IKTTOTW: Planet X Nibiru Now Uncovered On Google Sky & Global Military Drills!!

Published on Jun 10, 2015
The Planet X Nibiru System has been covered up for years by a Black box that Google put there to censor it… Not anymore though, also check out all the Global Military drills and jobs the U.S Government is advertising for to work along side the Army in disaster hit areas all around the U.S except a disaster hasn’t happened yet!!

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Passage 2 days ago
If you want to see it yourself go to:
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El aine Hawkins 1 day ago
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sally-ann Williams 1 day ago
+Passage Thank you. I remember looking years ago and there was a black patch over the area at the time.
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solarpurplestarlight 1 day ago
OMG!!! I just went to Google Sky and found the image. As soon as I get to just past the halfway point of zooming in, the whole image disappears. It won’t let me zoom in any closer. This sucks, because if I was able to get zoomed in, I might have been able to see the planets that are with this winged ball of fire. I will try again, later. Thanks, IKTTOTW, for this video and the coordinates! =)
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Angel Light 1 day ago
If you want to see it with its moons, look in the northwest sky between nine and eleven pm. It is visible in all parts of the world. You will see a very bright large gold star. If you zoom in with your cell phone and take a photo, then fully enlarge the image upon viewing it, you will see the wings and moons. It has been in this position for more than five months. I recommend Ddragoon slayer channel video from about a week ago. Brightest thing in the sky. Peace.
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