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We’ve been waiting for disclosure for a long, long time. For those who are Contactees/Experiencers (like me), we’ve known it all along. We have been treated like crazies for far too long. Validation awaits just around the corner. But we, as a global UFO community, can create consciousness and spread awareness of our galactic/universal community.

Gene Roddenberry knew it when he sent humanity out as intelligent explorers, interacting with non-human intelligence to discover “new life and civilizations” in the cosmos back in the 1960s. Why is it taking humanity so long to catch up? It seems our governments and religions, fearful of losing control, power, and money, have hijacked our reality and controlled the human narrative all these centuries. But enough is enough.

We are ready. Watch, listen, learn, spread the links and wake up the world. And remember always, if it ain’t love, it’s fake news.

I’ve been interacting with ETs all my life and I’m 67 (posting in 2021) right now. There are endless species that are kind, loving, conscious, enlightened, and anxious for us to join the Federation of Love and Planets. Individually or as a species, we are welcome to join. Seek and ye shall find. Ask and make it so.

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