Robert Steven Thomas on the Anunnaki legacy in ‘Intelligent Intervention’

Robert Steven Thomas has written an excellent new book entitled “Intelligent Intervention The missing link in human evolution.” Robert is a retired Executive and Multi-disciplined Historion and of course author. He delves into the creation of humanity and the evidence. As well as an advanced alien presence which includes the Anunnaki legacy. I like his approach to close minded individuals and I really enjoyed this interview and his book. I hope you do to. Presenting.



1 – What does the title of your book Intelligent Intervention imply?

RT: The history of the last 200,000 years currently being taught in the schools of advanced nations is fundamentally flawed and outdated. There are major missing chapters. Ironically, the information and knowledge which form these chapters is becoming increasingly evident as a result of new discovery during the last fifty years. To the detriment of humanity … mainstream science and education ignore this knowledge and refuse to deal with it in an honest, open exchange
One missing chapter involves the fact that Darwinism does not provide a scientifically acceptable beginning for biological life on Earth. Science’s current explanation for the emergence of the first living, self-reproducing cell is a fairy story. The hypothesis of Random Formation is unacceptable and has been mathematically shown to be a statistical impossibility. The reason? Unimaginable complexity confirmed in a cell and its DNA has been clearly recognized by a growing number of the world’s leading cellular-biologists as self-evidently well beyond statistical random-chance.

In another major area, science’s explanation for human evolution from Homo erectus to modern man (or roughly the last 200,000 years of evolution) is fatally flawed. There hasn’t been enough time for the rapid changes we have undergone described as “natural selection” and there simply are no missing links in the fossil record as predicted and expected by science. None will ever be found because the theory is wrong.

In each of these two examples some form of intelligence is demanded and therefore “intervened” with human evolution – hence, Intelligent Intervention.

2 – So, is this intelligence you are referring to God?

RT: First, understand that while my book has religious implications, it’s not a work of theology or superstition. Its function for the reader is much more simple and practical. But to answer the question – Yes and No. Let’s say it refers to god with a small “g.” The big-G – God Almighty, as presently described by Western religions is truly a misunderstood myth. If we are going to heal the world, before the present conflicting religious worldviews destroy the planet, humanity must come to a new and universally acceptable understanding of god. In my book I refer to this concept as “Universal Intelligence” or UI for short. Contemporary philosopher Wayne Dyer describes this very same manifestation as “the Source.”

My years of research have led me to see UI as a scientifically recognizable force of nature. I expect UI will ultimately be established as one of the eleven dimensions predicted by M (string) Theory.

Universal Intelligence was present in the Singularity which preceded the Big Bang and is the matrix upon which everything in the visible-material universe we see around us is formed. How we visualize UI depends on the words we use to describe it and the mental images those words convey. Use the correct modern words and UI is a logical, reasonable concept, not supernatural as both religion and science choose to claim. They each maintain their dogma in opposition to the overwhelming evidence to the contrary … because it is politically expedient for both.

3 – You describe “an advanced alien presence” in Earth’s history … how does that relate to your “god-as-intelligence” concept?

RT: The most scientifically sensible explanation for the existence of life on Earth is Panspermia … Tiny, hibernating, biological-microbes finding their way to Earth embedded in the debris from another part of our Galaxy and taking seed here. And/or early life may have been sent and planted by a space-probe when the Earth’s surface was appropriate to sustain it by evolutionarily advanced beings from a nearby star. If we make it through the next century or so, mankind will discover there are intelligent, biological, life-forms dispersed throughout the Universe, all being infused with UI. Everything that experiences biological life has a dilute amount of the same force UI is composed of. The specific amount is based on the level of accumulated knowledge and intellect our soul accrues through the experiences of many past bio-forms and lifetimes. From my research, I have come to the conclusion that this second possibility – advanced aliens – is most certainly the one which correctly explains how man evolved from a hairy beast to being able to travel to the moon and make plans to terraform Mars.Ancient Aliens are the missing link. There is an overwhelming amount of solid evidence coming to light which substantiates alien intervention on Earth during the last 200,000 years.

4 – If in fact, the Ancient Alien Theory is the correct interpretation for the evolution of modern man … how does your book establish this notion?

RT: Through science, logic and direct evidence. When you get right down to it, there are only four possibilities that have ever been presented in all of human history which account for the impossibly rapid evolution of humanity over the last 200,000 years, and also explain the existence of the archeological anomalies which we find all over the planet. They are:

1) Religious Creation Theology (A supreme Almighty God did it all supernaturally)

2) Mainstream Scientific Materialism (It all happened by accident, randomly)

3) The Atlantis Theory (An unknown ancient culture evolved to a technologically high state naturally through the processes described by evolution and Scientific Materialism in remote history, then mysteriously vanished from the planet, leaving only the anomalies behind as a clue to their former presence

4) The Anunnaki Legacy (Advanced humanoid aliens visited and colonized Earth in remote history, upgraded our human genome and eventually mentored early humanity, teaching us some advanced skills and also intermarrying with us. We all, modern man, are their children.)

The first two explanations vary between just plain silly to simply outrageous. My research as presented in this book establishes that Theory 4, ancient aliens, is not only the best, most scientific and logically reasonable theory … but also the correct one. While there are many researchers in our field who choose to “believe” in The Atlantis Theory, my work has found much more compelling logic in support of the Anunnaki Legacy. While I respect every person’s individual right to believe as they choose … it does not follow that what everyone chooses to believe is right.

5- Some people claim too much has been made of Zechariah Sitchin’s Anunnaki theories and they contain inaccuracies … how would you respond?

RT: Sitchin is an Icon and was a pioneer of legendary proportion. History will one day regard him as such. Like Galileo, Sitchin opened a new window of understanding. He may not have gotten every detail of what he saw through the window on pre-history exactly right in every respect, but his vision established the correct path of understanding. Some of the cosmological details of the Anunnaki Legacy he describes in his work may not be exactly correct … like the notion of the Anunnaki’s home planet, Niburu, being a renegade member of the Sun’s Solar System … but the main concept is spot on. Cynics can whine and cringe all they like, as do witches at the coming of dawn … but, no one to my knowledge has ever successfully discredited Sitchin’s basic theory.

6- You devoted a lot of pages in your book to religion. Why was that necessary?

RT: One of the richest sources for understanding the story of the last five to six thousand years of human history comes from religious records. Fortunately, many of these records are still available to us and useful. Unfortunately, we have to read these ancient documents through 21st Century vision to get past all of the cumulative errors, editing, misunderstanding and misinterpretations, compounded through the ages by our misguided human ancestors. But, if you study the material available closely, long enough and with an open mind … a bigger-unifying story clearly emerges from it all. In short, each of the major religions of today’s world are either a direct or indirect descendent of the oldest major civilization – Sumer and its recorded history and story of cosmology as found in the Enuma Elish, what I refer to as the Anunnaki Legacy. The Anunnaki Legacy and Ancient Alien Theory are one-in-the-same. Anunnaki is the name of the advanced alien civilization that colonized Earth thousands of years ago, created, mentored and then interbred with our early ancestors resulting in modern man. To put all of this religious history in proper perspective took a lot of explanation, but it was critical to support my book’s conclusions.

7 – Your book includes chapters on reincarnation and duality. Please elaborate.

RT: Reincarnation, or more precisely – the fact that all biological things have a dual nature – the physical mortal body and a separate immortal spirit or “soul” … which survives physical death … is a very old and basic area of human understanding. Both Western religion and science have done their best to purge this natural process from modern understanding. The problem for them is … evidence of reincarnation and duality both establish a firm case for the natural existence of human consciousness apart from the physical body – a heresy for scientific materialism. As I explained earlier, Universal Intelligence is a reality. Human consciousness is the direct link and means of understanding this simple fact of life. Science fears this knowledge, and established religion has a need to control it for their own devices.

8 – You claim all major religions today have a single root-source in common. Please explain how you came to this conclusion.

RT: The oldest written record available to us today is the cuneiform clay-tablet Sumerian Library of Ashurbanipal, an ancient-historical Babylonian ruler. This library was unearthed by archeologists in modern Iraq at the turn of the last century. One of the books in the collection brought back to light was the Enuma Elish.

The Enuma Elish is a recorded history of the Sumerian civilization … which is the oldest advanced culture mainstream science has verified to date (4000-6000 BC). The belief that Sumer was the oldest civilization is currently being taught in our school systems. The problem is … the mainstream do not presently accept or teach that the early history of man found in the Enuma Elish as factual and regard this early part as myth. The first part is the Anunnaki Legacy.

To the Establishment’s chagrin, when you study Sumerian history with 21st century eyes two things become strikingly evident. First, many of the stories that would later be written into the chronicles of the major religions that followed – Hindu, Egyptian, Babylonian, Greco/Roman and the biblical Genesis, were simply a retelling of the stories which originated in the Enuma Elish and other Sumerian records. These would include the Golden Age, Flood Story and a War of the Gods. If you have an open mind and study all of the earliest religious material, unimpeachable evidence for the root source of all religions as originating in Sumer speaks loudly for itself, in spite of claims to the contrary from biblical and theological circles.

9 – A growing number of informed people are convinced mainstream science, education and the media establishments do suppress a good amount of important new discovery and modern information on legitimate phenomena like UFO’s and other subjects you cover in your book. How do you challenge this dogma and close-mindedness?

RT: By challenging them directly. Badger the mainstream into putting-up or shutting-up. In my book I offered several very doable specific challenges for mainstream science, archeology and historians. Here is just one example … Many of your readers will be familiar with the ancient, giant, intricately-cut H-blocks at Puma Punku in Bolivia. The Establishment insists they were carved and constructed from quarries, over 22 miles of mountainous terrain away … by the indigenous primitive Amerindian tribes with stone chisels, ropes, timbers and brute force.

I challenge them to either put up or reconsider. It would not be that difficult or unreasonable to send teams of archeological and engineering students from major colleges to Bolivia for a summer experiment. Have them go to the quarry, dislodge a rough stone from its source, transport it to Puma Punku and reproduce an exact replica of the original H-blocks, using only the methods claimed by mainstream science that were available 1500 years ago. I maintain it cannot be done. Until it is done as they claim, it’s simply a working hypothesis … and a lame one at that. By the dictates of established science, if you have no direct evidence to support your hypothesis it cannot be elevated to “theory.” Slam Dunk.

Puma Punku’s existence is not only the most important archeological site in the world, but also, along with Baalbek and the Quimbayan Jets, represents the best physical evidence we have in support of The Anunnaki Legacy. It is tragic and borderline dishonest that a major news source has never done a feature story or TV program on Puma Punku or Baalbek. To their credit, while derided by the science establishment, the History2 Channel has featured Puma Punku on a recent “Ancient Aliens” episode. What does CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX all fear? The answer is simple. Conventional explanations of history and evolution simply will not work at these locations and many others around the world. Fresh new thinking is demanded.

10 – One of the final chapters in your book is titled “The Confucian Paradox.” Explain what this means exactly?

RT: I have read all of the world’s great philosophers, both ancient and more contemporary. Of them all, Confucius is my favorite. His major points are all short, simple to relate to for everyone, and timeless. You don’t need to have a great intellect to learn from him. A good deal of Confucius’ philosophy has to do with personal responsibility and the ideal format for a true democratic government and egalitarian society – one which would best benefit all peoples and social classes.

2500 years later, in 1776, Confucius’ vision finally took real form in the constitution of the United States. During its first 150 years American citizens used the gift of self-governance to create the most prosperous, successful and generous civilization in human history. During the last 50 years or so, we have surrendered our authority and given it back to the banksters, wealthy families and multi-national corporations – formerly known as the kings, royalty, clergy and merchants. What happened? We controlled our own destiny, but over the last three generations too many of our citizens couldn’t handle it and traded it back in return for government largess. That is the Confucian Paradox.

Somehow we must find the collective will to regain control and hold on to it. Government must obey the people not the reverse. Understanding the real history of humanity is the first requirement. Too many people are apathetic and just plain lazy about coming to terms with the changes brought about by modern advances. So too are we equally challenged to consider that the story of history we have been taught to “believe” in school is incomplete. That is why the Anunnaki Legacy is not more widely known or accepted.

Bringing an end to the terrible carnage caused by religious dogma throughout the 5500 years of recorded history is the second requirement. Religious division is the single greatest cause of human suffering and slaughter. As it is presently practiced, religion is a plague on humanity. It needs major reform.

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that we are now in the midst of a new century. If we are going to put an end to the lunacies within last century’s two primary, failed worldviews (Religion & Scientific Materialism), it will be our youth that will form the frontline of change. We need to support and guide them with fresh thinking. The information in this book opens a doorway for humanity to help reach the next level of human evolution during the 21st Century.

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