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Nibiru Is Coming With Anunnaki Warriors Part I & II

Nibiru Is Coming With Anunnaki Warriors Part I & II

NIBIRU IS COMING With ANNUNAKI WARRIORS NOW 1- Project Camelot Part 1 of 2

Published on Nov 22, 2013
Please listen carefully and with patience- You will get plenty of info and more if you watch both parts with the second part being the more secrets revealed- YOU GOT TO HEAR THIS INTERVIEW FOR REAL AND THE SECOND HALF IS EVEN MORE EXPOSIVE- Re-posted for educational Purposes- Project Camelot Interviews Luca Scantamburlo Part 1 of 2 I advise to pay attention- gwt


Published on Nov 22, 2013
Pres. Reagan asked the Pres. of Russia if they could join Forces with the US to fight Terrestrials- RE-POSTED FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES- Interviews Luca Scantamburlo Part 2 of 2 GREAT INTERVIEWS!

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TIME TRAVEL: Articles & Youtubes

TIME TRAVEL: Articles & Youtubes

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TIME TRAVEL? CAN JOURNEYS TO PAST CHANGE PRESENT AND FUTURE?</p><br /><br /> <p>Get the rest of the story at<br /><br /><br /> http://extraterrestrialcontact.com/2013/07/11/time-travel-articles-youtubes/

  • Andrew D. Basiago Sasha, No, because time travel to the past affects events in the past’s present, and hence become part of the original past, not some imaginary, secondary past. Since time is linear and time travel allows for non-linear transepts from the present to the past, such interventions contribute to the creation of the original past as it existed from the perspective of the future before the intervention from the future was undertaken. In this sense, time travel to the past can only retro-causally close a time loop and fulfill the past, but not change the past. In the quantum hologram, there is only a “do,” but never a “re-do.”
  • Ollie Newell Mua So which “future” would you go back to after fixing the past… is it the original future that has not apparently changed since everyone else would not know it had, or a new timeline that the fix I suppose could theoretically have created as a result?
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    Tom Clearwater Andy, would you say the seed of everything that happens in a past moment, including a future transept, is part of what that past moment was?
  • Andrew D. Basiago Tom, Precisely, and because of movies about time travel that purport a “re do” of a past event caused by the time traveler, that is one of the most difficult things for people to grasp, yet the sine qua non of time travel is to intervene in the original event in its present, not some replaying of the event triggered by the trip to the past by the time traveler. Why would that happen if time travel has led to the presence of the time traveler from the future in the past’s present?
  • Tom Clearwater Exactly, gotcha. Took a bit to think that through, but I get it now. Very subtle. It’s a beautiful wholistic understanding actually, and how I have all along intuitively viewed time without the benefit of the lens of thinking about time travel.
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    Ted Nomura Unfortunately the only true time machine technology we have now is still a one way trip.Of course if we have a very powerful telescope a million light years away, we can actually see Earth from there what it looked like a million years ago. Getting there is another matter.
  • Andrew D. Basiago Ted, Ben Rich of Lockheed Skunkworks stated before his death that we have the technology to get ET home.
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  • Makoto Mituboshi i do not know if Andy like this but at the Montauk project they play so much Nazi game and changing too many past scenario and they almost lost this time line and they got pale and stop it and just bring back as it is. the timeline is like a metal wire………..
  • Andrew D. Basiago Makoto, Not true. Rumsfeld wasn’t present at the meeting at which time travel to the past via chronovisor involving children was shut down. Probes to the past involving chronovisor were shut down because every time they sent the same child or a different child to the same past event the event changed and so because of the inherent dangers to the children involved they decided to shut down time travel to the past. I also cannot endorse your claims that the past can be changed and that a timeline can snap as the result of fatigue from over-visiting..
  • Ollie Newell Mua Have they time travelled post Syria and seen how their Utopia works out given that today it appears US and UK are on the verge of starting yet another “liberation” for the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-CIAda?
    Makoto Mituboshi i do not know if Andy like this but at the Montauk project they play so much Nazi game and changing too many past scenario and they almost lost this time line and they got pale and stop it and just bring back as it is. the timeline is like a metal wire if you bend too many times it will break from the metal fatigue. Rumsfeld also told Andy and his father that they stop playing the visiting past because they discovered it could be very dangerous to our timeline. we may become Ka-poo!
    Andrew D. Basiago Makoto, Not true. Rumsfeld wasn’t present at the meeting at which time travel to the past via chronovisor involving children was shut down. Probes to the past involving chronovisor were shut down because every time they sent the same child or a different child to the same past event the event changed and so because of the inherent dangers to the children involved they decided to shut down time travel to the past. I also cannot endorse your claims that the past can be changed and that a timeline can snap as the result of fatigue from over-visiting.
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  • Makoto Mituboshi one more question, also at the physically visiting Lincoln assassination scene not by the chronovisor but by the real using tel portation device. you said every time you visit the past was bit changed, correct? either the person pass by or how they dress or the security people there sometimes stop you and so forth… it was bit different each time correct?  Was that all by the chronovisor? give me one example you used teleportation device and physically went to past and have to sleep there sometime
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  • Andrew D. Basiago Makoto, I only visited the Lincoln assassination via chronovisor and, yes, in those five to six probes it always resulted in a slightly different event scenario..
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  • Makoto Mituboshi When you visit past time in NY and you were chased by bullies. was that visitation by the chronovisor? or teleportation device?  Now I remember you visited Gettysburg address physically using teleportation device. correct? you met your Dad there also he departed form the different date but ended up with the same past with you because you both are form the same time line.
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    Andrew D. Basiago Makoto, The trip to NYC around 1900 was via chronovisor. I wasn’t chased by bullies but was confronted by a bully when I told him that I was from 1971. So, you see, I was defending my time travel experiences even as I was having my time travel experiences!
  • Makoto Mituboshi ‘Back to the future’ ( Michael J Fox ) story was actually derived form the project Pegasus!  and We are still waiting for your book Andy! come to think about it, Marty’s father was threatened by Marty (was he pretended from the Mars?) to defend his mother from the bully (I forgot his name) while he was half a sleep…in his bed. He eventually successful sciify author.
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    Ollie Newell Mua Biff was his mom’s tormentor. Heaven forbid we have the likes of Biff in charge of anything! When will we be allowed clean powered cars that fly also?

  THE MONTAUK PROJECT & THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, and Duncan Cameron, The only 3 Known Survivors of the Eldridge Tell All Publicly These Montauk Project retirees-Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, and Duncan Cameron give an introduction about what the various projects were all about. They also talk about how and why the project got started, and what their involvement’s were. Preston Nichols-Philadelphia Project Engineer, Builder of the Eldridge Generators Delta-T Antenna After a series of crashed saucers in New Mexico and other parts of the world, the government decided that they needed to set up a series of bases to investigate this phenomena and find personnel that could decode the salvaged equipment into a working new technology (reverse engineering). The Montauk Project was to be an elite black project investigating paranormal, psychic, and unconventional sciences. It was to include the most intelligent respected scientists in the world using the most sophisticated advanced computer equipment available. Al Bielek-Philadelphia project Retiree The Montauk project turned out to become a huge project branching off into many other smaller projects including Mind Control, Telepathy, Teleportation, and Time Travel. Al Bielek, one of the key people involved in the group, gives and introduction about the project and talks about how the project started with the following three pioneer people: John Hutchenson Sr., Dean of the University of Chicago. Dr. Kurtenhauer, Austrian Physicist (who later formed the Institute of Advanced Studies in Princeton, New Jersey). Nicola Tesla, visionary, and worlds greatest inventor. Invited to join later were Dr. John Von Neumann, acclaimed mathematicians and physicist, and Albert Einstein, Nobel prize winner, physicist. Both of which accepted and worked in the project, Einstein resigned in 1932 for his own unknown reasons. Von Neumann was a well educated doctor of physics, and there was a lot of fighting between him and Tesla, as Tesla had no formal education and relied mostly on his visionary talents. Nicola Tesla was named Director of the project. Tesla was given anything that was required by him for the testing of the project. Tesla required and was given a navy battle ship on which the experiments were to be tested. The first test of invisibility occurred in 1940 and was slated as a full success when a navy ship with no crew on board vanished from this plane of existence (see map of vanished location). Tesla stated that there would be a serious problem with personnel if anyone were to enter the ship while the gauss coils were turned on and the Electro Magnetic radiation would damage them within this reality. He said in numerous occasions that he was in contact with Extra-Terrestrials and that the ET’s had also confirmed that there would be a problem. Tesla wanted to clarify the problem before any farther experiments would begin. However the Navy said no, they were fighting a war and had no time to waist. On the second experiment, Tesla, not wanting to destroy lives, discreetly sabotaged the controls, and when they pulled the switch, nothing happened. He then resigned and quit the project in 1942. Joining the now called Philadelphia Project ,under the direction of Dr. Von Neumann, were Dr. Gustoff and Dr. Clarkson to farther investigate these problems. Also called in was Dr. Levinson (1912-1976), of which there seems to be no history of his existence. He however he did leave behind 3 books, all of which were banned and destroyed, regarding the Levinson time equations of space. Dr. David Hilbert, born 1912, was signed up due to his knowledge of multiple and alternate reality’s, and multi space time. Von Neumann died later in 1957. Al Bielek was invited to join the project in Aug 1939 dufe to his unique knowledge and ability in Psychic and Metaphysical ability. He was educated by the Navy as to the projects intentions, through to 1940. He was assigned to providing detailed reports on the projects progress. Bielek , a rather unique character, was borne in Aug 1916 as Edward A. Cameron, and after retiring from the project, was de-briefed and brainwashed. He had his memory erased of all the Montauk events, and then had his consciousness removed and put into another body and incarnated and born as Duncan Cameron in 1917. With much deprogramming and regression analysis, Bielek was able to pull back and verify most of his memory. The Philadelphia project, became the Phoenix project when the case was re-opened again in 1947 at the Brook-haven space-time laboratories, to see if they could salvage some this “non-working” project, and hide their ships and aircraft from radar (today’s Stealth Technology). Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron were assigned to the psychic division of Montauk and worked with time tunneling and Teleportation. One of these are the famed “Montauk Chair“. The Montauk Chair was essentially a mind amplifier. They found that they could easily re-program people when they were put into the orgasmic state of emotion, this would separate the conscious mind, and free up the unconscious submissive mind and allow programming. The chair would pick up this thought. With the help of a psychic and machines, anyone who sat in the chair could simply concentrate and an alternate reality would be created. During these tests at Montauk from 1947 to 1987, they developed the technology that a transmitter could warp space and time just like gravity. Preston Nichols built this transmitter. They were able to find a time vortex that would tunnel them back and forth between 1983 and 1943. This vortex was about 5 miles in diameter and could teleport you as far as 100 light years away, to and from any time in the past or future. They experimented to see the earth a thousand years in the future but found that anything beyond the year 2021 was unrecognizable and found no tangible future beyond 2021. Preston explains also that if someone were teleported back into time say 3 minutes, they would eventually meet themselves and explode. With this transmitter, what ever you could think of would appear. Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron describes the many adventures of going through the vortex to not only different times, but also different locals. Cameron would psychically create it, while Bielek would be teleported to it. Objects could be taken to and from these different locals and times instantly. He tells of a Time-Life magazine that was taken from 1987 back to 1947 during a test. You could take a picture or video tape anything while in the tunnel and take it back with you. There may however be repercussions. By having knowledge about the future, this knowledge has now altered the present. Al Bielek describes the fluid like structure and the cork screw sensations when he passes through the vortex. Many people were lost when the generator received fluctuation or was turned off. This is the reason why they used single people with no family and no previous history, so that they would not be missed. Many recruits were sent to the year 6069 and then returned to describe what they saw. If they described what they saw what was known to be there, then they would continue in the project since their testimony could be validated. Duncan describes the Earth in the year 6069 as a city of unrecognizable ruins in a different evolution than the one Earth is in now. A big gold horse (with a dial on its belly) monument of some kind caught his notice (i.e. the front cover of the first Montauk book). Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron were also assigned to be on the USS Eldridge. Both jumped off when they found that they were starting to phase out of this reality. Preston Nichols, a receiver / transmitter specialist, was assigned to the design of weather control technologies using techniques of Wilhelm Reich. They were able to control storms, tornadoes, and various other weather systems using Z-Argon gases at the 406 MHz frequencies. These were to be incorporated into the Phoenix Project. The projects developed from weather control and invisibility, to Human Mind Control. Their Idea was to control the mind of the enemy and make them surrender. By setting the emotions of people, then recording their psychic brain wave patterns, they found that when they replayed these patterns to other people, they too would be set to that emotion. Preston also explains on the video how Teleportation to a future fixed point would alter the return to the same fixed point of a past, and that this would set up a re-occurring loop of a certain time line, while leaving other alternate past point time lines in perfect alternate possible futures (it gets complicated here), and sets up a locked time line. Preston farther explains how altered states of reality works in the “No perception of time” state. The Montauk Air force base was used for this testing from 1969 to 1979. These devices were perfected to the point where they could produce a mind control laser beam to make a person feel anything they wanted: love, hate, depression, etc. They could point this beam at a school of fish and make them swim in any direction that they wanted. Some 250,000 people were mind programmed and tested during this time. A side effect of this programming was that the people who were used for testing, some of them without their knowledge, all obtained an altered Aura. These altered Auras that can still be seen today by psychics and equipment. They had the power of creation so long as the power was supplied to the transmitters which required gigs and terra watts. After the project was over, employees were de-briefed, brainwashed, reprogrammed, and had their memories erased with the knowledge from the project. In addition to this Al Bielek’s conscious was put into another child’s body after birth. Much of this technology was given to the upper government by a number of Extra-Terrestrial races in exchange for control and treaties (more on this in later Videos). These Black Projects costs billions and billions of dollars to run, and it was not only one base at Montauk, but 25 bases all across the land all running in parallel. The question arises “where did all the money come from?”. Its interesting to note that the money was not funded by the government!. Apparently the money used to fund these projects came from some secret society that got the money from a Nazi gold train carrying 10 billion dollars that disappeared during the war, and was found 10 years later in Montauk, only now the value was hundreds of billions of dollars due to inflation. The projects ceased on Aug 12 1983 when Montauk ran out of these billions. The projects continue on in many veins ,contributing to some of the technology today, such as the B3 bombers (Stealth Technology).

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The ILLUMINATI WILL BE OVER Alex collier 2011 (RadioBlogTalk W/Robert Stanley) FULL

Uploaded by matrixxxbrasil2 on Dec 21, 2011

In this new interview Alex Collier talks about what he thinks is the last days of illuminati, and how we can work it to help in this process.

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