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My name is Janet Kira Lessin and I’m an Experiencer. This is my coming out party. It’s true confession time. While it’s scary, it’s time I get real, with myself, with you. The truth will set us free–all of us.

All my life I’ve had contact with ghosts, extraterrestrials and inter-dimensional beings.

Extraterrestrial Contact - Alien Abduction

I’ve remembered many of my past lives.  I’ve lived outside of the matrix, alone, unable to communicate this secret part of my life until now, now that you are waking up. I suspect I’m not alone. I know I’m not the only one who’s remained connected to Source, higher powers and inter-dimensional beings.  I invite you to share what you know so together, we can unravel the mystery and catapult humanity to a higher level of awareness. It’s time to claim our birthright. We are being invited to join the Federation of Light and Love.  Accept the invitation. When enough of us respond, the Brotherhood of Light will receive us and shift us to a new paradigm of love.

Always With Us

They’ve always been with us. You’ve seen them in your dreams.  Others have become aware and featured them in books, movies, television, commercials.  Cave dwellers recorded their visits.  Stories passed down to us became myths.

Who decided what was fact and fiction?  And why?  Why are some stories myth and others recorded as religious fact?  Who are these sprites that came in the night?  What is/was their agenda to keep us in the dark?

Are we receiving contact and if so, from whom?  Which entities guard and protect us? Which desire to control and manipulate us?

We explore all these issues. The answer comes from within and the connection of your soul with GodSource, Universal Consciousness and  All That There Is, Was and Every Will Be.

You are the chooser

It’s all up to you. You’re making this up anyway, as you go along.  So where do you go with your individual story?  How can you affect the human story. And will your choice be love and light and fear and  dark?  It’s up to you.

For me I chose a paradigm of love,  light and connection to God Consciousness.  I realize I am  connected to the grand scheme of things and that connection and  awareness grows stronger with each passing day.  I grow, evolve and  am becoming enlightened (in light), and as I awaken I am aware that I am  supported by my guides, soul family, angels, guardians of light, council  of elders and wise ones, interdimensionals, aliens and extraterrestrials  aligned with God (goodness), love and light.

We are all one at the core and we move through awareness of our connections in physical realms. In spirit we are always connected. It’s just Maya, illusion that keeps us from that awareness on a physical level and that’s perfect too, for our unconsciousness allows us to co-create and
diversify existence, which benefits us all.

The Evidence is Overwhelming

Hundreds of thousands of witnesses have come forth over time. How many more sightings do we need until we admit they’re here?  Educate yourself, investigate the evidence.  Tell your friends, families. Talk about it. Insist your government come clean.  They’re waiting for us to invite them to contact us.  We’re being invited to become members of the Federation of Light.  T’is time for childhood’s end.

Let Contact Begin

Alien Abduction Contact Bright Light Blue Ship

Invite first contact (if you dare).  Before you sleep, tell them you wish to see them.  You may be afraid at first, but over time you’ll become used to seeing them, to living moments outside your box. The matrix is intense, heavy, controlling. But you are more than your physical self. You are an endless, timeless being. You have free will. You are a co-creator with God, with the Creator of All.  This is your birthright.  The time is now.

Set Yourself Free. Set All of Us Free

Our lives have been hijacked by the power elite. We are corporate, economic slaves.  Technologies exist that will free us from mass slavery. Free energy systems exists that will eliminate our dependency on oil.  Physical immortality is our birthright. Disease and aging are simply modern day genocide designed to keep us from living long enough so that we become wise and discover our true, spiritual selves. Religions are dogma designed to keep us from true knowingness of God.  Time to meet our galactic brothers and sisters. The truth will propel us to consciousness, higher levels of awareness and spiritual evolution.

Join us:

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EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT: Portal to the Cosmos – April 19, 2012 with Rich, Marla, Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin

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by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. Review the steps on your life’s path.  See, and draw lifemaps that show where you’ve been, what you learned and where you head. Discover and reinforce the warp, woof and golden threads of your life fabric.  Re-assess what you declined and maybe bring it into what you weave today.  Draw life maps, purge negatives, embrace positives. You purge programs and attitudes that block your heart’s desires. FIND YOUR PURPOSE Set out a large piece of paper and crayons. Close your eyes.  See the landscape of your life; include your love life.  See the roads you took.  Draw what you saw on a ROADMAP OF YOUR LIFE Draw roadblocks, dangerous curves, detours, fast lanes on your highways, freeways, back roads, toll roads and spirit journeys. When you finish the drawing, view the regions‑‑physical, emotional, social and spiritual‑‑you traveled.  More comes to you as you look at your map; add it. Close your eyes.  Imagine your stand below a peak that symbols your HIGHEST PURPOSE.  Your experiences prepared you to climb to the PEAK, fulfill your missions, find you purpose, meet your destiny.  As you climb you create several great things at subpeaks long your trail.  At each subpeak, a luminescent figure of a more advanced version of the present you greets you.  Move your awareness behind the figure’s eyes.  From her or his eyes remote view what you created at that subpeak.  Then climb to the ultimate peak. Draw you as you trek to your peak.  Show your past, present and future.  Show what got you to ascend.  Identify regions, travel conditions and destinations.  Put your drawing on a wall; view it daily for a week and note what you learn.  . REVIEW LIFE FROM RIPE OLD AGE [Reference: Progoff, I., 1975, At a Journal Workshop] Have a partner take you through the cues in bold type below, then take your partner through them.  Write your responses and summarize your partner’s. Where you see ***, you, then your partner, responds] On your back, eyes closed, relax.  Take 5 deep breaths. ***   Imagine you lived to a healthy OLD AGE–way older than your present years–and it’s your birthday today.  Which birthday, how many years have you worn your present body on this future birthday? ***    Imagine you’ve had your druthers.  You lived right.  You’ve developed your talents.  Your conscience guided you.  Today, you share your birthday with people.  Tell them how your life, so far, has been FULFILLING.  ***  Tell them what you learned about RELATIONSHIPS. ***    Relate what you loved about your LIFESTYLE through the years. ***  Say the MOTTOS that moved you. ***    Tell them what FASCINATED you. ***      What did you CREATE? ***  Tell your guests what, now that you’re at this ripe old age birthday party, what TALENTS you’ve developed so far. ***  Summarize the philosophy and the PRINCIPLES you lived so well so many years. ***     What GOALS did you reach? ***    Say how your CONSCIENCE guided you. ***    What COMMITMENTS led to your good outcomes. ***    If you could achieve ONE MORE THING in this life, what would it be? ***    Tell your PLANS from now till you die. ***  Say what you’d like to those gathered at your birthday. *** …read more

ETS & HYBRIDS TO SAVE EARTH-Hansen, Hardy, Lindsey, Hawker, Skye, Wilde, April, Swerdlow, Lessin, Eagle Heart, Hill


ETS & HYBRIDS TO SAVE EARTH-Hansen, Hardy, Lindsey, Hawker, Skye, Wilde, April, Swerdlow, Lessin, Eagle Heart, Hill

By Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA) Suzy Hansen* relates that she’s a dual soul–Zeta Grey and Homo sapien. She can integrate the individuality of humans and the group empathy of the Greys.  And she bears a message of hope for us all.  Through her soul journey and continuing, Suzy recalls much and, with hypnotic facilitation, remembers even more. She assures us that the Universal Governing Body and advanced life forms in our galaxy hear the pain of Earth and the Earthlings.  The Governing Body has sent three waves of volunteer souls to usher in the movement of Earth to a planet of peace, empathy, free energy and enhanced health.  “What affects one sector of the galaxy affects all and we cannot be left behind in the expansion of the universe.” Suzy’s interview begins at 1:06:31/1:59:47 Place your cursor on the button on the bottom of the graphic and slide it over to 1:06:31/1:59:47 to hear her. The Universal Governing Body saw many souls on Earth forgot why they came here and asked the Greys to help volunteer souls to help them remember so the whole galaxy can evolve.The Greys sent 3 waves of volunteers to guide us to the Aquarian Age The Universal Governing Body saw many souls on Earth forgot why they came here and asked the Greys to help volunteer souls to help them remember so the whole galaxy can evolve. The Greys sent 3 waves of volunteers to guide us to the Aquarian Age. WAVE 1) INNOVATORS, THEN ENLIGHTENERS  Innovators Innovators from other planets or existences felt the tingle from the Universal Govening Body to enter a new life and help us evolve out of our repetitive war, slavery and drudgery.  They birthed on Earth since the 1900s.  From the 1930s to 1960s they “became inventors, critical thinkers and scientists” advancing industry, spiritualism, UFO research and early mediumship movements.       Enlighteners The larger part of the First Wave, Enlighteners, agreed to birth here from the 1980s right up to nowadays (some are still to be born); many are adults already. “Star Children, Indigos, Crystal Children, New Humans” and conscious experiencers.  “Enlighteners have come here to accustom us to kinaesthetic and metaphysical skills” and are oft “involved in environmental, healing and spiritual pursuits, art and music.”  Many give us “personal information on UFOs and contact experiences.” hris H. Hardy, Ph.D., lays the foundations for a universe in which consciousness is the driving force of creation that we experience in our lives, and yet a hyperdimension of collective intelligence…all the way to the origin. CHRIS H. HARDY Dr. Hardy takes us on a tour of the 5th dimension, black holes, the Zero Point and vacuum, and the hottest cosmologies, to show that adding this ISS hyperdimension of consciousness (interlaced with hyperspace and hypertime) not only is very consistent with most physics discoveries, but also explains why we are endowed with consciousness. Moving beyond the materialistic or random frameworks, Hardy weaves a new cosmological paradigm in which consciousness and matter evolve in synchrony, and a part of our being is hyperdimensional. http://kcorradio.com/KCOR/Podcasts/Divine-Paradigm/2017/October/Chris-H-Hardy-Cosmic-DNA-At-The-Origin-Divine-Paradigm-Dr-Sasha-Lessin-Janet-Kira-Lessin-KCOR-Digital-Radio-Network.mp3 From the point of origin, an immense time before the first quantum, before particles and matter, space and time are born, this hyperdimension unfolds as a golden spiral driven by the phi ratio—an Infinite Spiral Staircase. It…read more

Johnston Atoll – ET Underwater Base


MEETING WITH ETS AND MILITARY 10 NOV. 2009, AKAU ATOLL, HAWAII Published on Dec 31, 2009 The round things to the south of Johnson Atoll I’ve found out since are camera mounts….High ranking military personnel were supposed to have et with ets – greys,reptilians,”silicon-based lifeforms called “the Conformers”, and human looking ets on November 10 on the remote atoll of AKAU ATOLL, near Hawaii,as part of Project “SERPO”. I thought Serpo was dead and buried,but here we go again…. wiki=”According to the most common version of the story, an alien survived a crash near Roswell in the later 1940s (see Roswell UFO incident). This alien was detained but treated well by American military forces, contacted its home planet and eventually repatriated. The story continues by claiming that this led to the establishment of some sort of relationship between the American government and the people of its home world – said to be a planet of the binary star system Zeta Reticuli.[1] Zeta Reticuli has a history in ufology (including the Betty and Barney Hill abduction), having been claimed as the home system of an alien race called the Greys. The story finally claims that twelve American military personnel visited the planet between 1965 and 1978 and that all of the party have since died, from ‘after effects of high radiation levels from the two suns’.[1] [edit] Criticisms One criticism of Project Serpo stems from the lack of veracity of one of its alleged witnesses, Sergeant Richard Doty. Doty has been involved in other alleged UFO-related activities (see Majestic 12 and Paul Bennewitz), and this makes the Project Serpo allegations automatically suspect.[1] Additionally, there is no physical evidence supporting the project’s existence.[1] According to Tim Swartz of Mysteries Magazine, Doty, who promised evidence to Moulton Howe before backing out, has been involved in circulating several other UFO conspiracy stories.[1] Swartz also expressed that the details of Project Serpo have varied considerably with different accounts. [1] It has since been discovered that the entire set of posts were merely to virally encourage sales for a new book by Doty. Cited here; http://www.realityuncovered.net/ufolo… Further criticisms of the story include the usual arguments against conspiracy theories, UFOs, and faster-than-light travel, as well as astronomical knowledge of the Zeta Reticuli system. There is currently no evidence of technological life in the system and also no evidence of planets. Because the stars are widely separated (several thousand astronomical units), claims of excess radiation as a result of the presence of a second star are nonsensical. On a more fundamental level, it is entirely possible that the messages originating the story were deliberate hoaxes. The postings were to Internet forums that cover conspiracy theories and UFOs, and a cursory examination of such forums shows that hoaxes are not uncommon. Some ufologists have even claimed that the messages were a hoax perpetrated by the American military and intelligence communities to protect real, related, activities. [edit] Discontinuation of website Bill Ryan, a chief proponent of publicizing the Project Serpo claims, announced on March 5th, 2007 that he was stepping down from his role as webmaster for the Serpo material. Ryan nevertheless maintains his belief that an extraterrestrial exchange program did occur – although he states that the Serpo releases definitely contained disinformation.[2] [edit] References 1.^ a b c d e…read more

Expand ET Experiences: Self-hypnosis Cues, Youtubes, Slides by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D.


Expand ET Experiences: Self-hypnosis Cues, Youtubes, Slides by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D.

Listen to “HYPNOSIS EXPANDS EXTRATERRESTRIAL EXPERIENCES” on Spreaker. Article by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Dean, School of Counseling, Certified Hypnotherapist) excerpted from “Experiencers: Conscious Contactees” Edited by Janet Kira Lessin WE’VE HAD ET CONTACT FROM THE GETGO Extraterrestrials have interacted with us, the current Earthlings, since 300,000 years ago, when geneticists of the Goldmining Expedition from Planet Nibiru to Earth (the Anunnaki) adapted (adding Proto-Sasquatch genes, copper, minerals and mDNA) their genome to this planet to create us as their slave race. Statues, clay tablets and oral traditions tell us many a story of our ancestors traveling in and viewing Nibiran spacecraft. We see ETs’ skeletons, advanced technological devices, models of their aircraft, depictions of their astronauts and megalithic structures on every continent, under the seas and in the caverns deep within the Earth.             The wall at Pumapunku, Peru next to their spaceport at Tiahuancu features reliefs of Greys and Coneheads. The Bible abounds with stories of ETs intervening in the affairs of Earthlings.           Modern UFO research and documented contactee testimonies give us evidence that any reasonable court of law would find utterly convincing that we have been and still are in extensive contact with ETs and that the Nations of Earth have made treaties of cooperation with Extraterrestrials, some of whom have abducted Earthlings for experimentation, breeding and slavery.       Millions of people from every continent have been in direct, personal and astral contact with ETs on this and other planets, in space and on their craft.         Contemporary Earth governments and the Vatican have suppressed information about their clandestine treaties and ridiculed, intimidated, ruined and even assassinated people who have blown the whistle on our leaders’ agreements with the ETs as well as our secret space program bases and orbiting craft as well as those of several species of extraterrestrials on Mars, Luna and other planets and satellites in our solar system and others. GET A NONJUDGMENTAL HYPNOTHERAPIST If you want to explore Alien contact you may have had, get a nonjudgmental, open hypnotherapist. This person shows you how to accept yourself, your subselves, and your experiences. She or he hears what you say you experience and doesn’t bug you about whether what you saw, felt, heard, intuited, envisioned was real. Your therapist says, “After the trance session, you’ll remember of the session what’s in your best interest to remember when the time’s right for you to remember it.” You came to hypnosis to explore alien contact, but past, future, parallel or interdimensional lives may flood your consciousness. You may well then relive ET contact you had in these incarnations in other bodies, times and places. Trance-work lets you recall way more detail of how you and aliens contacted each other. Again, though you came to explore your alien experiences, you may instead relive military or cult abductions, psychedelic journeys, vision quests or astral trips. The alien memories you access can, in your trance, segue with womb, childhood and adult memories. Whatever you notice, your therapist helps you drop fear, trauma and memory blocks when it serves you to do so. Perhaps you’ll hear again words and thoughts you and your hybrid kids and ancestors shared as you and they dwelt…read more

ET EXPERIENCERS: HEROES OF HUMANITY: Article, Youtube, Experiential Cues to Access Your Hero Harkening


ET EXPERIENCERS: HEROES OF HUMANITY: Article, Youtube, Experiential Cues to Access Your Hero Harkening

UFO CON 2017 Mar. 24-25-26 Friday 4 pm-Sunday 9 pm  S. San Francisco, Holiday Inn Featuring experiential workshops, including  ET EXPERIENCERS: HEROES OF HUMANITY led by JANET KIRA LESSIN & SASHA ALEX LESSIN, PH.D.  Mar 26 3:30 PM Janet shares how she experienced extraterrestrial, interdimensional, pastlife and future lives and how you can too.  She teaches how to cast paranormal experiences as your HERO-JOURNEY of self-discovery, a journey to get boons for all humanity from aliens and spiritual guides.  Register: http://caufocon.com/sessions/intensive-janet-lessin-being-an-experiencer/    Please note: To purchase Tickets for the conference go to http://caufocon.com/tickets/. To purchase tickets for the Lessins’ Experiencers & Anunnaki workshops call 415-895-6069 and leave a message. Lorien Fenton will get back to you soon and help you through the process. To schedule a private hypnotherapy session with the Lessins call 808-244-4103 or write aquarianradio@gmail.com.  We are available for a limited amount of private sessions on Thursday, March 23rd and Friday morning, March 24th, 2017 (before the conference begins).  We also do private sessions via Skype. + Dr. Sasha leads an experiential exercise to assist our hero-journeys and learn to facilitate others. YOU’RE A HERO Below’s an experiential you might enjoy and learn something from also.  It’s called YOU’RE A HERO: An Experiential by Sasha. Have a partner give you the directions below.  Tell her or him to read the cues printed in bold, but not the directions enclosed in [square brackets]; alternately, try this exercise solo. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply.  With each breath, relax more.  [Let her or him take ten full breaths.]   HEAR THE CALL TO ADVENTURE. Imagine a voice softly calling you from once-upon-a-time.  Lift a finger when you hear it. [Wait till she or he lifts a finger.] You’re drawn by it to a safe, private place, perhaps one you knew as a kid.  Raise your finger when you see it. Smell pleasant scents here. Your private place has a door leading to the wondrous realm. Open the door and see steps down. Grasp the rail and step onto the smooth wooden steps. Descend ten steps to the landing. With each step, relax more.  With each, breathe more deeply. Get in a boat at the landing. Curl up on cushions in the boat. Feel safe and drowsy as the boat gently rocks and drifts.  It beaches on the shore in front of the gate.*   MEET THE HELPER Encounter a creature or force who will help you pass the guardian. See your helper near the gate. Pretend for a moment you are that helper.  Raise your finger when you start to feel what it’s like to be Helper. Say what you are like as Helper. As Helper, tell your person how you can help her or him.   CONFRONT THE GUARDIAN Be yourself on your quest again. Imagine you approach the gate and its guard. Become the guardian. State your existence, Guardian.  Challenge the person approaching the gate.   PASS TESTS.** Now become yourself and confront the guardian. Talk to it/her/him. Make up and tell the story of how you defeat or get by the guardian.  In it, get help from your helper.  [Encourage her or him to use the present tense]   TRIUMPH IN SUPREME ORDEAL Experience and triumph in the greatest imaginable test.  Describe the scene to me.   GET THE BOON Gain the…read more

William Tompkins answers some viewer questions Search4TruthReality


Published on Jan 12, 2017 I met with William Tompkins to ask some follow-up questions – some of them from the viewers of this channel: 1. Are you currently in contact with the Nordics? 2. Do you have any doubt about the existence of reptilians? 3. How do you know that there are different types of reptilians? 4. Are the reptilians suppressing humanity? 5. How do you know suppression is happening? 6. What are the inputs at TRW that allowed them to conclude humanity is being suppressed by reptilians? 7. Are you privy to any of the mechanisms of suppression that’s being executed by the reptilians? 8. What can you tell us about life extension? 9. Have you ever head of the Electromation Company of Santa Monica, CA – the company that did some construction work for Otis T. Carr on the OTC-X1 Circular Foil Craft? 10. What do you make of private individuals of the 1960’s building craft with little to no budget? 11. Do you think Maria Orsics was successful in constructing her craft and getting off the planet? 12. Maria Orsic’s craft were brought to Area 51. Is that what you’re saying? 13. Do you want talk about the operatives’ connection with Maria? 14. How did they find out how Maria’s group came into funding; was it information brought back from the operatives telling how the funding just kind of magically appeared? 15. Had you ever heard of a teleportation craft? 16. Where in Utah is the underground US Air Force facility you designed? 17. Have you ever met Stanley Kubrick? 18. What do you know about Apollo 19 and 20? 19. What kind of trouble did your attorney keep you out of? 20. What was going through your mind when the secretaries didn’t show up at El Segundo? 21. In addition to his patent work with you, was he also tasked with locating the Nordic secretaries when they didn’t show up in El Segundo? 22. Were all your secretaries Nordic? 23. What do you make of the secretaries being selected for you by management? 24. Do you think that management knew the secretaries they’d selected were extraterrestrials? 25. Who did the Nordics have a contract with? 26. If the Nordics are one party of the contract, who is the other party – the NAVY – Douglas Aircraft – or…? 27. How do you know about Solar Warden; and, when did you first learn about it? 28. Can you tell us when you first heard the phrase ‘Solar Warden’? 29. Do you have anything you’d like to add about Solar Warden? 30. Have you ever met Valiant Thor? 31. What’s on your mind right now – is there anything else you’d like people to know?…read more

William Mills Tompkins


William Mills Tompkins

William Tompkins – Secrets Space Program Published on Sep 18, 2016 William Tompkins served with Navy Intelligence from 1942-1945 directly participating in intelligence debriefings of Navy agents embedded within Nazi (卐) Germany most secret aerospace facilities. WILLIAM TOMPKINS, MARIA OSRIC, ALEMANES EN EL ESPACIO. Jeff Rense & William Tompkins – The ET & Nazi Secret Space Program  …read more




INTERVIEWS WITH HEROS WHO CONTACT ALIENS & “OTHERS’, Part 1 Hear Andrew Basiago, Randy Cramer, Ken Johnston, George Green, Sherry Wilde, Miesha Johnston, Cynthia Crawford, Robert Peralta, Janet Kira Lessin, John Titor II, Reinerio Hernandez, Hildregard Gmeiser, Karen Christine Patrick, Olaf Jansen and others share their experiences. Aloha. I’m Dr. Sasha Lessin. Wife Janet and I are hypnotherapists. We specialize in exploration of nonordinary consciousness, including alien contact. Collegue Karen Chrisine Patrick joined us in the radio shows below as we interviewed hero whistleblowers, ET ambassadors and genetic donors. Click on the sound band, arrows or yellow dot in the upper left-hand corner of the interviewee’s photo for each entry below to listen; okay to skip around. I’m adding hotlinks to most of the interviews below. If you click the links, you get extended information pages to which you can click through for illustrations, experiencer bios an publications and contact info on each. We’ll keep adding to this site. ALIEN EXPERIENCES ARE USUALLY BENEFICIAL TO CONTACTEE & HUMANITY By Reinerio Hernandez Below are several findings from the WORLD’S FIRST COMPREHENSIVE ACADEMIC RESEARCH STUDY ON INDIVIDUALS THAT HAVE HAD UFO RELATED CONTACT EXPERIENCES WITH NON-HUMAN INTELLIGENCE! http://www.experiencer.org/survey/ Our Executive Director is Harvard Astrophysicist Dr. Rudy Schild. Our Research Committee Co-Chairs are 2 retired academic professors– Dr. Bob Davis (Neuroscientist) & Dr. Jon Klimo (Transpersonal Psychology). All of our Phase 1 & Phase 2 research data and our research methodology is available in our FREE Website: http://www.experiencer.org/survey/ Our initial survey findings, based upon 600 questions and almost 3,300 survey responses, totally contradict what is being circulated in the Internet and in the field of Ufology. Over 3,300 participants from over 100 countries Surveys conducted in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and German Memories only from CONSCIOUS EXPLICIT MEMORIES NOT from Hypnotic Regressions The following data is only from the ENGLISH LANGUAGE SURVEY 65%, or 1,024 of these individuals have had a witness to the UFO sighting 1,072 have physically seen a Non-Human Intelligent Being Over 75% of individuals have viewed their physical contact experiences as “Positive” Only 15% have viewed their contact experiences as “Negative” The “Energy Beings” (55%) and “Human Looking Being” (54%) is the most common type of being seen by Experiencers and not the Short or Tall Greys 593 individuals have seen an “Energy Being” 5% view the Energy Being as “Mainly Negative 570 individuals have seen a “Human Looking Being” 5.5% view the Human Looking Being as “Mainly Negative 542 individuals have seen “Small Grey Being” 11.72% view the Small Grey Being as “Mainly Negative 498 individuals have seen “Ghost/Spirit Being” 6.6% view the Ghost/Spirit Being as “Mainly Negative 346 individuals have seen “Tall Grey Being” 10.5% view the Tall Grey Being as “Mainly Negative 270 individuals have seen a “Reptilian Being” 23% view the Reptilian Being as “Mainly Negative 238 individuals have seen a “Praying Mantis Type Being” 9.44% view the Praying Mantis Type Being as “Mainly Negative 1,092 individuals stated they saw “Other Types of Beings” 8.8% view the “Other Types of Beings” as “Mainly Negative” 85% have undergone major transformations for the “POSITIVE” per 75 Life Style Changes Questions (more spiritual, less egotistical, more concern for the environment, less concern for monetary values, etc) 50% have reported a medical healing by a non-human intelligent…read more

WIKILEAKS EMAILS: Clinton told of ‘Roswell whistleblower’ and where ‘UFO wreckage stored’


WIKILEAKS EMAILS: Clinton told of ‘Roswell whistleblower’ and where ‘UFO wreckage stored’

HILLARY Clinton was told where the remains of the ‘Roswell crashed flying saucer’ were taken in an e-mail that has been published by Wikileaks as part of its release of thousands of her campaign communications. By JON AUSTIN PUBLISHED: 16:14, Tue, Oct 11, 2016 | UPDATED: 18:41, Tue, Oct 11, 2016 The e-mail was sent by former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge, who also hinted in the communication a former US Air Force major general may be about to turn whistleblower, to Mrs Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta.Mr DeLonge and Mr Podesta are both known for their high interest in UFOs and aliens, and the latter and Hillary Clinton have vowed she will make public as many classified government files on the subject as possible if she wins the race to the White House. Two e-mails from Mr DeLonge to Mr Podesta sent last year have been released by Wikileaks. In one he identifies a top source, who he claims worked at “where the remains of the Roswell UFO crash” were taken and stored until very recently. Hillary Clinton was told where the Roswell UFO wreckage went Blink-182 singer Tom DeLong claims to know where Roswell UFO was taken In an e-mail entitled “General McCasland”, he wrote that he had been working with the named former military official on the Roswell mystery and hinted he may be about to turn whistleblower.Roswell has been at the heart of the UFO scene since in July 1947 the military sensationally announced in a press release it had found the remains of a crashed flying saucer in the desert nearby.But the following day it retracted the statement, saying it was in fact a damaged US Air Force air balloon.Witnesses later came forward to say there had been alien bodies within the “crashed craft”, which along with the wreckage were then taken away.It has often been claimed by conspiracy theorists they are held at the mysterious top-secret Area 51 military base in Nevada….read more

WikiLeaks Reveals UFO ​Messages in Clinton Campaign Emails


WikiLeaks Reveals UFO ​Messages in Clinton Campaign Emails

By BYRON TAU ~ Oct 10, 2016 2:09 pm ET THE WALL STREET JOURNAL ~ http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2016/10/10/wikileaks-reveals-ufo-%E2%80%8Bmessages-in-clinton-campaign-emails/ In this Oct. 9, 2007 file photo, radio telescopes of the Allen Telescope Array are seen in Hat Creek, Calif. Astronomers at the SETI Institute have been forced to shutter its program that scanned the skies for signs of extraterrestrial life, saying they’re out of government funds. (AP Photo/Ben Margot, File) PHOTO: ASSOCIATED PRESS The former lead singer of the band Blink 182 was in recent contact with Hillary Clinton‘s campaign chairman John Podesta about UFOs, newly disclosed emails show. Tom DeLonge, who was the guitarist for the power punk trio best known for songs like “Dammit” and “What’s My Age Again,” emailed Mr. Podesta at least twice. He wrote in cryptic terms about their well-documented mutual interest in more government disclosure about the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects of potential extraterrestrial origin. The emails, released by the website Wikileaks this month, also reveal that Mr. Podesta participated in a documentary that Mr. DeLonge is producing. It isn’t clear whether Mr. Podesta responded to the messages. Mr. Podesta, who has worked in the highest levels of government in the administrations of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, has expressed interested in the topic. And he has long championed further government disclosure around classified files concerning UFOs. In one of the emails from 2015, Mr. DeLonge says he would to introduce Mr. Podesta to two very important people involved in issues “relating to our sensitive topic.” “I think you will find them very interesting, as they were principal leadership relating to our sensitive topic. Both were in charge of most fragile divisions, as it relates to Classified Science and DOD topics. Other words, these are A-Level officials. Worth our time, and as well the investment to bring all the way out to you,” Mr. DeLonge writes. In another email from 2016, Mr. DeLonge writes that he has been working with a former military official. “He just has to say that out loud, but he is very, very aware- as he was in charge of all of the stuff. When Roswell crashed, they shipped it to the laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. General McCasland was in charge of that exact laboratory up to a couple years ago,” Mr. DeLonge wrote, referring to the Roswell conspiracy theory that the U.S. government recovered an alien vessel in 1947. The military maintains that the crash at Roswell was a surveillance balloon. Both Messrs. DeLonge and Podesta have been quite open about their interests in the topic of unidentified flying objects. The band Blink 182 recorded a song called “Aliens Exist” on their 1999 album “Enema of the State” After the band dissolved last year, Mr. DeLonge launched a new franchise focused around the paranormal and unexplained phenomenons called Sekret Machines. The franchise includes fiction, nonfiction, documentary and music. Upon leaving the Obama administration in 2015, Mr. Podesta wrote on Twitter that his “biggest failure” was “not securing the #disclosure” of the UFO files.” Mr. DeLonge didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. A spokesman for the Clinton campaign, without responding to questions about the UFOs meeting, accused the Russian government of interference in the U.S. election. Intelligence officials have blamed groups with ties to the Russian…

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