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Janet: There are so many articles on extraterrestrials on the internet it’s impossible to keep up. I like to find and feature some engaging and controversial topics because they stimulate interesting conversations and activate the mind. As a lifelong alien contactee who continues to interact with ETs, I enjoy connecting with other paranormal experiencers.
The following article is from

Parris V Stefanow

He has a very interesting Facebook page, and I wonder what is his source of information. I do a ton of research, plus I’ve had years of my own experiences, plus I get downloads and telepathic communication as well.  I question everything and do not claim to know it all. But my main goal as an author and researcher is to connect the dots and allow you, the reader or listener (when I do videos or podcasts), to evaluate and make decisions for yourself. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. All I ask is that we respect one another and play nice.

But since the ETs aren’t meeting with us in daylight but keep everything somewhat covert, we don’t have the opportunity to vet them. And I’m not sure, even if we could talk to them, how much would be truth or lies. But if they and we are all telepathic at the core of our beings, perhaps if we could communicate and be transparent and authentic, we might finally all become conscious and ascend and rejoin Source.

But after that, what then would we do? 

Agendas & activities of extraterrestrial visitors; Fifty-seven races are at the moment involved with your planet in more or less friendly manners:


Andromedan Council:

Also called the Zenatean Alliance, it regroups emissaries from 140 highly evolved species, discussing methods and decisions to assist spiritual evolution in this galaxy. The high council of this alliance is composed of uniquely spiritually advanced races, helping Terra alongside the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and sending also envoys (starseeds). They foresaw the future of Terra and, knowing this is a tipping point in its history after 5700 years of Reptilian occupation, they try to influence on the evolution of Terra onto a constructive path.

Ashtar Galactic Command:

Separatist faction from the Ashtar Collective from Sirius B. Due to infiltrations and corruption by agents of the Ciakahrr Empire, a rebel faction, mainly humanoids, separated from the Ashtar Collective and took side along with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Admirably skilled in
military procedures, the Ashtar separatists were offered by the Galactic
Federation of Worlds to help with operations in the Terran system, and they
were offered to set an outpost on planet Jupiter. In order to differentiate
themselves from the Ashtar Collective, they took the name of Ashtar
Galactic Command. They are based in a large peregrine Mothership.
Concerning any Terran affairs, the Ashtar Command’s outpost in your
planetary system relates to the Galactic Federation of Worlds. “Ash-
Tar” is a title which means “Command’ and is used as well as
Commander”. It is not a personal name as often believed in confusing
misleading information.

Council of Five:

Based in the Orion area and formerly known as the Council of Nine.
Created By the Elmanuk from Ardamant and now composed of these 5
only races: Orela, Egaroth, Ginvo, Redan and Emerther. They are involved
in the protection of Terra and many other systems. They were involved
in protecting Terra, way before the creation of the Galactic Federation
of Worlds, which they joined later on as council representatives. They
have been monitoring your species when it was still organisms floating in
your oceans, and have witnessed its evolution to primates, the Anunnaki
meddling, the different Terran colonisations from all parts of the galaxy,
the arrival of the evil empires and the Terran territorial alien wars. The
council of Five, at the moment ran by the Egaroth, met Terran leaders at
many occasions, trying to influence their decision with wisdom, which has always been quite a difficult task. The Council of Five do not have a rule
of non-intervention, such as the Prime Directive of the Galactic Federation
of Worlds, as they consider that sometimes, intervention is necessary in
helping a species avoiding fatal mistakes leading to destructive pathways.
They met on Terra with leaders in 1944, and met again in the last ten days
of August 2013, to discuss the threat of the Orion and Ciakahr empires,
the Cabal alliances and the aftermath solutions for a clean and free future
for the Terran species. The Galactic Federation of Worlds has some issues
with this way of doing, regarding to their rules of non-intervention, but
they will not be able to interfere with the Council of Five other than
diplomatically. The fact it is ran by Egaroth, enforces the intentions of
unconditional assistance to the Terran species, and the work of energy
rebalancing of Terra’s grid.

Galactic Federation of Worlds:

Oraa Nataru Shari:

” United Galaxy Worlds”

Created to maintain peace and justice in this galaxy, the Galactic
Federation of Worlds has, in your star system, the main task to raise the
awareness of the Terrans about the subversion of their societies by other
species, notably the Ciakahrr empire, Orion Grey Collective, the Maytrei
and the Kiily-Tokurit, helping identifying and exposing corrupt institutions
and elites’ manipulation in liaison with these enemies. The Galactic
Federation of Worlds also works at the uplifting of human consciousness
and developing strategies against advanced mind-control technologies.
They monitor extra-terrestrial infiltration, they work at deprogrammin
mind-control, rescuing abductees with,
as much as possible,implant
removal, and many other minor tasks. The main races member of the
Federation’s Council are involved as such in assisting Terrans:

Alpha Centauri:

Promoting social justice at a global level and human
freedom, as well as the responsible use of advanced technology. They
look after preserving zones of peace, but also human rights and encourage
sustainable development.


They are involved with the decisions of the galactic
community in dealing with the current Terran situation, at the spiritual
level. Zenae Andromedas work on finding
innovative strategies
for resolving conflicts, and they also oversee the education of youth
psychic/starseed children, and promote peace education. They work
at exposing elite manipulation, inspire diplomacy and extra-terrestrial


The Ohoran Arcturians support the integration of spiritual
values alongside with advanced technologies, by providing strategic
advice in transforming the planetary systems, coordinating also the
channelling and contacts in extra-terrestrial communications with Terrans.
They look after creating, facilitating and keeping open and protected the
communication channels. Gladeian and Noon-Linn Arcturians keep an eye
on the global governance of Terran societies, and the financial, political
and societal systems.


(Laani and Carians) They assist in the opening of consciousness
of the Terrans regarding to their human origins, emulating their spiritual
power, peace and resolution in conflicts, promoting also education and


(Ashaari) They vowed to help humanity find freedom from
oppressive structures through consciousness raising. They conduct active
military actions to purge Terra from the Reptilian and Grey occupation,
working closely with the Ashtar Galactic Command and leading the
military forces of the galactic Federation of Worlds. The Errahil, especially,
work actively on elevating Terra’s grid frequency in order to accelerate
the planet’s shift into a higher density, best technics to get away from
the lower frequencies’ invasive species such as reptilians. By elevating
the frequency rate of Terra’s magneto-resonance, and what you call also
the Schumann resonance, all life-forms will benefit of the shift and its

Procyon: As also part of the Council of Five, the Ginvo from the star
system you name Procyon support active resistance to extra-terrestrial
subversion, developing multidimensional consciousness. They use, to do
so, mental imagery to prevent invasive mind control and extra-terrestrial
monitoring activity. Henceforth, exposing extraterrestrial subversion
and ending global secrecies, the Ginvo are strongly active in the
multidimensional mind-control deprogramming, as well as the purging
and protection of internet and global communications.

Sirius B:

The Ashkeru-Taali assist in building a suitable ecological system
for human evolution on Terra, by enhancing the bio-magnetic energy grid
of the planet, in coordination with the Errahil from the Pleiades. They
work at protecting the planet’s environment and its bio-diversity, raising
human consciousness through the evolution of the biosphere.

Tau Ceti:

Exposing extra-terrestrial corruption, the Emerther from Tau
Ceti system help identifying corrupt elites & institutions, working in the
roots of the societies to pull out the truth and into the light and offer it to
the justice of the Terrans. Uplifting human consciousness and negating
extra-terrestrial mind control, their principal field of action is dealing with
high military instances. Emerther have been deeply active in reaching out
to the secret military levels in the leading Terran societies, in a relentless
attempt to help them redraw from the Reptilian influence.


We are speaking here about those not part of the US-Telos
Alliance, of course. They help Terrans to learn about their ancient sacred
history, restoring human longevity, changing unhealthy belief systems and
protecting the environment by promoting bio-diversity.


They share technical information for the evolution of scientific
culture and global education, transforming scientific paradigms, developing
alternative technologies and enticing educational reform.


They assist everyone else’s task in understanding Terran human’s
motivations and potentials.

Orion League, or United Races of Orion:

This organisation concerns cultures from these star systems. It was created
to fight the Orion Empire (Rigel and Draco). The current members are
from Alnitak, Betelgeuse and Meissa. They are affiliated to the Galactic
Federation of Worlds.

United Worlds Alliance:

Also named “The Alliance”, it is an alliance of humanoids from diverse
races in the Altair system. In affiliation with the Galactic Federation of
Worlds as well as with the Corporate of Altair, it plays double game.
Its headquarters are on the 4th planet of the Altairan system: Akhoria.
The Akhori Altairan humanoids are heavily involved in abductions and
interbreeding programs (between these blond Altairans and Terrans), in
connivance with the US government. They count the presence of Terran
detachments of special elite troops from the Terran military: US-Telos
Alliance and Thule Alliance (Antarctica).

Vega Alliance:

Adari / Elevar / Ozman / Puxhity / Zenatae / Aramani / Ginvo / Eldaru.

These races have raised alliance to withstand the developing and
threatening power of the Orion Empire.


Antarctica Collective:

Akhorii (Altair) / Kily-Tokurit/ Ciakahrr / Zeta Xrog/ Nazi (Thule Alliance), USSR & US-Telos Alliance/ Orion Collective. Also called the
“‘Antarctican Alliance”
” it is where Terran
“Nazi”, developed aircrafts
with the complicity of the Altair Collective and a Ciakahrr outpost, using
a part of the ancient Agarthan underground facilities. This alliance spreads
terror through this sector of the galaxy, and there is a treaty with the Orion
and the Altair Collectives and this Nazi Terran group, as well as with a US
military elite faction, and some Terrans take part into interstellar flights
as far as the Altair system and the Orion zone. Alongside with Ciakahrr
and Orion Grey bases, there is a large diversity of blond humanoid races
there, belonging both to Akhori Altairans (working with Nazi group) and
Telosi separatists (working with US military). The Ashtar Collective is
also involved with them. Antarctica is a boiling volcano, at all levels.

Corporate of Altair:

Headquarters of a collective based on the fourth planet of the
Altairan system, and which maintains dodgy ties with the Ashtar and
Draconian collectives at the same time. This is a mixed group composed
of a blond humanoid race that co-operates with a race of Greys.

This Corporate is not part of the Ciakahrr (Draconian) Empire but heavily involved in abductions and interbreeding programs (between these
blond Altairans and humans), in connivance with the US government.
Presence of a detachment of the Terran military (US-Telos Alliance).
So this Corporate is part of ‘The Alliance’. (The 6th and 7th dimensional
Altairans do not nourish interest in conquests and agendas of any sort and
are not part of the Corporate of Altair.)

Ashtar Collective. Sirius B:

Humanoids of various types (Sirius B/ Altair mainly), Reptoids,
Greys, Insectoids, and genetically-engineered species, also called “The
Sirian Collective”. The headquarters are located in the Sirius B system
on the planet Morga. At the time when the Ciakahrr Empire took over
the Orion systems and created the Orion Empire with local Grey species,
or Alliance of the Six, the Sirian Ashkeru humanoids found themselves
engaged in a conflict over the ownership of twenty one star systems, yours
included. The Sirian systems stood up to the invaders and created this
Collective, siege of the power of Ashkera (Sirius B): Ash-Tar (Ash-bright
light, Tar the seat. Due to infiltrations and corruption by reptilian agents
of the Ciakahr Empire, a humanoid rebel faction separated from the
Ashiar Collective and took side with the Galactic Federation of Worlds,
laking the name of “Ashtar Galactic Command” Meanwhile, the Ashtar
Collective became also involved with Terran shadow governments and the cabal.


This is a name regrouping all Terran secret alliances with your
malevolent extra-terrestrial occupants. Invader races on Terra set deals
with the U.S. govermment and other leading economical powers. Ciakahrrs
compose the secret pyramidal summit of the military industrial extra-
terrestrial complex, controlling information related to alien presence,
human elites, media, corporations, institutions and financial systems.
They stimulate wars, scarcity, fear and insecurity, encouraging corruption,
ethnic and religious ferocity, terrorism, drug trade and organized crime.
There is a strict hierarchy involving the Ciakahrrs and other extra-
terrestrial races involved in the invasion of Terra, and the Reptilians from
Thuban, Ciakahrr and Nagai, are in command of Terra based Reptilians.

Ciakahrr Empire:

Stretching from Cygnus to Perseus and to Orion Arm, the Ciakahrr
Empire colonised over 500 worlds and have a presence on thousands of
planets. Their three home worlds are Thuban-Anwar (Alpha Draconis,
head of their empire), Tiphon Giansar (Sygma Draconis) and Grumium
Eltanin (Epsilon Draconis).

Military-Industrial-Extra TerrestrialComplex:

Or”MIC”. Currently controls most information concerning extra-
terrestrial presence and alliances of interest. It dominates government and
institutions around the planet, financial interests, the mass media, and is
responsible for systemic global problems. It cooperates with these races
and alliances:

Zeta and Orion Grey Collectives:

Abduction of civilians, genetic
experiments, mind programming, monitoring Terrans through implants,
cloning and creation of Human/Grey Hybrids.
Maytra, Kilytokurt and the

Orion Empire:

Abductions, genetic
experiments, Human/Grey Hybridization, mind control researches and
diplomatic agreements with the MIC and the Cabal. Corruption of
political elites, infiltration of national security agencies and human rights

Ciakahrr Empire:

manipulation of the Terran elites, institutions and
financial systems, influencing religious belief systems, militarism and
removal of Terran civilization from History, human rights abuses, elite
corruption and domination, control of the medias and corporations, divisive
religious dogma, historical amnesia and culture of violence. Manipulation
of ethnic minorities and religions to violence and division, fundamentalism
and terrorism, organised crime and drug trade. Abductions, harvesting
human genetic material and Adrenochrome, slave and food trade with
human material.

Ashtar Collective:

Cooperation in weapon research.

Orion Empire or Orion Alliance, or
“Alliance of the Six”

Reptilian star systems in the Orion open cluster, centred around Rigel.

Orion Grey Collective:

Orion centred, works with Rigel Alliance. (Maytra, Solipsi Rai,.
Eben, Zeta, Kiily-Tokurit, Dows etc..)
Corporate (of Greys from the Zeta Reticuli system)
The heart of the Corporate of Greys is on the Xrog twin-planets.

Reptilian Collective:

Alpha Draco (Ciakahrr from Thuban, Lokas & Talas) / Epsilon
Bootes (Imanni) / Rigel / Zeta II Reticuli.
Washington-Telos Alliance
Alliance of the US military with the Telosian separatists from
Mount Shasta, who established in turn treaties with both the Orion (Grey)
and Ciakahrr (Reptoid) empires.

Underwater bases

Orion Alliance: North pacific Ocean, Mediterranean and Baltic Sea.

Orion Grey Collective: Pacific Ocean : 12 bases.

Ciakahrr Empire: Atlantic Ocean: 2 bases.

Antarctica : lake Vostok.

Corporate of Altair: 1 huge sub-Antarctican base. Northern Sea. Irish Sea.
Indian Ocean.

Galactic federation of Worlds: Atlantic North (between Iceland and
Ireland). East Pacific. South Pacific. North Pole. Offshore Alaska.
Purit av-Illumu (Mu Vela) Amphibian Grey humanoids watchers for
the Galactic Federation of Worlds, monitoring oceans and the access to
Oceanic Interdimensional portals. Three huge bases in vast suboceanic
facilities in North Atlantic, Baltic Sea and Northern Sea.…/dp/B08HGLNH1P

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