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Saturday and Sunday, October 8 & 9 10am-4pm on your computer screen

Hear others and realize consciousness from extraterrestrials, inner-terrestrials, non-terrestrials, inter-dimensionals, spiritual guides, the dead, outer space, the planet, Inner Earth, other dimensions and/or other times may have chosen you to awaken the people of Earth. This online seminar provokes you to consider whether fractals of comprehensive awareness now stir within you so you can help guide humanity out of its current travail and into a loving, just planet of peace and creativity.

In Re-Union you hear intimate details of how our presenters encounter extraterrestrials, get instruction aboard anti-gravity craft, travel though time, space and dimensions. Our experiencers share the spiritual awakenings and memories of their encounters with nonhuman and advanced human intelligences in their own homes, in spacecraft, other planets and underground facilities. Other presenters share what they saw, felt and learned during past, simultaneous and future lives, near death experiences, visions, automatic writing dictation, astral travel and even in facilities of our own military. Presenters share techniques to remember, expand and initiate contact with beings beyond everyday material reality.

Contactees get technology, mental upleveling, implants, information and even hybrid children to help Earth and its inhabitants survive, thrive and ascend to a state of living love, ecological consciousness and harmlessness. The webinar may well guide you, as you listen (and perhaps choose to interact online) to your own latent memories and to reunion with your galactic family.

Anthropologist Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. and Aquarian Radio CEO Janet Kira Lessin interview experiencers and walk-ins who have full recall and researchers who trace the movement of contacts from fearful to fulfilling. The Lessins, hypnotherapists, share techniques that may well stir your own resonant recall.




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REPTOIDS? by Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.

REPTOIDS? by Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.

  • REPTILIANS? by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.
  • We, as well as the people of the planet Nibiru who adapted their genome to Earth to make us, have reptilian attributes.

    We and they have inner reptilian propensities. We may hear inner voices of or our inner reptile, voices generated by a sort of biologically-rooted reptile within us. Our reptile voices let us know, unconsciously or consciously, how to maximize our status, power and territory. The physical substrate of our reptilian subpersonalities or aspects is our brain stem, home of greed and status competition.

    We need some of what our inner reptile wants, but toned down. Under our reptilian demands for cold unremitting, even lethal competition and unlimited power and possessions are the needs that motivate these demands. As centered people we hear what needs actually motivate our inner reptiles to harbor these utterly cold and selfish demands. Under the raw demands, we find our Inner Reptile needs a feeling of having enough. It needs respect. It wants us to have autonomy in a domain of our own.

    Centered, we witness our context, then coordinate our actions to meet the underlying needs of our Inner Reptile. With respect to our overall ecology we meet the needs not only of our Inner Reptile that resonates with our brainstem, also the voices within us of our Inner Child (our vulnerable inner voices that resonate with our limbic system), our needs for clarity–Intellect and Intuition–that resonate with our neocortex) and our needs for Unity Consciousness, which resonate with our pineal gland and electromagnetic (auric) field.

    That said, I personally have never seen a person shape shift into reptilian, though I’ve interviewed many who say they have.

    David Icke and others say that “reptilian” is much more than a metaphor. Icke writes that the Anunnaki and the power elite to this day rule Earth, are reptilian. They clearly exhibit greed and they obsess with power, territory and social ranking, the mark of the reptile.

    Robyn Andrews, JoAnn Richards, Barbara Lamb, Janet Kira-Lessin and many other professional scholars and reliable journalists report reptilian ETs have continuously interacted with Earth for millions of years.

    Lloyd Pye’s magnificent proof of interventionism superceding both Darwinian evolutionism and Biblical Creationism, postulates periodic terraforming introductions of all Earth’s species–fully formed rather than evolved on Earth–from the single-celled organisms to us.

    What do you think?


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Testimonial for Sasha Lessin, Ph. D. April 21, 2012

Corey Sioui mentioned you in a comment on facebook.

Corey wrote: “I find it quite amazing how the majority of people are so blind to what their actual government gets up to. John F Kennedy alerted the people before his assassination of a secret society within the government. People like yourself who are in the field of Anthropology and others in the Archaeology field who are going against what is excepted history and bringing it into the public eye I applaud you all. Your work of bringing the truth to the masses is a brave bold step against the scientific community who will do anything in it’s power to ridicule and shun you from your field labeling you a heretic or a nutcase. I wish we had more like it so we could all learn our distant past instead of this facade we have now as history. Keep up the good work Sasha.”



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Brotherhood of the Snake by Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.

Brotherhood of the Snake by Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.



BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)
(Excerpt from Anunnaki: Gods No More http://enkispeaks.com/wordpress/category/books/

ANUNNAKI FOSTERED CROPS AND BEASTS 11,000 – 10,500 B.C.After the flood, Chief Scientist Enki convinced Commander Enki of the Earth Goldmining Expedition to let the descendants of his son Ziasudra (Noah) with Batanash rule the Earthlings for the Anunnaki (ET s from Nibiru and their offspring with other Nibirans).

Enki dug up the seeds from the diorite chamber in which he and Ninmah had secured them under the Lebanon Platform. In his lab, he quadrupled the grain chromosomes and had Ziasudra’s son run bakeries for the re-builders, then had him supervise the laborers. Enlil’s son with Ninmah, Ninurta, and Enki mapped a dam, sluice and canal system for Sumer. Adad surveyed fruit trees that lived and found grapes Ninmah brought from Nibiru. Earthlings again grew white and red wine grapes.

Enki’s son, Ninagal, who had piloted Ziasudra’s submersible to Mt. Ararrat, reported, “Life essences and life eggs in the four-legged animals from Ziusudra’s boat can be combined. Sheep for wool and meat will multiply, cattle for milk and hides will all have.” Enki bade his youngest royal son, Dumuzi, replenish the livestock; Ziusudra’s middle son ran the shepherds for Dumuzi. [ZS, Enki: 229 – 234]

Ninurta introduced PLOWS. First, Earthlings pulled them, then cattle. With Enki’s new grains, they boosted food-growing. They regulated the Nile and created pastureland for Dumuzi’s herds. [ZS, Wars: 125]

Enlil and his sons and grandchildren ruled Sumer: Innana (his son’s daughter), Elan (southeast); Adad (Enlil’s youngest son with Nibiran Medical Officer Ninlil), the Taurus Mountains, Asia Minor and the northwest; Ninurta, the highlands; Nannar (Enki’s first legitimate son), the North; Utu (Inanna’s twin brother), Lebanon’s Airport. Each Sumerian god walled his sacred precincts, “each with a skyscraping ziggurat [stepped pyramid]. The ziggurats rose in several steps (usually seven) to 90 meters. They were build of two kinds of mud brick sun-dried for highrise cores and kiln-burned for extra strength for stairways, exteriors, and overhangings; held together with bitumen as mortar.”

Enlil kept Nippur, Sumer’s center, and there stored his computer programs, “Tablets of Destinies” and the “Command and Control Center for Earth to offplanet communication, the Bond Heaven-Earth in his high-rise stepped pyramid. In the city, Enlil had Earthlings built schools of science and scribing as well as a library with 30,000 inscribed clay tablets. [ZS, Wars: 125; Giants: 67 – 69]

Enlil, Enki, Inanna, Adad, Ninurta, Utu and Nannar taught the Sumerians “every ‘First’ of what we deem essential to advanced civilization: wheeled transportation, brick that made possible high-rise buildings; furnaces and kilns essential to baking and metallurgy, cities and urban societies, kingship, temples, priesthoods, festivals, beer, culinary recipes, art, music, musical instruments, musical notes, dance, writing and record keeping, medicines, textiles, multicolored apparel, a mathematical system, sexagesimal, that initiated the circle of 3690, timekeeping that divided day/night into 12 double hours, a luni-solar calendar of 12 months intercalated with a thirteenth leap month, geometry, measurement units of distance, weight and capacity, an advanced astronomy with planetary, star, constellation and zodiacal knowledge, law codes and courts of law, irrigation systems, transportation networks and customs stations, even taxes.” [ZS, Giants: 58, 70]

“To protect themselves against competition from a new species on Earth, the Anunnaki ensured that the genome of the slave species was severely stunted, did not live too long, was prone to disease, did not use much of its brain and had a finite memory. They did not count on the evolution of our genome and our intelligence because they did not expect to stay on this planet for so long.” [Tellinger, Slave Species:130 – 131]

Enlil feared revolt by the hundreds of thousands of Earthlings and ordered the Anunnaki to conceal Earthlings’ part-Nibiran genealogy from them. For awhile, only Earthlings Enki brought into his secret society, the Brotherhood of the Snake, knew he’d made them genetically part-Nibiran and suppressed their genes for longevity.

Enki meant the Brotherhood for our benefit, “to bring knowledge.” Other Anunnaki objected, defeated Enki, infiltrated the Brotherhood, split it into several competing cults run–to this day–by elite Earthlings beholden to Nibirans who pose as gods and to the elites in the Nibirans’ favored Earthling bloodlines. All the secret society cabals hide our extraterrestrial genetic heritage. [DoHerarty, J., Did Enki Give Humans Knowledge? ]


DoHerarty, J., 2011, Did Enki Give Humans Knowledge Against Anunnaki Law? youtube.com/watch?v=HkRAxC70-to

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by JohnDoHerty

Who built the structure in Baalbek in Lebanon? Did Enki defy the Anunnaki law by teaching humans technology? And what is the link behind Noah and various other stories of worldly floods that were all created at the same time… and is there proof?

More, with lots of illustrations, on the Anunnaki: www.enkispeaks.com/wordpress

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