft alien skin. Charles claims they’re skinny, pale-looking humanoids made of flesh and blood like the rest of us. Apparently they look Scandinavian. Their eyes are blue and twice the size of human eyes, with transparent blonde hair.

They can live up to 800 years old and instead of becoming old, short and wrinkly like us humans, the Tall Whites start growing taller when they reach 400 years old (Charles says that’s the equivalent of 40 human years). For most of their lives, the Tall Whites are about 5’11”, but they can grow as tall as 10 feet, which would make them really good at dunking on fools. Unfortunately, as they grow taller, their organ growth does not keep up with their skeletal growth, so they basically endure a deterioration process of four centuries as they slowly inch towards a natural death. Sucks for you, Tall Whites!

Ostensibly, the Tall Whites struck a deal with the American government shortly after arriving on Earth. Charles Hall has alluded to some kind of technology exchange program, and Hellyer has also implied that many of society’s wonders are actually just swagger jacked from alien discoveries that have been clandestinely shared with our government. It’s unclear what the Tall Whites got in exchange, perhaps their secret base, stocked with human food and human clothing, in the middle of the desert was enough for them—and if that’s true—they are certainly a low maintenance type of alien. It seems perplexing that a hyper-advanced species which is able to travel through galaxies, learn English (oh yeah, apparently we taught them English), and establish contact with us would be dumb enough to give their scientific knowledge away in exchange for a couple of shirts. But maybe that’s me just being a puny and materialistic human blob.

Evidently the truth is no longer out there, the truth is right here in this blog post. Or perhaps Paul Hellyer is just suffering from dementia. Personally, I would prefer to believe that the super Scandanavian aliens are real. Curiously enough, Hellyer did mention that there was more information about the aliens than what he was ready to disclose publicly. He didn’t think we were ready to hear the whole truth. Hopefully we can move towards a more accepting society that is ready to learn the secrets of alien life, and then maybe we can start seeing movies where these beautiful Tall Whites are the stars. Unless of course this is already happening.

 Ex Canadian MOD Paul Hellyer – 2 Living ETs Working with US Government – 2013


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White House Covering up Galactic Federation of Light – Former Senator Mike Gravel speaks out

White House Covering up Galactic Federation of Light – Former Senator Mike Gravel speaks out

Published on Jul 18, 2013
Former Senator Mike Gravel speaks out to the Mass Media on the Truth of Disclosure. – May 2013

White House spooks within shadow corridors are covering up the Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Galactic Command/Solar Star Command and Inner Earth Agartha, for the fear of losing power of enslaving Humanity. Former Sen, Mike Gravel speaks up and ask for change within the Military Industrial Complex and Governments on an open hearing on Inter Galactic policy, allowing this to unfold and for the information and truth to be known and for the hidden technologies to be released – www.GalacticFederationofLight.info

The UFOs are the Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Galactic Commad / Solar Star Command and Inner Earth Agartha.

The UFO community have been deliberately been high-jacked within the Intelligence community to suppress the real agenda and to place fear and images and all sorts of misinformation to misguide the topic into the sci fi section and twisted stories through Hollywood movies, and using their reverse engineered crafts ro stage fake out of space abductions, and stage cow mutilations for the public within the UFO community and investigators to be mislead on the topic. It’s a decoy plan by the controllers controlling the issue to mislead, and guide the truth to their scripted plot to control the masses in fear of the subject. It’s counter intelligence plan by the controllers to place fear, and misinformation in peoples minds to control the Earth population in one direction. This is to hinder and alter and lag Disclosure of your Space Family, which the organization and also their agenda have been managed by the controllers to have you thinking their way.

The spooks are running scared and know its far too late in game to cover up the truth, people are wise to know they the UFOs which known are not what is depicted in hollywood movies and what they talk about being a threat. People are waking up, awakening within their minds to see the truth and the false illusions of the controllers using fear and misinformation to control the topic. on the other hand one thing they fear is people actually making Peaceful contact with Galactic Federation of Light, and the Ashtar Galactic Command ship in Earth skies.

NO FEAR, NO HATE, ! Just be in Light and in oneness ! =)

Sen Mike Gravel, and other congress members were given the truth by the Citizen Hearing:

From April 29, 2013 to May 3, 2013 researchers, activists, political leaders, and military/agency witnesses representing ten countries gave testimony in Washington, DC to six former members of the United States Congress on the evidence for an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was an unprecedented event in terms of size, scope and the involvement of former members of the U. S. Congress. With over 30 hours of testimony from forty witnesses over five days, the event was the most concentrated body of evidence regarding the extraterrestrial issue ever presented to the press and the general public at one time. The Hearing was also broadcast live over the Internet. http://www.citizenhearing.com/



Anthony Smith3 weeks ago

Steven Greer in his presentation, mentioned the G.F.L. craft iside our solar system-if you want to see it, go to the Hubble telescope site and look at the size of the thing!
Its really worth watching the whole presentation.
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luckyramm3 days ago

can u give the link plz?
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charmaine clarke3 weeks ago

iNTERGALACTIC pOLITICS!…..Humans have a long way to go……The Common people will be contacted first this time around as the Common Peoples are not the WAR MONGERS!!!!…THE COMMON PEOPLE WILL BE GIVEN THEIR POWER BACK OVER THE RULING ELITE VIA THIS DISCLOSURE.

Cosmic Claire3 weeks ago

I fully respect Sen Mike Gravel and his testimony, but I don’t think there is actually any mention of any Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command or whatever in this, he just refers to aliens as a ‘force’. It’s much better to put the info out straight and not try to pump it up unnecessarily.
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hitcan793 weeks ago

To tell you the truth this so called citizens hearing didn’t accomplish jack shit, the paradigm research group is a joke just like its director Stephen Bassett, Steven Greer is also a joke, greer says that he himself briefed the CIA director, President Clinton chief of staff and many others, now ask yourself this, Why the F^CK would the CIA or anyone from Clinton’s staff need to be briefed by a know nothing medical doctor about aliens and zero point energy and all this other shit, Greer is a glory hog that is only interested in making money and writing stupid books with scifi sounding titles, Greer would be NOTHING without all those military witnesses from the disclosure project, and even some of those witnesses are full of shit also, like Clifford Stone, that mother fucker is a straight up liar too, Bob Dean is another bullshit artist, Col. Corso= bullshit artist also, Stanton Friedman is one of the very few trustworthy people on this subject, to be honest
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Jon Jacoby21 hours ago

Every vulgar expletive you use weakens your argument. Each time you defame another you weaken your stance further. You can disagree with people and their opinions without making personal attacks and using vulgarity to punctuate it. By the time you get to the end and have something nice to say about Friedman your credibility is gone and people will think your endorsement lacks value. This is because you lack certain values, lack civility in your communication and lack respect for others.
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Krystal Harwood2 weeks ago

is this the Surstommung guy
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Vashdastampead3 weeks ago

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
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hitcan793 weeks ago

yo, have you ever even done cocaine before? it sure as hell doesn’t make you see Anything or have Hallucinations of any kind, so basically your comment doesn’t fit and its very over used, now if you woulda said, Acid is a hell of a drug, that woulda made sence, actually cocaine is quite a good buzz, make ya talk someones ear right off though
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Vashdastampead3 weeks ago

+hitcan79 Well, in the past i have “experimented” with that thing known as “C” and you’re right on the Acid thing, i concur. It’s just that the “…hell of drug” quote is so damn funny. Now with my body chemistry and a drop or two of Kettman on the tongue… well, I’ve seen and heard things with the lights and music going around that would have me up there behind this guy (in the “Galactic Politics” interview) screaming, put all your money in to canned food and shot-guns or start hailing our new leaders from the planet Crouton. The fact is i believe in extraterrestrial life, you just can’t beat the math. Chances are we wont be around to welcome any visitors, ones that are walking around in broad daylight at least but to say they took the lead in the JFK assassination is a bit far fetched. Hmm… just had a thought, I’m gonna rip this guy vocals and make a shitty UFO mix. Be kool 😉
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xshaun11111 month ago

I know we are not alone, so do you:) remember?

muzza fuzza1 month agoin reply to Billy Jackson

may i ask where u have seen them

Yagyuu Gisen191 month agoin reply to Billy Jackson

Do they care about us?

Yagyuu Gisen191 month ago

I haven’t seen anything but I seen the conference of the former Prime minister of Canada. Very interesting..

Truth About Existence3 weeks ago

This is a very interesting video.
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James Ron1 month ago

I was abducted like everyone else here on the site and it was weird I played tennis went swimming even went jet skiing we had a blast

James Ron1 month ago

I seen them too, I was snorting my 3rd line of meth and I seen a little humanoid one looked alot like a dwarf with a skin suit on and he says he comes in peace so no worries but I got a little sceptical when he rode off on a 3 wheeled trike but has anyone else seen this little guy?

Gary B1 month agoin reply to WeedWhacker2010

NO doubt there have to be at least a few thousand intelligent systems out there in the milky way but the distances keep us apart and I think that’s a good thing

WeedWhacker20101 month agoin reply to Gary B

“Gary B” — Agreed The “Drake Equation” is still relevant: en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Drake_equation Even more so as modern astronomy finds more extra-solar planets. Back to intelligence evolving elsewhere in our own Galaxy. Yes, certainly, but on what time scale? WE are only a result of an “accident” 65 million years ago. The huge Chicxulub crater asteroid impact. Significantly altered our (Earth) planet’s evolution. Only NOW, a tiny fraction of cosmological time, are ‘WE’ conscious.

Gary B1 month agoin reply to Cynthia Peterson

Creator? Which one there are so many religions here, so which one? You are going to have to cite a source on that 97% DNA thing, you are just pulling shit out of your alien ass now.

Gary B1 month agoin reply to Cynthia Peterson

I am an 80 ft tall Cyclops from Venus but I do not have to prove it to you because it is against Galaxy law, but you can trust me. I need 2,000 of your dollars to fix my spaceship but it has to be a money order!

Gary B1 month agoin reply to Cynthia Peterson

just tell us the atmospheric make up and pressure of your home world, should be easy for a Blue Galactic Warrior like yourself.

Gary B1 month agoin reply to Cynthia Peterson

Orion Blue fire command?, ROFL!!! What are you the galactic marine corps??? I cant stop laughing, this is hysterical. thank you so much!

Gary B1 month agoin reply to T Honyock

If you were on trial for murder would you think by witness testimony alone that you could be convicted? would you think that would be evidence enough to convict you? No DNA evidence, no blood soaked glove, no fingerprints, etc. see where im going?

Snowden Documents Proving “US-Alien-Hitler” Link Stuns Russia.

A stunning Federal Security Services (FSB) report on the nearly two million highly classified top-secret documentsobtained from the United States Department of Defense (DOD) run National Security Agency-Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) by the American ex-patriot Edward Snowden states that this information is providing“incontrovertible proof” that an “alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda” is driving US domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945.
Edward Snowden is a computer specialist, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee, and former NSA/CSS contractor who disclosed these classified documents to several media outlets in late 2012 and was granted temporary asylum in Russia in 2013 after his designation by the Obama regime as the “most wanted man on earth.”
This FSB report further states that Snowden, in December, 2012, contacted the highly respected American columnist, blogger, and author Glenn Greenwald by an email headed with the subject line stating, “I and others have things you would be interested in.?.?.?.”
In Snowden’s own words, this report continues, he outlined to Greenwald the reason for his highly secretive group obtaining and releasing these documents by warning that that there “were actually two governments in the US: the one that was elected, and the other, secret regime, governing in the dark.”
As to who is running this “secret regime” Snowden and his cohorts were warning about, FSB experts in this report say, was confirmed this past weekend by former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer who was given access to all of Snowden’s documents by Russian intelligence services and stated they were, indeed, “accurate.”
Even though Defense Minister Hellyer’s exact statements to the FSB in regards to Snowden’s documents remain classified, shortly after his “extensive electronic interview” by the FSB he was allowed to appear on Russia Today’s program SophieCo this past fortnight [see video HERE] where he shockingly admitted that aliens have “been visiting our planet for thousands of years” and described several types of these extraterrestrials, including “Tall Whites” who are working with the US Air Force in Nevada.
Of the many explosive revelations in this FSB report, the one most concerning to Russian authorities are the Snowden’s documents “confirming” that the “Tall Whites” (further revealed by Defense Minister Hellyer as noted above) are the same extraterrestrial alien race behind the stunning rise of Nazi Germany during the 1930’s.
In just one example of the many outlined in this FSB report, it shows that with this “alien assistance,” at the end of the 1930’s, when Nazi Germany possessed just 57 submarines, over the four years of World War II it built 1,163 modern technologically advanced submarines at its dockyards and even put them into operation.
Snowden’s documents further confirm, this report says, the “Tall Whites” (Nordic) meetings in 1954 with US President Dwight D. Eisenhower where the “secret regime” currently ruling over America was established.
Most disturbingly, this FSB report warns, is that the “Tall White” agenda being implemented by the “secret regime” ruling the United States calls for the creation of a global electronic surveillance system meant to hide all true information about their presence here on earth as they enter into what one of Snowden’s documents calls the “final phase” of their end plan for total assimilation and world rule.
Unbeknownst to the FSB, this report confirms, are those still in the US government backing Snowden, but whose presence Russian intelligence experts note is“unmistakable” and shows a cataclysmic power struggle is currently underway against this “secret regime” now headed by Obama by “forces unknown.”
Most to be feared by Russian policy makers and authorities, this report concludes, is if those opposing the “Tall White” “secret regime” ruled over by Obama have themselves aligned with another alien-extraterrestrial power themselves.
January 11, 2014 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.
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BEST UFO documentary on youtube. Undeniable evidence.

Uploaded by IcebergTheoryTV on Jun 23, 2011

Iceberg Theory.tv presents a short form UFO documentary that sums up the subject in a quick, entertaining style. It pulls from the latest and best news clips and documentaries.

Iceberg Theory.tv is a network that provides mini documentaries covering the world’s most polarizing, inspiring, and pressing issues (food, education, cancer, AIDS, environment, UFOs, etc.).



UFO, UFOs, alien, aliens, iceberg theory, icebergtheory.tv, phoenix lights, belgium wave, fife symington, disclosure project, kenneth arnold, battle for LA, Clifford Stone, Roswell, edgar mitchell, nasa
washington merry-go-round, john mack, dr. john mack, stanton friedman, project blue book, the condon report, jerusalem, buzz aldrin, jimmy carter, jesse marcel


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Great clip, finally someone who is looking at how much evidence there is, how can UFO’s not be real? There have been hundreds of thousands of eye witness accounts, that enough to win any court case

ringobears 9 months ago 12

anyone still a skeptic?

Flerg3 7 months ago 7

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3/19/12 Bob Dean: Extraterrestrial Contact, UFO’s, Human Genome, Disclosure – InLight Radio

March 19, 2012–Graham Dewyea interviews internationally known ufologist and retired US Army Command Sergeant Major Bob Dean.

Bob discusses his top secret clearance that inspired his work to raise awareness about the presence of extraterrestrials, UFO’s and the government cover up of the extraterrestrial presence and beings from other worlds.

He talks about how he has been aboard ships several times as a volunteer and that the ships are several miles across. He describes ET’s as looking very much like us, but taller, that they communicate telepathically, are able to time travel, and are much more spiritually advanced, and are able to manipulate matter and time.

He discusses his six week visit with them in 2003 when they showed him the Akashic history records of earth, and he was told that humans have a unique genome and come from several civilizations.

Bob shares how extraterrestrials are family, that they’ve been with us since the beginning, and they are here to help us transition into a new race. He shares that we are from the stars and will be joining other civilizations from the stars. He talks about the Extended Community, that it does exist, and is made up of advanced civilizations.

We discuss Disclosure and he shares his belief that first contact with extraterrestrials will occur very soon, and that the transition for earth and humans will be at the end of this year. Life as we know it is coming to an end followed by a new and glorious future for the human race.

He shares his belief that humans are spiritual beings, infinite and immortal, that there is a God, and love is the power of the universe. ~Graham Dewyea





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Respond to this video…


Kerry Cameltoe? lol lol lol That’s so bad. But it’s funny. Hope that doesn’t catch on. lol She tries, at least she has given us all tons of great info in many of her videos. But thanks, now I’ll never get that name out of my head. lol

johnbambammorgan in reply to Cloudy011(Show the comment) 2 days ago

Bob is a great guy, He tells his stories, These guys are trained,,and still as he says, having hard time handleing it. Anyone thinking they are ready for the truth, What more you want,,info is everywhere, If anyone still is looking for answers-your to slow,game about up-, I had this on my shoulders since i was 8, i am 55 and kicking ass!– this is an interview kerry camaltoe -dig it?

Cloudy011 6 days ago

Thanx, I didn’t get the link though.. Also, When I’m talking about the desertification of the Earth I am not talking about Global Warming which is a fraud set up by central banks

kernkurtz in reply to SovereignFOTL(Show the comment) 1 week ago

i cdve sent you a link to a SINGLE broadcast entitled Mind Parasites uploaded here that included all but one of the things you said in yr comments

SovereignFOTL in reply to kernkurtz(Show the comment) 1 week ago

What I just wrote down below cost me a great deal to find out. Blow it off as bullshit but, it is what I have found in my years of service working for this corrupt system.

kernkurtz 1 week ago

Their pyramids should be researched for assisting in the dehydration of aquifers in the Africa region. Be weary of the Bible and any form of belief system the establishment throws at you and expects you to believe. Their greatest weapon are their mind parasites. We are not symbiotic humans as we should be but, instead parasitic consumers. This is why WAR takes precedence over greening of the deserts which is not being mandated by our mind parasite controlled governments and central banks

kernkurtz 1 week ago

what Bob Dean is not talking about is the deception and plot of a certain group of aliens to turn Earth into a desert. Their reason “they hate organic life” WE REPULSE THEM.. This is why it says in the Bible “we are born in sin” These are inorganic beings that find intelligent organic life like humans a threat to their existence. They get access into our world thru belief systems and making us parasitic consumers thru their compartmemntalized mind control on a vast scale here on Earth

kernkurtz 1 week ago

yes, the in the first 5 minutes, i already feel he’s not telling the truth in its entirety. i think he’s just giving the short version because he’s told the same story so many times. it doesn’t sit well when they dont tell the whole truth

kstromer1 in reply to Indigoblissful(Show the comment) 2 weeks ago

What I mean..dear The Xhoobx, …is that Bob Dean dont tell things in a nuanced way..like you do if you speak freely and from the heart…I find his interviews interesting.. but always have a gut feeling that somethings is not comming forward… or he is not telling the truth or the whole truth.

Indigoblissful 2 weeks ago

What are you talking about? Of course he repeats himself with the same answers in every interview… it’s called consitency…(one of the key points of telling if somebody is lying or not) so if his story is true… why would he change his answers?? What an immature remark to make… open your eyes. Surley by changing his answers or story each time is a tell tale sign of lies… you have got it totally backwards I’m affraid.

TheXhoobx in reply to Indigoblissful(Show the comment) 2 weeks ago

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Alex Collier Interview March 3, 2012 – 1 & 2

Uploaded by TellTheTruthNotLies on Mar 6, 2012

Alex Collier this time is sharing very important information regarding to some events that are going to occur on the next 5 months. This video states the agenda of the cabal and the E.T encounters.

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Conversation with Austrialian Experiencer – 01

Conversation with Austrialian Experiencer – 01
Zeta Grey Extraterrestrial AlienAloha,
Thanks for contacting me. We’re expanding the group and will be adding a Contactees group soon. I’m working on it. In the meanwhile, let’s facebook each other. I also have a social network: www.sacredmatrix.ning.com.  We can dialogue, network, keep in touch in many ways.
You wrote:  (my comments in aqua blue). 
B wrote:

Do you remember when you were first contacted by anything? Et ghost anything. I think I was 7.


I’ve always had contact. I think I was some kind of mistake. I didn’t disconnect from Source. I came in with total recall and began to suppress things because my Mother had huge, emotional reactions to her very psychic child who could see ETs, interdimensionals and had opened up a portal from this realm to higher realms.
My Mother couldn’t cope, went crazy and so we had a lifelong struggle (she’s now deceased).  We couldn’t openly discuss it all because we didn’t have the skill set or the mindset (framework) of what was going on to have an intelligent discussion. So it came out sideways, perverse and she was violent with me.
I’ve done my therapy and have forgiven her for her episodes. She was very conflicted, emotionally unstable and week, but it’s all ok now. She’s in a good state, on the other side and more centered, conscious and aware.
She’s become a guide of mine. I have several including Enki, Ninmah, Thoth and my deceased father as well as a few others I don’t have names for. Oh, an angel named Joy.


Do you have phsycic abilities? Have you seen the future at all? I have been shown a few things. It got very violent when I remembered my past lives at age 12-15. It came back to haunt me. I was a murderer, atleast thats how it made me feel.


I’m very psychic and things just come to me. I download things in the morning after returning from astral, soul travels in the dream state at night. I also “channel” but the word “channeling” is not really accurate. It’s more like I reconnect with another part of me, my higher self, who relays information from other beings in other dimensionals, realms and levels of existence.
I write down as much as I can and eventually plan to type them up. I’m documenting my predictions for accuracy and posterity.  Most things are not easily “provable” and will take time to see if they’ve come “true”.
Sorry that you experienced such a haunting life. From my understanding we’ve all experienced less than perfect lifetimes when we danced with dark things, like murder and suicide.  But now those things are in the past, you’ve learned those lessons and can move on with your existence, improving each time you incarnate.
I recently relived a part of a lifetime where I was sorrowful for my actions. I’ll be writing that up and sharing on my blogs.
Blogging is very therapeutic.  Writing it up, making it fiction or attributing things to other lives allows you to explore the shadow side of existence. 


Can you speak with spirits or see them?


Yes. See above.  I have to get into a highly, sexually aroused, tantric state in order to consciously channel.  But I’m also downloading during the dream state. It’s interesting to watch it all evolve over time as I become more comfortable with the process. I also allow myself time to journal or blog it as the process of doing so makes your subconscious aware that it will be listened to and actually allows more and more information to come through.


Im just looking for answers. When I was 12-15, I quit contacting et’s and I blocked out spirits and now I want to get back to it.


Yes, thats’ a process many of us go through because it’s difficult reconciling the two realms in our daily, physical lives. So we block it. However, when the time is right, you will activate and remember. Find a competent therapist, psychic, friend, someone who’ll support you in your evolution.
Here in hyperspace is a good place to start. Ideally we’ll manifest a friend who lives near you and you can also create a group of those who are of like mind to meet, perhaps over lunch, or create a monthly group meeting.
If you wish, we could put up a group meeting on my meetup site, www.meetup.sacred-matrix.com and see who’ll respond. Let me know. I’m here to help in whatever way I can.


When I was 7 I had an ‘immaginary friend’, it was an alien, an et. We would communicate tellepathicly. I know I went on the ship more than once but I cant remember it. I began getting horrible migrains, I would scream until I passed out. It felt like for no reason my brain,was being overwhelmed. Doctors never found anything. what do you know about what they want with those who are gifted? I know they can talk telepathically with any human but not every human has developed to the point of initiating phsychic conversations. You would be a great help. One last note, I always knew if I wanted to see them to invite them even though no one ever told me that.

Well hang in there.  Yes, our minds adapt and will do so. It may also be a part of the maturation process. So if it hurts, disconnect, try later, a few months to a few years and see if your mind is more ready to accept the telepathic transmission.
I’ve been receiving contact since infancy. So I’ve not had your particular experience although I’ve heard of others having such difficulties and they eventually adapted.
Ask them to contact you at night in your dreams. Then you can begin to integrate that energy into your awakened state.
Ask for only the good beings of light and love to contact you. Always protect yourself from dark energy by mentally asking your higher self and guides to protect you always, in all ways. They will. And yet, in the beginning, don’t assume. Ask for protection in your prayers at night.
Also, there are some lovely mantras, affirmations you can listen to and begin to create a subconscious shield of protection.  I’ll see if I can find some of them an include them in future conversations.
Mahalo, Blessings, Be Well,
Janet Kira Ninmah Lessin
P. S.  If you want we can do a phone consultation.  Let me know by writing to me at janetlessin@gmail.com and we can schedule a time that will work for both of us. 
I counsel on a donation basis. My recommended offering of support is $150 an hour. But times are soooo rough right now, anything is greatly appreciated and I’m so blessed to be able to help in any way I can.


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