By Sasha (Alex) Lessin*, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)
(Excerpt from Anunnaki: Gods No More, due for
publication this August)

People of the Earth:

Break the shackles of conditioning and propaganda that bind you to hatred, war  and heartless competition for resources.  The gods were but humans from another planet, their battles on Earth petty and  we but pawns for their terrible weapons to enslave us, force us to work for them
and kill each other in their names.


Allah is Nannar, Yahweh is Enlil, Ishtar is Inanna and even Adanoi is  Enki–mining expeditions personnel all, all from the planet Nibiru and its
subdwarf dark star Nemesis.


We Earthlings are one race, which the Nibirans genetically engineered to slave  in mines, armies, businesses, schools, governments, farms, factories, building  projects for them and their “royal” lines of ever-murderous Nibiran/Earthling  rulers.


The alternative history Zecharia Sitchin, Neal Freer, Michael Tellinger, Andy  Lloyd, Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson articulate about our origins and  development shatter the fetters of the lies that have kept us in war, greed,  poverty, shortened lives and now expose us to immanent extinction. We can avoid  these ills and extinction when we accept the evidence of the hybrid origins, an  imposed elite, programmed antagonism toward one another and the periodic return  of Nibiru and its Lagrange Points to Earth’s vicinity.

When I studied for my doctorate in Anthropology at U.C.L.A. in the 60s, my  professors taught that gradual physical then sociocultural evolution caused all  human development.

In physical evolution, they said a Miocene or Pliocene anthropoid primate  evolved into a hominid, Homo Erectus, which in turn had evolved from simpler  primates over millions of years. My anthropology teachers said Homo  Sapiens–that’s us–gradually evolved from Erectus [Clark, D., W., 1959, History  of the Primates:178].

Socioculturally, anthropologists said we evolved with technology we ourselves  developed. They thought we proliferated as we planted and bred cereals from  local grains, tamed indigenous wild sheep, goats, cattle, donkeys and horses,  invented tools and machines, developed medicine, constructed irrigation  and  transportation systems, built cities and developed ever-more effective  mathematics,  astronomy, chemistry, metallurgy, architecture and engineering.

Modern information proves the anthropologists wrong about our physical  evolution: we didn’t just biologically evolve incrementally from simpler  primates on Earth. Researchers failed to find any gradually intermediate  skeletons of primates that link modern humans from tarsier-like ancestors from  which Twentieth Century anthropologists thought we evolved. Several advanced  hominids co-existed at the same time as Homo Erectus. Erectus and its  contemporary humans, and may have been survivors of astronomically-caused  extinction events during human settlement on Earth long before 400,000 years ago  when the scientist Enki and crews of seven – twelve foot tall Homo Sapiens  colonized Earth from Nibiru. Reject the view that we’re an entirely indigenous  species that evolved only from simpler forms native to this planet.

Reject also anthropologists’ outmoded view that we evolved socially from  technologies we ourselves invented. We actually developed socially when the  Nibirans introduced advanced technologies to us. 60s anthropologists had noted  mysterious uplevelings of civilizations every 3,600 years or so, improvements  ancient inhabitants of Iraq–then called Sumer–wrote that the Nibiran gods gave  them. Anthropologists of the 60s believed these gods imaginary.

My Chairman at U.C.L.A. said technological innovations Sumerians themselves  developed explained social evolution. Their innovations, he said, allowed more  population growth, sedentariness, material goods, specialization and leisure,  all of which caused social evolution. Neither he nor I ever considered as  real–let alone the source of cultural evolution– “gods” Sumerians said gave  them the inventions, crops and livestock that let them increase their numbers  and master the environment. In the thrall of evolutionary anti-creationism, we  dismissed what Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Indians, Norse, Chinese, Tibetan,  Central and South Americans said about gods who rode Celestial Chariots, threw thunderbolts and periodically boosted our civilizations with crops, herds,  devices, laws and knowledge. [Goldschmidt, W., 1959, Man’s Way: 110 -117]

Sociologist C. W. Mills showed us how power elites control Earth and regularly  collaborated to perpetuate competition and war. These elites descended from the  bloodline of Enki whom Sumerians said was a god, albeit a flesh-and blood god.   300,000 years ago, Enki combined his genes with those of Erectus to breed hybrid  goldmining slaves. 13,000 years ago, he fathered Ziasudra (Noah in The Bible),  ancestor of the elite that to this day rule Earth. The elite still employ a  master-slave, god-worshiper code (with them in master status and we in slave–albeit economic slave–status) to run humanity. Ziasudra’s  descendants–today’s elite–passed their mandate to dictate “from Sumer through  Egypt to Israel through David and the messiahs, fostered by the Essenecommunities in Canaan.

“Jesus was an Essene as was his wife, Mary Magdalene, information the Catholic  Church suppressed. Catholics instead perpetuated slave-code fear and  subservience. They hid the truth of our hybridization and persecuted and  brutalized the human-centered strain of the bloodline [that’s most of us].”  [Gardiner, L., 2000, Bloodline of the Holy Grail; quote from Freer, 2004,  Sapiens Rising]

In 2000, Cody and Robin Johnson brought me to a seminar led by Sumerian  scholar, Zecharia Sitchin. Sitchin presented evidence in clay and stone of  astronomical, geological and biological knowledge Sumerians said gods gave them,  knowledge our scientists only verified many millenia later. His findings made  sense of the missing links in our physical and social history. No missing  physical links existed because we emerged suddenly, when Enki and his cohorts  engineered elements of their genome and those of Erectus. Sitchin documented  the early development and perpetuation of the power elite, the punctuated  quantum jumps in our technology and the inadequacy of both the theistic and  evolutionary dogma perpetrated by the elite.

Sitchin’s work breaks the elite’s stranglehold on us. I attended every Sitchin  seminar I could and read everything he and other revisionist anthropologists  wrote. See “myths” of seemingly immortal gods as reports of what people saw  these gods–with planes, helicopters,  spaceships, laser and nuclear weapons,  computers, weather-changing technologies–do and what these Nibirans said.

“Sitchin advanced a coherent paradigm of our genesis to rewrite our beginnings  and astronomically, evolutionarily, paleontologically, archaeologically and  redefine ourselves. His thesis corrects creationism, redefines Darwinism.   Sitchin read Sumerian as well as Hebrew, was steeped in the history and had  material from the Middle East rediscovered only last one hundred and fifty  years.” [Freer, N., 2004, Sapiens Arising]

In Anunnaki: Gods No More (due for release Summer, 2012), I review our ancient  history and sense of who we are, how we got here, and how the new paradigm of  Earthlings’ unique two-race genetics frees us from the model the Anunnaki  imposed on us. The new view frees us the physical and economic slavery,  hierarchic obsession, derogation of women, gold lust, antagonistic religions and  nations the Nibirans and the hybrid elite they created dictated.

Free of short, desperate lives, we’ll create our future. We shall activate our  latent Anunnaki genes, scientifically improve our own genome and take our place  in the civilization of the galaxy.

  • Bio for SASHA (ALEX) LESSIN, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

For the last fifteen years Sasha Lessin studied ancient history in the seminars, publications and interviews of Zecharia Sitchin as well the lectures and publications of Neal Freer, Michael Tellinger, Michael Cremo and Andy Lloyd.

Wife Janet and Dr. Sasha present a weekly ancient anthropology lesson on what they’re learning on

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Lessin’s is currently completing Anunnaki, Gods No More, his review of Earth’s history from 450,000 years ago till 600 B.C. . Expected publication: this month.  He is a featured presenter at the STARGATE TO THE COSMOS CONFERENCE,  Oct. 29 -Nov. 4, Scottsdale, Ariz.,

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