37th UFO Dinner Event ~ Dr. Sasha Lessin & Janet Kira Lessin ~ Anunnaki False Gods

37th UFO Dinner event: Sasha Lessin & Janet Lessin : Enki speaks about Anunnaki false gods…

37th UFO dinner event in Rouen

Saturday April 4  2015 at 7PM (Paris time zone)

Sasha Lessin: Anunnaki False Gods, what did our makers want?

Janet Kira Lessin: Sacred Matrix and Tantra Awakening for soul beings

Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha (Alex) Lessin, Ph. D.

Sasha Lessin

PH.D. (U.C.L.A. Anthropology, Ph.D.)

Sasha Lessin Ph.D. (U.C.L.A. Anthropology, Ph.D.), author of Anunnaki: Gods No More and producer of the hugely popular web site,, studied with the late Zecharia Sitchin, for many years. Mr. Sitchin asked Lessin to create popular internet, book and college-level courses to revise ancient anthropology. Sitchin asked Dr. Lessin to help disseminate written, graphic and traditional stories of ETs, hithertofore considered mythic “gods” on Earth from 450,000 – 300 BCE as well as the latest findings in astronomy that relate to the planet Nibiru from which the ETs came to Earth for gold to shield their planet, Nibiru.

Live on Skype from Hawaii

Imprints from the Gods of Ancient Sumer : Earthrise transformative Learning

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Anunnaki computers and weapons

Sumerian civilization: our Anunnaki assets & liabilities

Anunnaki stone circles surrounding our ancestors’ African slave quarters

What Sitchin said Sumerians said Gods said

Anunnaki evidence

Janet Kira Lessin

Janet Kira Lessin, a lifelong scholar and experiencer of ET contacts, and a student of Sitchin as well, is the voice of Ninmah consciousness and is dedicated to bringing the wisdom of Ninmah to the world. She has co-authored Anunnaki: Legacy of the Gods with Dr. Lessin.  She hosts internet radio programs on Revolution Radio and, where she interviews the top researchers and experiencers in UFO, conspiracy, disclosure, ancient anthropology, science fiction and Anunnaki studies. She is a student of Zecharia Sitchin, who certified her in Sitchin Studies.  She attends various UFO and Ancient Alien conferences and interviews these conferences outstanding presenters.

Live on Skype from Hawaii

The Sacred Matrix : Unite, co-create spiritual family through the Sacred Matrix, a revolution in conscious evolution

SOUL BEINGS : We are beings eternally evolving, learning, growing, through lifetimes

Tantra Kundalini Awakening: reconnect souls to their higher awareness of their universal role, Healing Gift of the Gods to maximize Co-Creation of Existence

An evening event full of surprises…

At the L’ETRIER Restaurant, starting at 7PM.. dinner scheduled around 8PM,OpBBx4Cgvap5sHWu2E-3hfUrHINX-sS4RNDcDG0F0PINoERy65UEXe8zEgRwF1Mj5pLOQ8J_WpK9NRlUacV_hCY84dOA5aYG59XLkKlDCS_Nf8qxrlK60z7B9qi61jVcjus9XoPpidFfCo9ZuWOvdr_0THxeZJfb1u5SHIbWEoXWv1mEv6NRinAY2EQIU2qy8CyG2NERhEBX_WmykdTLhYFTdinyt-MQ

Bar Brasserie L’ETRIER 75, Avenue du 14 juillet 76300 Sotteville Les Rouen, 10 minutes from downtown.

Contact:  Marc Gray : (33) 06 83 03 68 94

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